Friday, December 31, 2010

Auld Lang Syne

I haven't seen any of the movies she mentions and I can't stand Lesley Stahl. Oddly, I always thought the song had to do with forgiveness, but it seems I was all wrong. It's about remembering.

Written by Peggy Noonan. . .

Days of Auld Lang What?
The origin of the New Year's anthem—and what it means to us.

You know exactly when you'll hear it, and you probably won't hear it again for a year. The big clock will hit 11:59:50, the countdown will begin—10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4—and the sounds will rise: the party horns, fireworks and shouts of "Happy New Year!"

And then they'll play that song: "Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind? Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and days of auld lang syne?"

It is a poem in Scots dialect, set to a Scots folk tune, and an unscientific survey says that a lot of us don't think much about the words, or even know them. The great film director Mike Nichols came to America from Germany as a child, when his family fled Hitler. He had to learn a lot of English quickly and never got around to "Auld Lang Syne": "I was too busy with words like 'emergency exit' on the school bus," he told me. "As a result, I find myself weeping at gibberish on New Year's Eve. I enjoy that."

The screen and television writer Aaron Sorkin, who this year, with "The Social Network," gives Paddy Chayefsky a run for his money, says that every year he means to learn the words. "Then someone tells me that's not a good enough New Year's resolution and I really need to quit smoking."

"Auld Lang Syne"—the phrase can be translated as "long, long ago," or "old long since," but I like "old times past"—is a song that asks a question, a tender little question that has to do with the nature of being alive, of being a person on a journey in the world. It not only asks, it gives an answer.

It was written, or written down, by Robert Burns, lyric poet and Bard of Scotland. In 1788 he sent a copy of the poem to the Scots Musical Museum, with the words: "The following song, an old song, of the olden times, has never been in print." Burns was interested in the culture of Scotland, and collected old folk tales and poems. He said he got this one "from an old man"—no one knows who—and wrote it down. Being a writer, Burns revised and compressed. He found the phrase auld lang syne "exceedingly expressive" and thought whoever first wrote the poem "heaven inspired." The song spread throughout Scotland, where it was sung to mark the end of the old year, and soon to the English-speaking world, where it's sung to mark the new.

The question it asks is clear: Should those we knew and loved be forgotten and never thought of? Should old times past be forgotten? No, says the song, they shouldn't be. We'll remember those times and those people, we'll toast them now and always, we'll keep them close. "We'll take a cup of kindness yet."

"The phrase old acquaintance is important," says my friend John Whitehead, fabled figure of the old Goldman Sachs, the Reagan State Department, and D-Day. "It's not only your close friends and people you love, it's people you knew even casually, and you think of them and it brings tears to my eyes." For him, acquaintance includes, "your heroes, my heroes—the Winston Churchills of life, the ones you admire. They're old acquaintances too."

But "the interesting, more serious message in the song is that the past is important, we mustn't forget it, the old has something for us."

So does the present, as the last stanza makes clear. The song is not only about those who were in your life, but those who are in your life. "And there's a hand, my trusty friend, and give a hand of thine, We'll take a right good-will draught for auld lang syne."

To Tom Coburn, a U.S. senator from Oklahoma, the song is about friendship: "I think it's a description of the things we lose in our hurry to do things. We forget to be a friend. We have to take the time to make friends and be friends, to sit and tell stories and listen to those of others."

Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana said he always experienced the song as celebratory and joyful until something happened in 2004. Mr. Daniels was running for office, and it became a new bonding experience for him and his father, who followed the campaign closely: "He loved my stories from the road." The elder Daniels died unexpectedly in August, "50 days short of my election as governor." At a New Year's party, the governor-elect heard the song in a new way. Ever since, "I hear its wistfulness."

Lesley Stahl of "60 Minutes," enjoying one of the great careers in the history of broadcast news, thinks of childhood when she thinks of "Auld Lang Syne": "I see New Year's Eve parties going way back, all the way back to when we were little kids and you had to kiss someone at midnight and you had to sing that song." She interviewed Mark Zuckerberg recently. "Maybe in the age of Facebook you don't lose old friends," she says. "Maybe it's obsolete." Maybe "they'll have to change the song."

For the journalist and author Marie Brenner, the song didn't come alive until she moved from her native Texas to New York City, in the 1970s. That first New Year's in town, "Auld Lang Syne was a revelation to me. . . . I thought, this is beautiful and maybe written by a Broadway composer, by Rodgers and Hammerstein." She saw people singing it "on the street, and at a party in a bar downtown." There was "this gorgeous moment when everyone seemed to know the words, and people looked teary and, yes, drunk." They played the song back in San Antonio, "but it took me coming to New York to really hear it."

The song is a staple in movies, but when I asked people to think of the greatest "Auld Lang Syne scene," every one of them had the same answer. Not "When Harry Met Sally," not "Out of Africa," not, for film buffs, Charlie Chaplin's "The Gold Rush." The great "Auld Lang Syne" scene in cinematic history is from "It's a Wonderful Life," which Mr. Sorkin puckishly describes as "Frank Capra's classic tale of an angel who takes up the cause of a progressive in order to defeat a heartless conservative. It's possible I'm misinterpreting the movie, but the song still works."

The scene comes at the end of the film. Friends surround George Bailey, recently rescued by an angel. Someone bumps against the Christmas tree and a bell ornament makes a sound. George's daughter says, "Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings," and George looks up and winks. "Thanks, Clarence," he says, as the music swells. God bless the baby boomers who discovered that film on TV after their elders dismissed it as Capra-corn.

Tonight I'll be at Suzie and Joe's, with whom I worked at CBS News in auld lang syne. I'll think of some who won't be entering the new year with us—big, sweet-hearted dynamo Richard Holbrooke, and Ted Sorensen, counselor to presidents, whose pen was a terrible swift sword. I'll take a cup of kindness yet for them, for all the old acquaintances in this piece, and for the readers, for 10 years now, of this column. We mark an anniversary. Thank you for being in my life. Happy New Year.

[This article is found at WSJ.]

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lemon cake and revival

I'm baking a lemon cake.  It smells so good in the house.

Revival.  The coming revival.  Yr, basically it's a great and mighty moving of the Holy Spirit (God) across the land touching hearts and minds.  There have been a few revivals in history.  I guess the most recent one was in the '70s and I kind of remember it.  In my high school there were a few Jesus freaks and they were part of that revival.  Before that, in the early 1900s there was one called the Azusa Street Revival.  It went on for three years.  The denomination that my church belongs to is an outgrowth of that particular revival.  

God decides when revival will come but we're supposed to be prepared for it whenever it happens.  We're supposed to pray about it in advance.  And we should be studying the Holy Bible and know what is in it.  Everyone has an opinion.  But opinions are like noses - everybody's got one.  So a Christian ought to know what the Bible really says so we're ready to apply it when the chance comes.  This one I just memorized, "Jesus said, 'You are in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God.'"  Wow.  It gave me pause for thought and I figure the verses that stick in my mind must be for me.

Revival starts within the church.  Believers get tired or stale or lukewarm or just move away from godly living.  First they get "revived."  From there it spreads like fire to those outside the church just like Pentecost (when the fire went into the upper room where the apostles were) which was at first just for the Jewish people, but it spread to the Gentiles.

You can't quote me on this as I could be mistaken, but I think God can also bring up a new generation that is part of a major revival of faith.  I think this is very possible and even likely.  In the Bible, one generation equals 20 years. 

And also, revival is preceded by bad times, spread of corruption, and moral depravity.  I think we're there?

It's exciting to think there could be a revival in my lifetime.  I'd like to see it and be part of it.  Since I inadvertently played my pastor's sermon over the loudspeakers in Zumba dance, I've had full blown conversations about church, religion, and God break out in a small group who attend class.  I don't start it, but I listen and sometimes comment.  I've found out one gal in my front row leads a Catholic church youth group. I think God is stirring things up around me.  He's telling me to be awake.  Awake.

I hope I explained it okay.

Oh.  And my husband, I hope will be part of it.  Lately he's been coming to church.  I mean, like even more than twice in a row.  And last Sunday he wore a nice white tailored shirt.  Yeah, no kidding.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Hate the resolutions.  My husband likes to needle me and ask me what my New Year's Resolution is because he knows I'll get really mad.  Resolutions.  Bah!  People never keep them.  Mike once said his resolutions are three: 1) Eat more, 2) Watch more t.v. 3) Exercise less.  Haha!  Now that's the spirit.

Secretly, I might have one or two this year.  1) Pray more.  2) Study the Bible more. 3) Be the best Zumba instructor I can be. 4) Take an active part in the coming revival.

But now why should I stop there.  I should 5) Be a better wife.  6) Be a better mother.  7) Practice being a friend.  8) Keep house better.  9) Cook more.  10) Read more.

Alrighty.  Getting depressed now.  May as well throw in 11) Be a better daughter.

I did have a really nice talk with my dad tonight though.  That's something.


Why did I hang up my white camisole top in the closet.  I'll never find it there.  Tonight I found it though.  I could have worn it sometimes if I knew where it was.

I had friends over.  I mean, it wasn't Jehovah Witnesses knocking on my door.  Let me say it slow.  I had friends over.  Wow.  Two at once.  Two with shiny hearts and bright minds and faces I like to look at.  How could I meet two people at once whom I like.  It's a minor miracle.  A Christmas miracle.  Perhaps Zumba was by divine appointment.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

An epitaph

"Are the things you're living for worth Christ dying for?"
Epitaph of Leonard Ravenhill

I want to remember this one.

Tonight, finally, I have "Sabor A Melao" memorized.  Aaaaah.  Yes.  I do it over and over.  I wonder when will I ever get this down.  Then suddenly it all clicks.  It's not a fast dance.  Looks cute, but is actually quite slow.  Barely warms me up.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Tomorrow we're taking the day off of homeschooling.  Saturday, Mayela might come over and bring some tamales.  And she gave me a small Christmas gift in class and so did Rose and Tina.  Awfully nice of them.  Awfully nice.  I was very surprised.

Nine more days to practice three new routines.  Wanna start the new year with a bang.  Maybe I'll do a 'bring a friend, get in free' deal.  I need to do something special to draw in those New Year's Resolution People who will come three times then quit.  Hmmmm.   Gotta think.

I edited a song.  Used Audacity to deleted a foul word.  I think I did a fair job.  I have to test it out on some unsuspecting people.  There's a blip, but it's only a half a second long.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

So happy

My blood pressure is lower than my sister's. And I'm four years older than she. Noony noony noony! Nanny nanny nanny! Lalalalala! And she's making me doubly happy because she's mad about it. She said so. She said she suspects the blood pressure taker machine was out of calibration. Hehe!

Her Zumba teacher is off galavanting (skiing somewhere) so my sis says she's getting fat and flabby from not dancing. She's littler than I am but weighs more because she's got so much muscle. Fat, my eye.

Oh Christmas Tree

Christmas is four sleeps away. My sister says it needs some decoration but now I'm kind of attached to it the way it is.  The present is to him from her and her family.  She's tends to be very organized and orderly.


I hate it when everyone is in bed and I don't get any more emails.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Bella video

Ivan measured her and she's 13 hands. He estimates she'll grow to 15 hands. A hand is four inches.

To pet a horse

I got home from church and said, "Let's go pet Bella. She's laying down." So we walked over, opened the gate, walked to her, and she never got up. It is incredible to pet a laying down horse.

She's growing exceedingly beautiful too. Ivan and Doug came by yesterday just to see how she was doing and to admire her. I think next year she's gonna win a prize at the fair.

For Christmas I asked for a portable ballet barre. I hope I get it! I want mirrors on the wall too. I found some at Home Depot for a very good price. The study can double as a dance studio. We're so lucky it has smooth flooring already. I practice with just a door mirror right now and that's not much mirror.

I'm trying to upload a video of Bella running and it's going very, very, slowly.

Friday, December 17, 2010


Zumba is going well. I have another couple incidents to report.

I've been dancing a long time and hip circles are no big to me. I've got some cabbage patch hip circles in my warm up and some low hip circles in the second song. They're very good for your body and always a hit with new people. Well, last Tuesday I had about 15 students and four were new. One was quite vocal. She was woohooing and having a great time. I like it when they do that because I'm not much of a woohooer.

But that night they got so boisterous during the hip circles! The new women were so boisterous that I blushed. My face turned bright red! The ladies were going to town with the hip circles! My front row Zumba VIPs (my regulars who like front row) all noticed my face. Haha! They said, "Liliana's blushing!"

The second curious thing from last week is the boisterous lady yelled "Pull in your stomach!" Good golly, I was mortified. Was my stomach sticking out? I almost had a heart attack at the thought that my stomach could be hanging out far enough to warrant reprimand in front of the whole class. The two women in front of me both looked down at their own tummies and then each other. It was so funny. I just smiled because I did not know what to do. My husband said if she does it again he's gonna come down there himself and kick her out! Hehe. Well, she did the same thing Thursday night. This time I realized she was saying it to the whole class as encouragement, not to me although she is almost directly in front of me. Told my husband how perplexed I was, and shoot, he used to do aerobics and he said she's probably taken lots of aerobics because in those classes whenever they do abs the instructor loudly reminds class to pull in their stomachs. So, mystery solved.

The last thing is I had a complaint from one student that two other students were too loud. I suggested she move to the other side of the row and I told her I'm not going to say anything to them and she was not too happy with me. I mean, what do I do? Tell them to quit having so much fun?

I got a save though because a real sweet gal, Rose, talked to them and asked them to quiet down a bit and they took it very well. Whew. Thank you for that. The other lady seems to have forgiven me now. She didn't talk to me after class the first night. I got the cold shoulder. That's okay.

There are all kinds of personalities that come to Zumba class. It's an experience. I guess I should get used to being a mother hen sometimes. Another thing outside my comfort zone.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

She's a Christian

Well, if there was any doubt before, there isn't any now.

Tonight at Zumba I got to chitchatting to people and forgot to turn on my listening music playlist. So I rushed right at 5:30pm (I start right on the dot), fumbling around without my glasses to get my dance music started. My boom box was connected to the huge, ginormous roller rink speakers, but my Zumba playlist was not selected. Yeah.

I went to bed last night listening on my iPod to one of my favorite sermons by my pastor. I do this often. (I tell my husband I'm going to bed with Pastor Mike. Haha!) However, I forgot to take it off that playlist. So it comes on over the speakers. What's the title of this particular sermon? From the speakers his voice booms and fills the roller rink:

Islam and the Anti-Christ 


Then he tells everyone turn to the Book of John.  Not John in the gospels, but 1st John.  And so on and on for the longest 30 seconds in my life. Then I got it switched to "Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now)" by Bob Sinclar and Cutee B.

Welp.  It is what it is.  Nobody left!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

We made the best chocolate chip cookies ever. Usually mine are so flat. Always flat. This time we left the dough in the fridge for two days because I didn't feel like baking them and it seemed to make them thicker and better. I've always admired people who have thick chocolate chip cookies.

Husband fell on the concrete last night. He went allll the way down. It was dark and son left the furniture mover on the ground. We were walking to the truck. Husband was fine though. Not even a bruise. I don't know many 69 year olds that can do that. He knows how to fall. I saw him in slow motion and I knew sure as I was standing there that he was calculating what was the best position to hit the concrete. Man, he's good. I wanna be just like him.

Have a new bellydance cooldown for Zumba. It's not even a dance. It's just static stretching - hamstrings, calves, gluts, quads, etc. Nice for a change. I abandoned the "Whatcha Say" cooldown because it was too fast and there was one move that wasn't in good time with the music. If I'm having trouble getting it then the class will. Have one minute of the salsaton memorized.

We filled bags and lit them for the Luminaria on Saturday. We enjoyed it. There was lots of help this year and we spent literally only 15 minutes lighting luminarias. That's a first. And the weather was the mildest of all the years we've lived here and done Luminaria. I didn't even need a coat. In past years I've had to wear my ski outfit (which I've never gone skiing in) and my winter coat over it.

I have a dream for next year. I'm collecting music and I want to put together a one hour Zumba class with Christian Latin/International music. I'm not going to tell anyone of it until I'm ready. So far I've collected 35 minutes of danceable Christian music. Found two choreography routines I like. I didn't know there was so much Latin gospel music out there. I'm gonna put together an hour of dance, do a demo, see if people come. If they do, okay. If they don't, okay. Let's see. Think I'll shoot for June. It'll be a challenge to learn two new dances per month for my current class and also learn a whole new set of different routines for a separate hour. I'm going to the Zumba Toning workshop in February.

We had two young men in church ordained this morning. It was, how do I say? Intoxicating. Yeah, it was intoxicating see them answering a calling. I'm so happy for Laura. Her son is one of them. I like him very much. Why is it so many men who go into ministry are so darn likable.

Monday, December 06, 2010


Went to the doctor to get Zovirax for the herpes simplex type1 that was attacking my lip. I got to walk around all week and teach class with a giant scab on my face. So nice. Good thing I saw the doc too because although it was too late to use it for the scab on my lip, as soon as the lip one went away another started on my nose. The medicine worked on that one and it didn't break out! Thank you, Lord.

My blood pressure (BP) was 112 over 60. Pretty good!

Zumba is going well. My Saturday class is still small; six people last week. But it has a good vibe and I like it just as much as the larger weekday classes. It's a wonderful thing to see people gettin' into it and knowing the routines without having to look at me 100% of the time. When I look out at class and we're all dancing in sync it's very cool! Also, last Saturday I forgot my place in a routine and I looked at class and they were all doing it correctly. I took their cue and got right back into it. I loved it! I was happy. Also notable, at the last class I had no stomach ache, no retching, no having to go to the bathroom 10 times before class. Amen to that. I get a wee bit anticipatory before we start, but that's within the realm of normal. We like the realm of normal.

I haven't put up a photo for so long. Here's a camel. He lives in New Mexico. She, I mean. We petted her and she was so sweet and gentle. Her feet sink into the ground. That's what camel's feet do.

I had a Zumba song that I introduced on November 16. I tell ya, I had the impression no one liked it. The very first day we went through it - at the end there was dead silence in the room. You coulda heard a pin drop. Okay, I says to myself, maybe it's because it's new. We'll do it a few more times, see if they warm up to it. It's a song by Ivy Queen, reggaeton genre. We did it seven times and I decided to rotate it out. First day we don't do it, two people ask why we didn't do it and said they missed it. Sheesh kabob! I told them, ifns you like a routine you gotta let me know! You gotta clap or say something to me otherwise I'm trying to figure out if peeps like it or not. Haha! Live and learn.

I'm practicing a new cooldown routine this week, then I have two salsas I'm going to learn. One is a traditional salsa and the other a hotter "salsaton"; a blend of salsa and reggaeton. I felt guilty when I put my first playlist together back in August, that I had not a single salsa routine. Whenever people think of Latin music the first thing they think of is salsa. I looked and looked and did not find any salsas that moved me. When it rains it pours. Now I will have two at once!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

It has been a torturously long week-end.

Friday, November 26, 2010


I watched tv tonight. I watched a movie called Enchanted. It was so good! I want to see it again. Without commercials. I will ask my husband to buy it for me. The princess is so pretty and there's dancing and singing and love and cartoon parts and pretty dresses and hair. Really pretty dresses and hair. And all happy endings. I am happy.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


We have a tv now. Last night I watched Cher on Leno for awhile. She didn't look so good. I used to like her so much! She was cool. I liked to see what she would wear on the Sonny and Cher show in the '70s. But she's had so much facial surgery. I've heard people talk about celebrity's faces not moving due to botox. Cher's face, except for her mouth, did not appear to move. It was very peculiar. I always thought she such had a gorgeous face but her face now is not good. It's a little bit mutant. It's like a permanent magazine picture; photoshopped and statue-faced. It was frankly, depressing to me. She didn't look good in her dress either. And she had a toilet mouth. They had to bleep the f-word. She was never articulate to begin with so perhaps she's always talked that way and it wasn't published. Nowadays it's collectively cool to use the f-word and she wants to be considered part of the collective, and many celebrities want to be sure to use foul language in the media. There was a guy I kinda liked though. He was on on another night. Duane something or other.

I found a clay class to sign our son up for. Love working with clay. Pinching it and coiling it and working with a slab. Fun.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pie cooking

The pumpkin pie for tomorrow is cooking for 50 minutes. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Can't jump over it. Can't pass Go and land on January 2nd. Gotta go straight through.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

For those who don't

I came upon a first last night.

The site for Zumba instructors has several active forums with scads of good information so I visit every week. Many instructors share choreography. They put up videos of their routines on YouTube and Facebook which is awesome for newer instructors like me. But if the routine is on Facebook it's a drag because I don't do Facebook. There it is. I've told people I don't do Facebook, but I thought I was about the only one. Seems like everyone here is on it.

Last night there was a link to a dance I was interested in and then I saw it was a Facebook link. I figured, too bad for me. I missed out. I kept reading and the very next post she came back and wrote, "For those who don't do Facebook, the video is also on my blog." Whoa. For those who don't do Facebook? Yay! I'm not so alone as I thought evidently.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A good night

Zumba was good. I earned a cool hundy and that makes me happy. Had several new peeps too. I need to think of a way to reward my regulars who attend so faithfully. And I want to reward people who bring a friend too. I must think on this. I danced well and felt better than usual. Well, okay, except for totally flubbing the new routine but hey, it's new so no one is the wiser that I danced it wrong. Compared to Tuesday, tonight was better because on Tuesday I felt like boo-boo. I felt cotton headed and I think I had a hot flash during the hour. That is totally bogus. Not likin' it!

Bella! She is learning to be lunged. That's when the person stands in the center and holds a rope and the horse runs round in a circle. It's a method of exercising your horse. She needs exercise very much because she young and growing especially. We should have been lunging her before now but we didn't know how. We tried. I tried to push her. Yeah, 116 pounds pushing on 1000 pounds and telling it "Go!" I got news. It doesn't work.

So Ivan came and showed our son how to do it and we've been flyin' since. I will take video of her. She's gorgeous in motion. Utterly. She tosses her head and kicks up her heels and holds her tail high. She likes lunging. Apparently she's a fast learner. I believe she's going to be very trainable like her mama, Nike. She did lay in a pile of pooh last night though and man, oh man, she stinks, and she's got black and green spots on her thick, white, winter coat. Ewww!

We went to a potluck at the park today. Got to see all the rangers and volunteers. It was nice. My husband made deviled eggs, and bacon with water chestnut or a green olive rolled up in the center. They went fast. Everyone likes his appetizers.

I'm cooking for Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The door

Went to a birthday party, only I didn't drive up the driveway or go to the door.  It was 6:00pm.  Dark.  I saw the mailbox with the balloons on it and I was afraid to drive any farther.  What if I couldn't maneuver the truck.  What if I hit something.  I couldn't go up to the door anyways.  So I drove back home.  I can give her the birthday card for her son when I see her at Zumba.  I felt really good when she invited me.  Suppose I'll just have to be satisfied with that.

Tomorrow son turns in his 4-H project record book.  What a job.  Took a week.  I could brain the 4-H people for never mentioning how much preparation and record keeping and report writing a project record book requires. Next year.  Next year he'll do it again and next time we'll know what we're doing.  Look out then!

My hair is pretty good.  I have a bad chin zit though.  Not that there are any good chin zits out there I guess.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wonderful Compliment

On the phone today a friend told me she's been hearing all kinds of good things about Zumba.  Her friend told her,  "The Zumba teacher makes us think we can dance like her."

Totally made my day. Totally needed to hear it.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cool down

I just found the most excellent cool down song! It's at and is titled "Heartbeat Drum Song." It's Native American. I even have the English lyrics:

A hundred years have passed
Yet I hear the distant beat of my father's drums.
I hear his drums throughout the land.
His beat I feel within my heart.
The drum shall beat so my heart shall beat.
And I shall live a hundred thousand years.

I was looking for something Native American and was thinking drums when I happened upon it. 


We are working on a 4-H record book. It is a lot of work.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Long time

I haven't put up a hair photo for ages so I got one snapped today. It's just a pic, not a pose. Although technically, we hair girls all know hands on waist is totally a pose. It's a straight hem because of my trim yesterday. It was messy before.

My ends are lightened. "See through" as Heidi calls them. I never read any hair posts from Heidi anymore. It's possible that by this time next year I could be near knee length. That would be nice. I have another photo in the kitchen that shows my hair smoother and shinier but it's me bending over opening the oven. My dear husband took that one for me. I want to post the shiny hair but not the behind!

Gasp. I just checked my archive and looked at my November 2009 hair and my hair has grown. I mean, progress is evident. Wow. See? Taking photos for the record in a useful tool! Here I am thinking I've made not much progress. November 2009 I was 45". Two and 3/4 inches looks like more than it sounds to me. Welp. Time for a Snoopy Happy Dance! I gotta to watch O'Reilly on the teebee right now first.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Sunday night

I trimmed my hair myself 3/4 inch last night. Now I'm at 47 3/4 inches. It looks much nicer and the comb goes through the ends smoothly again. It's taking long to get to 50 inches. I first hit 47" in April of 2010. Trimmed in May; ends were scraggly. Trimmed again in July; ends accidentally got pulled into a fan, twice, and got scraggly again. Well, the trailer is narrow and it never occurred to me my hair would go in the fan. After two times, I was very careful! I will call 2010 the year of growing yet standing still. I want to do an oiling soon with my cap that I've only used once.

The newspaper man took a photo of my class last week. He sent it to me. I'm in the pink and black and those are my awesome students. I pray for them each week. I look forward to seeing them and hearing about their accomplishments and even aches and injuries! I wish he'd taken more photos. He came and left so fast. I'm collecting money to place an order for my class for Zumba tops next week! I hope it might give me some extra advertising when people wear them and get asked where they got them. I hope.

I only had four people in my Saturday class. That's the smallest I've ever had. But it was the first time in the new location too. I suspect with the holiday season approaching people may be busy on Saturdays. I will still go though because I need to do my whole routine three times a week for sure. Whether I have a teensy class or a large class I do my best to them happy they came and give them a great and thorough work out. The girl in the white shirt and shorts is pregnant so we will be having our first Zumba baby next year!

Saturday, November 06, 2010

A food blessing

Our friends blessed us with a freezer full of meat last night. Unbelievable. Dan walked in with a bag of pig food and put it on the kitchen table. Said it was a care package. I wondered why, oh why, didn't he put it in the shed? Then he took out freezer wrapped packages; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, about 20! It wasn't pig food. It was pork and beef. We've never had so much meat at once. Some of it my husband needs to figure out how to cook.

As Dan took out all the packages my eyes got bigger and bigger. His wife asked me if I was a vegetarian. Haha! I told her uh-uh, no way, but I never had so much at once. We've always shopped a day or a week at a time. Here in New Mexico lots of people hunt and lots of people simply buy a hog or a side of beef and freeze the entire bit once a year. We took the Kool Pops out of the freezer to fit the meat inside.

I have to write a thank you note. What kindness. I've never had this happen before. Life in New Mexico is so different from California.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Cha cha slide

I have a new cool down song for tonight. I've been using Lluvia, a Spanish song from Zumba, but I have to say it never moved me. I only chose it because I had all my other routines ready and I needed something a.s.a.p. for cool down. I hope Mr C's Cha Cha Slide Part 2 will make 'em smile. It'll take the 20-somethings back to the dayz of 8th grade. Me, I'd never even heard of it till last year. I was surfing music at YouTube when we were in San Diego and asked a friend of our son's if he'd ever heard of this song. He started dancing it right there in the trailer. Says, yeah, that's old. Little stinker.

I've been wanting a ballet barre. I think I'll ask my husband for a portable one from He made me one once. Out of PVC, back in, oh, 1987. But I had the whole garage to dance in and he attached it to the wall.

Cold sore on my lip. Don't know why. I'm all perfectly pretty much well balanced currently. I did vacuum and wash all the floors in the entire house at 9:00pm last night which my husband says is the wrong time to do housework. I told him, if I've got the feeling then I've gotta go with it. Who can say when the right time is to do housework. Is this written somewhere or something? Is it in the law books or what?

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Words spoken

Yesterday at dinner husband said he wondered if we should sell trailie.  SellTrailie!.  Waaaah!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Workout clothes

Okay April! I love everything you ordered. I ordered this stuff and I hope it'll fit and look good. I like that customers can leave comments at Dance Solutions. A Zumba instructor got this top and said she liked it a lot. So. I had to get it.

This one I ordered in black.  Plain front.  Cute back!  I'm going to return it if it rides up.  I got a top from them that I never could wear because it would roll up from the bottom.

Need sweats for winter. I always wear my husband's which are humongous on me. This year! I will have my own. If they fit right, that is.  I like to roll down the waist a couple times because it makes my hips look better when I wear a close fitting top.

I went a little crazy and got this white pair also. We have a duperly good washer and dryer now so possibly they won't get dingy in one month. Possibly. Looked for the shoes, but they weren't in stock. I like those shoes.

From I ordered a plain pair of pants. The fabric is Supplex and I can't say enough about how well it hold things in place and wicks away sweat. I ordered a different pair that was purple and white tie dye, but it took me so long to click the order button that it was out of stock by the time I did. She who hesitates is lost.

And the last and oh so cute top. I hope it fits. I know, how many times will I say that. I got plain black with black piping. My sports bra will show, but it's not a sexy bra. It's a Wal-Mart bra. Alone, I'm sure the top will be too low cut, so I hope my bra underneath will go high enough.  The models are all like six feet tall so the pants go higher on me and the tops are longer.  Oh well.  We can't all be tall and gorgeous.  :)

That's all from my fashionista self today.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


I cooked an omelet this morning. Well, almost noon I cooked an omelet. It might have been actually afternoon. And I burnt it but I still ate it. It's the principle of the thing. My husband was talking trash about me while I was still in bed saying I don't eat a good breakfast. I heard him! He always, and I mean always, cooks breakfast for our son. I can't eat so early in the morn. I just can't. I've tried. I can't. I had Lucky Charms yesterday morning, and I heard our son say, "Mamma ate Lucky Charms yesterday," like I had committed some evil deed.

They were talking stuff about me so I got up and made myself an omelet directly! I decided on an omelet because I made a few when I was 18. I was on an omelet kick for awhile back then. I don't know why, but I remember it like yesterday, cooking omelets.

My husband was on the sofa while I stood over a hot stove cooking my breakfast in silence. And he said, "You heard us talking about you, didn't you?" I told him, in my high, unconcerned voice, no. Then I knew what was coming next. "How long have I been telling you, you need to eat a good breakfast." Twenty-seven years, I said, not counting the year we lived together, or the six months we dated. And he came over and gave me a hug. He waited till I would look at him and he looked into my eyes and said, "You are what you are, and I love you."

Mmmm. Okay. I felt somewhat better then.

I'm going to ask him to cook up some cheese blintzes for us later this week. They're a lot better than the toasty omelet I ate.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

29 and 17

Yesterday I had 17 students. Same as last Tuesday. Last week, Thursday, I had 29 students. I tried not to think about all the eyes depending on me for steps while I danced the routines! The Lord has richly blessed my Zumba venture. I wonder if 29 will ever happen again. Think I'm going to move my Saturday class from the small studio to the larger venue.

Today my husband went with me and looked at the sound system and he figured out how to connect my boom box to it! Now I can play the music from my iPod and the sound will come from their two huge speakers. Ooooh la la! Sounded great. Loud. I like it loud. I can stop and start the music easily and I don't have to step on a chair then onto the stage, then walk into the sound room. That was quite lame. I've been having to set up my music so it's ready to start and then when 5:30pm hits I'd have to step on the chair, pull myself up on the stage, run round a corner to press "Play" and then come back out, carefully yet quickly step down on the chair so I don't break my neck, then get in front of class to begin. One less thing to be anxious about now. Thank you, thank you.

And I added some scary sounds in between tracks just for fun for Halloween. I got the intro to Jaws, a door creaking, a guy screaming "Help me!" and a couple others. I hope they find it amusing. I wanted to do a routine to "Ghostbusters" and I downloaded it from iTunes, but I couldn't think of good choreography fast enough.

I have small tummy ache for some reason.

I realized last night that for the first time in 13 years I'll have my own money to buy a Christmas present for my husband. What will I get him? I have no idea. Now that I think of it, I can never afford the things he wants. Hmmmm. He gets me everything I want but I only get him little things. Wonder why he stays with me.

We watched on tv last night the story of the Chilean miners being saved. Incredible. Husband and I were using up the tissues! What a story. It was Plan B, a company from Tennessee, that made it to the miners. Incredible. The Chilean government asked the world for help. Obama should have done the same during the BP oil spill rather than spurning international assistance so that only the American union members could work on it. The environment will be paying for that decision for a long time to come. I am looking forward to Tuesday. Someday, I hope ObamaCare will be repealed. Pelosi said, "Let's pass this bill so we can see what's in it." What? And now not one Democrat in the country is running on the "accomplishments" of this administration. Course, the health care is only for us peons. The Congress people get their own health care. They made sure that was in the bill. ObamaCare is so good then why won't they use it for themselves. Word.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm so accomplished

The bug man came yesterday. I made the bed and everything. We have seven pillows on the bed and they all match. I'm very proud of that. It's gold. The color is gold. Half the time, okay, three-fourths of the time, I leave the white comforter on the bed all day because what if one of us takes a nap? If it's already messed up and has the white comforter then it's all ready to sleep in. I take off the gold comforter and pillows each night and set them on the floor. So they stay nice don't cha know.

Husband said, "So did you make the bed for the bug man?" Yes, I did. I certainly did.

And I beamed with pride from the inside out when the bug man said, "I don't recognize the place." Indeed. I have scrubbed the wall behind the stove. We bought a new stove. I scrubbed the floor completely, and then the edges and floorboards all around the kitchen with a toothbrush and bleach. I cleaned the candy off the bedroom floor that looked like red wax. I vacuumed all the dust and hair from anywhere. It couldn't hide from me. Grime. I can't have it. I don't want it. I'm averse to housework, but fond of the result.

So I pretended I didn't really hear the bug man because I didn't want to appear too prideful, but I heard him. And I felt very good.

Here comes tomorrow

I got up to eat some graham crackers and milk. Since I've starting teaching Zumba classes I can eat absolutely anything I want.

I'm looking forward to class tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to class tomorrow. I look forward to dancing, yes. But tomorrow I have to announce that no toddlers or children are allowed in class. Two mamas brought their little ones to class last Tuesday. It's just not going to work. It's not good. My insurance doesn't cover that kind of liability and neither does the youth center. I hope I don't offend anyone and make any bad blood but I must do what I must do. I will feel bad if I lose the two mums because I understand that it's a challenge getting childcare. Actually, I'm going to try to tell the mums each personally, but I'll see how it feels and I'm prepared to announce it if necessary. I'm going to make a 8.5" x 11" sign too. On bright colored cardstock. One that no one will read. Man, I need a front man really bad so that I can just dance. Bah.

Half an hour before class I set up the music at the roller rink Tuesday to use their music system. Tested it out. Set it on pause so all I had to do was run in and hit "play." About ten minutes before class the electricity man came and turned on the air for us which was very, very nice, but when I was ready to start class I went to turn on the music and he must have hit a breaker that turned off everything in the little music room except the light bulb. Geez Louise. Help me. Help me!

So I used my boom box. I always take it now no matter what because I had sound system problems at the gym once. I learn quick. Good thing.

I put up a sign asking folks to sign liability form before entering and no one read it. Haha! Help, help! So at end of class I asked people to be sure to fill one out and seven people brought me forms. I had 17 in the class. Biggest so far since I started my fresh start. When I reach 22 which is one more than the most I had at the gym when I quit, then I will feel accomplished.

I pray that I'm sowing good seeds.

Son finished writing a memoir for eighth grade composition. He wrote about Winston and the fair. I think he produced a pretty good piece. It took a week and a half and should have taken a week, but I try to disregard time. Education is a marathon, not a race.

There was a quilting class I wanted to go to. I found out about it at the fair, but they meet at 9:30am. I got out of bed at 9:25am, so it didn't work out for me. Again. I'll try next week. No big rush I guess. I started the quilt three years ago.

Monday, October 18, 2010

My floor

Tomorrow the bug man is coming to spray. I vacuumed the house and cleaned the kitchen floor. I can't believe I just blogged that.

I practiced a new routine. I would have it almost done except that since I'm facing the class on Tues/Thursdays I need to start on my left side so they will start on their right. It's got me all discombobulated. I was going to type "discombooberated" until I realized it's not a word. I've always said discombooberated and now I look it up and see I've been saying it wrong. Good thing I'm not a talking head on television. I like Mary Katharine Ham very much. I think she's a real beauty and well spoken to boot. She writes for the Weekly Standard and she's on O'Reilly sometimes.

On Saturdays I face the mirror so I can start with my right and the class does too. Oy vey. I wish I could just do it one way all the time. This is going to be a little challenging. Some teachers flip back and forth. Last week I had to stop and tie my shoe. . . even doing that I lost my place.

I made a sign. "Please fill out liability form before entering." I hope it will help.

Last Thursday someone brought their toddler. He wasn't a problem, but a sign on the front door says this is not a babysitting service. If I get two or more bring their babies this could become a problem. Oy vey.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Week-end over

The week-end is over and I didn't get done what I should have gotten done. I don't like record-keeping.

I'm working on making a Zumba blog! People can go to it and see what our playlist is and, hmmm, I don't know what else to put on it yet but I'll think of something.

I let my Wordpress blog go. When it got the virus it was a drag. Rather discouraging. I don't spend the time in web design that I used to. I find Blogger so easy to use. Why do on my own what Blogger does for free. My homeschooling for preschool site got an infection and they deleted it. Bluehost emailed me and I had to call them and they told me where the evil html was, but I am not compelled to keep it up. So I told them not to renew my domain names or web space. Never thought it would come to that but interests change. We move on with time.

The week-end was good. I want to do it over again. Husband watched football. How can he watch so much football?

I did Skype with my sister! It works really well with our fast (as in normal) DSL. Sweet. We had to stop though because her husband was in bed and she was afraid she'd wake him. We both have cell yell really bad. Here were are, both right in front of our computers, yelling. I don't know why I feel like she can't hear me. We're kind of dorky I guess.

Two girls rode by on their horses and Bella starting running! Wow, she looked incredible. I didn't know she had it in her. Her tail was high, she pranced and ran and bobbed her head. It was a sight to see. Husband was in the living room. I was in the study. We heard her kick up the dirt and thought a dog was bothering her or something. We ran to the livingroom window and stood watching in awe.

Friday, October 15, 2010

My blog, my blog

Oh how I've missed my blog. I love my blog. I get a lot of comfort from my blog. I like thinking about my blog. I've wondered today what do I have to blog about.

Cecilio died. No one could believe it. He was only 55 and it was not expected. He was only four years older than I. Cecilio worked for the city and he had horses and chickens and ducks and turkeys and lambs and colts and a goat. He delivered hay. It was his work after work. It was his own business. He was a good man and I liked him very much. He always shook my hand and sometimes hugged me too. He was handsome to my eyes. He had 12 siblings. To his sister, he donated one of his kidneys. She passed on some years ago. Now he is gone too. I think he's the second of all the children to go. I went by his house today and looked at the horses and animals and wept. The place is so empty. For years he lived there and never, never locked the front door. It would be wide open. Today, closed and locked.

He always said, "Don't ever be afraid of anyone or any thing." I cry for his grandson because Cecilio was very dedicated to him. He's only eight. Tragic. My heart hurts for Leah. She's all alone now and she inherited nothing. I had been meaning to ask her why they weren't married. It's her life, their life, and I just hadn't worked up the nerve but she probably wouldn't mind at all if I asked.

They were at the hospital and Cecilio was getting, I think, a heart procedure. I don't have all the details. There are heart problems in the family but none had before been detected in Cecilio. He told Leah he was thirsty. She said, "I can't give you any water because you're having surgery." He grabbed her and said, "Leah! I love you!" She said, "I love you too." Then he said, "I'm going to die." She said, "No you're not." And he died. How did he know so surely? What did he feel? How did he know?

I think of him when I'm outside with Bella and he never drives by the gravel road anymore and never waves. I waved to him a couple weeks before he passed on. I tried to keep Bella always well groomed so he would see her looking good when he drove by and I hoped he would tell Leah so. We wanted to have Leah and he over for dinner because they've both been so generous with their time with our son. Leah looks worn and she's broken. She goes to work still. I don't know how she does, but she does. She became a new grandmother a week after Cecilio died.

Our sweet Winston is gone. Son entered him in the fair and we knew he would be sold. Son went to give him a kiss and he was gone. The packers picked him up at about 1:00pm and we thought it would be after 3:00pm. I miss that pig. He was a wonderful pig. The saddest thing is that his last week, his ending time on earth, had to be so unpleasant. He was used to being loved by a boy and walked and having free run of the acre here. At the fair he was in a pen and could only go on a short walk. He was the most popular pig and our son's friends gathered round his pen and admired him and petted him. But he ate less every day. It's a sorry thing being city people in 4-H and loving a farm animal. Why did God make pigs so sweet and cute. But it is ranch life. Pigs don't contemplate death as we do. And he had a terrific life while he was here. He was a blessed pig. We were blessed to have him. Son has learned a lot about raising an animal. It's been good for him. Next April he's getting a piglet to do it all over again. The new piglet will have a good life here too.

In New Mexico there are no Hormel kind of places. We didn't want him to go to a slaughter house. He didn't. Someone local bought him. They'll fatten him up on their property for awhile then he'll be slaughtered. He won't be with a thousand pigs where they might have bad people abuse him. It'll be quick. They will shoot him. I had to know. I had to ask. All these ranch people at the fair, used to the ranch life. And here's me in my sunglasses, tears streaming down my cheeks because of a 275 pound hog.

Zumba has improved tremendously. I've made a fresh start. I quit the gym. I suppose they don't think much of me. I called Tuesday and said I cannot teach on Wednesday night and I cannot teach anymore ever. I thought my back was really messed up. I had lower back pain and it radiated down my left leg. I was so worried. They did a fine job telling everyone I quit. I quit my Zumba membership and paid a penalty. Thought I was toast. Yet I felt improved by Saturday. . . and so I went to the studio in case someone might show up but I was the only one there. It was okay. I danced the hour with myself and felt lost and blue.

Maybe the class grew too fast. I was a nervous wreck. I've since realized that perfection in Zumba is overrated. So I teach a 60 minute class and make a few mis-steps for 15 seconds. Goodness sakes. Well, I've learned to smile big about it and move on.

Also, I realize now that I didn't feel like a part of the gym. I heard that they were even turning people away because the room was filled. No one from the gym ever told me. I heard it from a friend of a friend after I quit. I realize now they gave me photo copies of the liability waivers and the sign-in sheet and kept originals themselves. That's not right. I am glad I left. Now, instead of $10 for a class I earn my own money. I've earned as much as $70 at a time now and after I advertise next week I expect the class to grow. I need it. I'm in debt with starting up the Zumba. I've signed up for the Basic 2 class on October 23rd! Yippee!

After I taught my Thursday night class I felt well and I knew I was over the hump. My husband said I'm my own worst enemy. I am, I know it. I tortured myself additionally thinking why am I doing this. Why can't I stop (the stomach ache and sleeplessness). I'm supposed to be transformed by the Word of God and here I sit, the same, the same. The same as I've always been. Even when I worked the previous Saturday at the studio and made a bit of money - it meant nothing. All the kindness and nice words from the students who loved the class lifted my spirit not one whit. Odd that you can attain a dream and it feels like emptiness. Probably I think it was perimenopause. It was my natural nervousness. Fear of the unknown. Fear of people not liking my class. Fear of having to face the gym owner and ask for a raise and not being happy with the mister room they added. Worrying about forgetting my routine in front of everyone. Fear about keeping proper business records. Of making sure people fill out the waiver. It's all alotta fear.

I added two new routines and I think everyone likes them. One is "Let Me Think About It" which is choreographed by the Hickory Girls and one is a calypso from Zumba. Quite fun! I'm in the best shape evah! The other night Leslie went home after class drenched with sweat and told everyone that Liliana whipped her. Haha! Funny grrrrl. I have young women in my class and they leave sweaty and tired. One girl handed me a damp $10 bill and I looked perplexed and she told me it was from her back pocket and her butt (her word) was all sweaty. Haha! It is good to be feeling better. Like my dad said, it's supposed to be fun. I step in the bathroom to comb my hair and see my face in the mirror or my heart beats fast for a minute because a worry breaks into my mind and I run Cecilio's words over in my mind to remind myself, "Don't ever be afraid of anyone or any thing."

Saturday, October 09, 2010


I walk all over the entire house, through every room, searching every table and drawer for my reading glasses. I look down and here they are tucked in my shirt.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Blog break

Will come back when I'm feeling better.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I plan to do absolutely nothing today. Except for folding some laundry. That's something. Maybe cook dinner. That's something too.

My back feels a little better so I think I'm relieved it's nothing serious. Still need to wait a couple days for that determination, but I'm thinking it was only sore muscles now. I can't bend over very well still.

Another girl in town is going to get a Zumba license.

I wish my stomach would be normal. I'm tired of feeling high strung all day and not being able to sleep.

I'm not happy at the gym. I only earn $10 an hour and I don't think it's very fair. There were 21 in my class last Wednesday. I thought ten bucks was fine when I thought no one would come, but I've advertised and now word-of-mouth is working for me and they like the class. It's a lot of practice and time devoted to Zumba to get only $10. And they have a new room they want me to use. It has open air and misters and the truth is I don't like the room. I get too wet and I think my shoes slipped a little. I'm afraid I might slip and fall. I like the regular air conditioned room better.

In contrast, at the smaller studio I had ten students and earned $50. I flubbed up and felt embarrassed, but oh it happens. Can't take myself too seriously (I tell myself). In a song I know upside down and inside out, I lost my place for about 16 counts. Small torture.

Maybe when the other girl teaches she can teach in the misty room.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Went riding last night and my lower back is killing me. Taught a Zumba class with achy back. I did it. I flubbed up one part, but I did it. I'm tummy-achy, back-achy, angsty, head-achy. I don't know why I'm doing anything.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday night

Thought I made a clean break from the treasurership. Keyword, thought. Two board members said they'd take over and so that changed everything and I needed to fill out the grant paperwork to apply for next year's funds. I have not the foggiest notion how to start. I looked at all the figures and the questions - and I had no idea what to do.

So I emailed Helen and told her I hate being treasurer. Not too professional of me. I should have couched it in more mature language. Anyway, she offered to trade jobs with me (just to add to my misery because then I had to say no twice) and I could be secretary and take the minutes. I can't. I told her no. Haven't heard back, but I'm sure she's semi-devastated that I'm not the person she thought I was. Not to whine, but the two hour a month volunteer job was more like ten and that's ten hours of pulling my hair out mostly. I hate volunteer work. Why am I half a century old and still unable to say no. Technically, I've improved tremendously at saying no, but to Helen I said yes. I like Helen. I suppose that's the end of that now. Plus I have to write a letter of resignation and give it to my pastor since he heads up the non-profit group. That's just great. Now every time I see my pastor I get to feel bad. His wife and his daughter, and Helen, are movers and shakers. I'm not. I fix my life so I don't need meds and what do I do? Stick my face right into a situation, self-inflicted. It makes me hate everyone and not want to go to church. I'm already stretched tight trying to be a Zumba instructor.

Zumba today was good. Seven people but three were late and someone didn't pay me because I was short $5. Bummer. I slept poorly last night thinking of being "the bad volunteer", then woke with a stomach ache because of it. As if I need another reason besides Zumba to get all tied into knots. But after class several people thanked me and it was so nice. In San Diego the teachers arrived, led class, and left. No chatting. One teacher that I talked to was picking up her bag and leaving like she had no time to talk and all I asked for was the name of a song she played. I try to chat and be a good listener and inspire my class to exercise. It's really rewarding when people come in uptight and leave happy - like they've accomplished something - which they have. I appreciate that it requires planning and effort just to show up for class, especially on Saturday when most folks are doing errands that can't get done during the week. I want everyone to have a nice time. I want our class to have a warm, inclusive, supportive environment. I desire to accomplish that.

Bella is thin. I don't know why. We're a little concerned. We're going to feed her more hay and see if it helps. Her diarrhea is gone. She's calm. She never pins her ears back when I groom her so nothing hurts. I'm not sure what could be wrong. I've had a person say she's overweight which I find laughable and others who say at her age she's supposed to be a little "ribby", but she's too ribby in my estimation.

I heard from one of my students that the gym said they could open another Zumba class. Hmmm. No one has mentioned it to me yet. I sure wish they would sweeten the pot a little and offer something more than $10 an hour. I desire to take the Zumbatomic workshop and get licensed to teach children age 4-12. It looks like great fun and it's so good for the kids. Click here to go to YouTube to see the absolutely cutest little boys doing Zumbatomics.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Zumba was great

For this little town, great is to have 18 people in Zumba class. Wow. The energy was so fun. And I didn't get as sick with anxiety before class. Maybe it'll start to fade now. I would not mind at all. Suddenly today I feel like practicing and learning new routines. My desire was getting all crushed and spit on by the evil anxiety. It made me not want to dance and that's highly unusual for me. I just couldn't drag myself into practicing at all for the past three weeks and before that I practiced day and night. Night practice was in my dreams.

There was one new person tonight. All the others are returnees. Well, check this out. She said her doctor told her to get to a Zumba class. I said, "Whaaat?" And she pulled out a prescription from her purse and there on it I read the word "Zumba." No way? Way! Way cool. Zumba - it's doctor recommended.

After the hip-hop Christian song, "Boomin'" by Toby Mac everyone clapped. They liked it! I do it exactly like the vid except with no push-ups. I love the boot camp move down to the floor and up. I had three men in class tonight. I'm going to pay special attention to pick routines that are not too girly.

Kathryn, I got the jimmy finger this morning and accidentally deleted your nice comment from yesterday where you were commiserating with me about volunteering. My fingers were still asleep and I don't know how they did it.

Monday, September 13, 2010

An unexpected reprieve

Two months ago I became the treasurer for a small 501(c)3 agency. At tonight's meeting they passed a painful decision that since the new president (who came on board the same time I did) is moving and no one is available to take her place, the organization will close its doors. It's really a shame because it's funding the community needs and Helen worked her heart out five years ago getting it started and keeping it going. It was truly a labor of love on her part. I remember when she had books and binders and papers and notes about how to start this organization piled up all over her house. She was driven. She did a superb job.

But I stink as a treasurer! I was really bad at it. One thing I forgot to do was get a bank statement. Did ja know you're supposed to have a bank statement from the bank? I kinda forgot. To get one. I balanced the checkbook against my Quicken program and when those two figures came out the same I patted myself on the back and counted it as a job well done. ...I used to manage a million dollar budget 15 years ago when I was a Commmunity Development Block Grant Administrator. I guess I got dumb. I dunno what happened.

I am utterly relieved I don't have to be a treasurer anymore. I'm free! My shoulders feel so much better. I don't have to stress about it anymore - after the remaining funds are spent. I count it as a lesson. I will never volunteer for anything like this again.

I hate volunteering. It always turns out badly.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Small scream

I got on the scale this morning. We have one of those scales like at the doctor's office. Son asked for it for Christmas when he was about five years old. Homeschooled kids ask sometimes for unusual gifts. It was in storage the last five and half years while we traveled.

So I got on it and I weigh 114. Egads. That's too low. I weighed 107 when I met my husband in 1984. I weighed 124 when doing belly dance. My jeans are falling off my hips. Oh dear. It's the Zumba. As of today I'm increasing my calorie intake. I don't wanna be too thin. I still have my shape but husband said my legs are too thin. I think he means my thighs. I've had some trouble eating but I'm going to try very hard to not have a stomach ache and to eat more every time I eat. And snack. I'll start snacking at night. That should help. I hope. If only I could do an automatic weight transfer from some of my students to me! I hate having to think of weight.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

In my closet

A baby gecko was by my tennis shoe in the closet today. He was quick and cute. Son caught him in a glass and put him outside.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Life with a vengeance

Life seems to have caught up to me and with a vengeance. We bought furniture, but only after we drove to El Paso on a Sunday for nothing - the store was closed. Drove back on Tuesday. Didn't like anything. Went to Cruces. Bought a few things. One piece has crooked knobs. Do I want to drive it all the way back to Cruces to exchange it? Had the dry heaves before my Saturday Zumba class (from pure nerves). I was victorious. I did the class, did fine, earned $45 bucks. Zumba is going well. I have two full classes - about 15 in each class. I have a sore ankle though and class at 5:30pm tonight. It's an attack of the enemy no doubt. I've had no time to learn new routines and I need to do that very much. A third of our stuff is still in storage, a third in the house, and half in the trailer. Our meal times are all messed up. Haven't had a normal family meal in a week. Husband is returning Nike today because she's pushing down the fence. Two stray horses were in the yard on Monday. Animal control came and got them. I'm a new member of the board, I'm treasurer for F.O.H., and paperwork and phone calls are more than I expected. Husband has been run ragged. Son loves having his own room. I have no time.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Into a house

I cannot believe a major life change is happening in only one more day. We love this trailer, but we will be in a house. On Wednesday we'll be. . . house people again.

I am not sad or blue. Actually I feel excited. The guidance of the Holy Spirit is unmistakable. I'm sure it's the right thing for us to do. Rarely in my life am I sure about anything.

DSL. We'll having screaming fast DSL in the house! And a land line with unlimited phone calls. I told my husband I want a dial phone and at first he said why and I reminded him of one of our worst fights ever. Really, it wasn't a fight. More accurately I'd say it was an ugly scene. And it was only one minute, but minutes make memories. I never said a word.

My husband has big fingers and always, seriously, he's always missing the correct buttons on the stupid cell phones and hand held phones. One day my dad phoned and husband picked up the phone and thought it wasn't working. He had messed up and touched something so that my dad could hear him, but he couldn't tell my dad was on the line. So husband hung up, he hollered up one side of me and down the other about what I did to the phone. I didn't do anything to the phone! ...And my dad was actually still on the line and heard everything. In under 60 seconds an important relationship was damaged. I felt a little bad about what my husband said to me, but I know my husband's temper. It flares quickly and fades quickly.

But my dad doesn't know my husband like I do. He took offense on my behalf. I appreciated it. I love my dad. However sometimes it's best to leave things between and husband and wife alone. So next my husband took offense to my dad's sarcasm then it was pretty much a mess for several long years. Husband wouldn't talk with my pop for a long time. They were both mad. Now they've made up. Our son's verbal persuasion was the motivating force and his persuasiveness softened my husband's heart. I was very proud of our son. Words matter. Knowing how to use words is a useful skill. Being a pest doesn't hurt either! He mightily wanted his dad to make-up with his grandad.

How did I get down that bunny trail?

There were four new people at the aerobic kickboxing class tonight. I do it to help my Zumba strength and at Wednesday's class I mentioned the aerobic class to everyone and told them how it helped me. I told a couple (who are my age) that when she uses the step, I don't use it because my knees and feet don't like it. Well, I guess it inspired them to come. They wanted to work out, but don't like the step. Many people, they don't want to look different from the rest of the class. I don't care though. I was the only once doing 'step tap' while everyone else did jumping jacks. Now there are several peeps doing step tap like me! Wheee!

My husband sat in the truck as I groomed Bella and Nike. It was dark outside. We got there so late. I told him when we got home that I'm probably the only person who grooms horses in the dark. What he said struck me as very tender because he looked at me and said, "Those horses mean a lot to you." I hadn't thought of it. I do love them, but I didn't know if horses in our life could be real or an "almost, but not" kind of thing. Now that we're going to be in the house and the corral is right out front, it's all real. I could never have imagined it. Not in my wildest dreams.

Aaaah. Life is so sweet. It's 2010 and I already know it will be too short.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I am

I am a Zumba instructor! I did it. I taught my first two classes this week: Wednesday evening and Saturday noon. Yeah, I was scared but it was worth it going through the scariness.

At the Wednesday class I was the most nervous. I did about an eight minute talking intro since none of the students had taken a Zumba class ever before. I had an outline and tried to keep it brief. It went well except sometimes I had to take a big breath because I guess I wasn't breathing. Haha! And my mouth was super dry from nerves. But I did it. That's what counts. Karol said she couldn't tell I was nervous, but she was way in the back row. But it's true that nervousness often doesn't show as much as we think.

On the dancing part, I made no errors on Wednesday, not one, but I did on Saturday - about three. I just kept going. I didn't have a meltdown or make a big deal of it. Yay me. It's not easy dancing through a mistake. I hope it'll get easier. And it was a routine that I know inside out too. Go figure.

Next week I'll be teaching a full hour. Technically, I only have 40 minutes memorized but many brand new teachers do a few songs twice because it's such a daunting task to memorize 60 minutes right off the bat. I think the students will like it because part of the fun is that after you know the routine then you can add style and flavor. That's when the real fun kicks in. I think they will not mind doing a few songs twice while I learn the new routines to get up to 60 minutes. I really needed to get out there and start. I had a fear that I would spend so much time practicing that I'd finally, ultimately, do nothing.

Somebody took my Zumba flyer off of the bulletin board at the market. Who did that! My husband said someone probably just wanted to take it home. Why I oughta. Now I have to get another one made. That costs $1.20.

Fifteen people came Wednesday and 14 on Saturday, but a few of the Saturday people had been there Wednesday so they were repeats. That's good though. They came back. We'll see how many will pay five bucks to come though.

After we did the Kulikitaca song everyone clapped. That was neat! They were sweating too. And at the Wednesday class it was cool because after some of the dances there would be all manner of chatter and laughter. It was very uplifting.

Today I had a bit of an odd fellow in the class. He was waving his arms around kind of funny. We have that sort of thing here. He was a nice enough guy though. Harmless. And one lady chose a spot, strangely, right next to me. I had to make my steps very small on the side she was on. I didn't want to offend her since I don't know which people will become regulars so I smiled and made due. One lady came in wearing 1.5" platform sandals. I said she couldn't move in them. She'll hurt herself. I can't remember if she left. Either another lady brought her shoes or she left. I can't remember. I'm sure that even if she tried she would not last long in those shoes.

I got a compliment from one lady, she's from church, who said she's noticed I've trimmed down. I said, yeah, my back doesn't hurt much anymore (from strengthening the abdominals) and my husband says I'm leaner and meaner. She asked how long it took and I told her five months. She's already taken her measurements and seems serious about losing weight. I was very encouraged by that because she's just the kind of person I hope the class will appeal to. I talked to her and told her that if she wanted even to bring a chair to sit in to rest, she is welcome to. I got that idea from my sister.

Finally, I'm in a position where I can give back to the community. I want to serve the community well. I remember once my pastor said that as we become older we should become teachers. It always stuck in my mind. And there is so little here in the way of extracurricular endeavors to get into shape. There's no YMCA, or I should say "Y", no active community center or city recreation department. I hope I will be successful with this endeavor.

I bought a Samsung washer and dryer online tonight for delivery to the store and we'll pick it up. I am waiting till we get them and move into the house before I wash my Zumba pants. I'm not even running those babies through the laundromat washer/dryers. I'll wash them by hand. My husband said I can order another pair. I am happy for that! I have some regular black dance pants but the crotch kind of creeps down. Very uncool to have to pull up your pantaloons while dancing.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Big ticket items

Went to Cruces and got home at 5:30pm. It was 106 there and on the way home it rained which brought temp down 20 degrees. Then it went back up at home.

We bought our son a desk from Office Max. He chose a corner desk to make the most of his small space. It's laminated, but it's all his and it's brand new and on sale. Husband and I looked at washers and dryers, flat screen tvs, and sound systems. We are so out of the loop technology-wise that after two minutes of looking at each item we were overwhelmed. We did decide on a tv one step up from what I had been considering. We like the LED backlighting and four HDMI connections for streaming from the internet. He said he'd consider a Maytag washer/dryer set when I was only considering Samsung, so I'll widen my research on that. We decided a HTiB (Home Theater in a Box) is best for our needs sound-wise. We used to have a Yamaha sound system with gigantic speakers. Good thing we didn't keep it. It would never fit in our new space. I don't want to bother with putting a system together piece by piece and I don't want wires all over or to have to spend time putting speakers on the wall, so a real surround sound system is out. We happened to walk by a Bose system that sounded good and was so small! It's only three speakers and a remote. I have to admit I always wanted something Bose and though not every Bose product is a good deal, I think this one is. So I'm reading, reading, reading. It was nice when we lived in the Bay Area because just reading the tech section of the Silicon Valley newspaper (The Mercury News) naturally kept us up to date about what products were good or mediocre or no good. Now I'm running fast as I can to get educated to spend our money well for best value.

For the furniture I decided on the same pieces but without the stars. I guess stars are kinda Texas. I love Texas. I sure do. But if I had a symbol in our living area I'd rather use the zia from the New Mexican flag. I thought the star was kinda Amish too. I love the Amish. But they're in Pennsylvania.

I think I just memorized another routine for Zumba. It's for the song "Rock Around the Clock." A 1950s tune. It's in my head. I'll have to see if my body can do it this afternoon. Tomorrow's my first class. I feel well. Excited. I had a bad stomach ache for a week and a half, but yesterday and today it's gone. I ate a big full taco lunch yesterday. It was sooo nice to eat a good meal and feel relaxed. I've been having to eat such tiny portions because my stomach was tense. I'm in a prayer group and my friends are praying for me. "Be not conformed to this world; but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind." And "God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind." And then the Holy Spirit showed up Sunday night and was so sweet. Church went on for two and a half hours. I went up to alter call and let the Spirit fill me up and I'm still in the flow with it. I praise his wonderful, magnificent, glorious name.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Coffee tables

So we're getting a tv. It'll be one of those flat screen kinds. I have to research it. We're stepping back into the regular world. I'm shopping a bit for a coffee table. I wanted to put the tv on the wall, but what about the cords? I don't know if we can hide the cord and if any cords show it can't go on the wall. I like wood and I'd like a southwestern style since we're in the southwest. I'm thinking of these. Handmade in Mexico. Pine. All wood.

Oops. The giant end table is a little out of scale ain't it. I'm thinking used sofas and chairs and this new stuff. Not too expensive. Rustic. I definitely want rustic. Spill something, put your shoes on it, no big deal. It'll just add character to it. One thing that popped into my head last night - putting a vase of flowers on the kitchen table. I used to like buying flowers every week. Irises. I like irises. Purple. Gary already gave us a sofa and it's like brand new. It's awful kind of him. He and his wife are that way. Very generous. We will need a recliner for the man of the house :) and I think we need another sofa for peeps to sit.

Already told son he cannot have his computer in his bedroom. Computers belong in the community area, living room/kitchen. The tv is for my husband to watch sports. I expect to maybe watch some wildlife shows. Do they have those anymore I wonder. I'm not going to become a tv watcher. I already know I don't like some of the football commercials. Son has seen tv at friends' houses and has informed me of the list of shows he'd like access to:

Deadliest Catch
Dirty Jobs
Extreme 4x4
And maybe Wipeout

I have no idea what they're about but he's a fairly discerning so I think I wouldn't forbid him to watch them.

I put up the Zumba class flyers around town today: at the post office, laundromat, hair stylist's, the market, the ranger's office. I got my first Zumba email already from a girl who is excited that Zumba is coming to our town. People's excitement is contagious! I felt happy today whereas the last few days I'd been wondering what I've gotten myself into. Tomorrow I'm going to ask Gina if I may put a flyer in the store window. Lots of people go in and out there.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Poor Bella. She had diarrhea this morning. We think it's because she got real upset yesterday. Yesterday she walked into the narrow area between the fence and the shed they go in for shade and wind protection and got stuck. She must have been stuck a long time and I guess she couldn't figure out how to back out. Gary came home and heard a racket and found her and he got her out. She hasn't got a scratch on her and other than distress seems okay. I'm glad the diarrhea went away. Didn't know what I was going to do if it continued.

Tomorrow I get to clean her up. Blech. She's quite a mess in the back. Blech.


Have to think about appliances. I have no name brand loyalties. The last fridge we bought was a Kitchen Aide and it was garbage. It leaked all over the kitchen floor one night. It wasn't a cheap fridge either. I liked the stainless steel look at the time and man, it was a pain to keep clean and beautiful. We're getting white next time. Don't need a fridge but we do need a washer dryer set. I'm thinking Samsung. It's made in China I think, but the Chinese know a lot about washers. Those front loader washing machines are the cat's meow and get clothes so much cleaner.

Can't say I'm not looking forward to purchasing things. I do still like to buy. It's the human condition I suppose. Am disappointed to be leaving behind the whole living small concept. We'll have water bills, trash bill, electric and gas bills, cable bills, weed killer spraying to do, watering of plants to do, cleaning house, CLEANING HOUSE, to do. Aaaauugh! I haven't done that in years. But I can take a bath in winter. We won't have to go to the laundromat. I'll have Pergo flooring in the extra room to dance on.

I will go with the flow. Everything's coming up roses so go with the flow.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Some mojo

Such a fine day. I just watered the birds. I always check Mrs. Thrasher's nest. It's empty now, but she raised to broods in it this year - four babies total. I can't help walking over to look inside of it. A couple days ago someone put some bean pods that grow on the bushes here inside the nest. I wonder if she did it. Husband said maybe a squirrel did it but a squirrel couldn't possibly climb a cholla cactus.

Some mojo. I got a hair compliment today. I wore it down to churchity-church and afterward helped husband in the Visitor's Center where a customer said it was long and pretty and, (the and is what has it) and my ends are nice and thick! She works in a salon as a masseuse and said she has to have a nice cut and style because of where she works and we talked about trimming, drying, and ends and so on. Very cool. Her hair was long by most standards and it was layered; thick and luxurious. It's interesting how she knew how to pass on a good compliment. Guess she knows that from working in a salon.

I think we might be moving into the house early September! My husband said we are gonna get a flag pole! We had one at our other house. Got it before 9/11 too. A lot of people started flying flags after 9/11 but we had one quite before. I told him I am so excited at the thought of getting one and he said I was excited when we got the other one too. I don't remember that. I just remember being happy to have one. I picked it out and he put it up. It sas 20' I believe and it was a tad short so this time I said I'd like a 25 footer. He said okay. Can't wait to shop! We used raise the flag every morning (okay, he did) and took it down and folded it every evening (we did). Our neighbors seemed to appreciate it though I didn't realize they did till we moved and they told us how they would miss seeing the flag flying. I always liked the Gadsden flag too - the yellow one with the rattlesnake that says "Don't tread on me." It was the U.S. Navy flag before there was a U.S. Navy. On the other hand, we're in New Mexico. Maybe a New Mexico flag would be nice to add. Hmmm. We'll just the the U.S. flag. Another one would be expensive and it was have to be replaced as often and the American flag. Okay.

I have to start dinner. We're having chicken soup and fresh sourdough bread from the bakery. We're the only family I know who eats hot soup and a blistering hot day.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Paperwork and prep

Straight out of the camera.  A rarity for me because I can't control myself from highlighting this or that, messing with exposure and paintbrushing.  I smiled big.  I have some others that look like I have the crazies.  Emailed one to my husband and I walked over and said, Look at my smile, it's not too bad.  Hey, I said, you need to scroll up to look at my smile. He's such a man. Wished I'd shot the other side so my tattoo isn't sticking out right in front. I forgot about that.

I needed a photo for my flyers so I can print them and stop thinking about it. My husband traipsed through the hot desert on my behalf and scoped out a fine juniper tree with shade for me to stand under.  I was thinking a perfect venue would be a photo at the gym or the studio but I don't want to wait, plus a lot of the Zumba girls use photos from in their house or out and about doing whatever. I'm using the photo on top.  Usually I delete photos that show my turkey gobbler profile (the second pic), but that's what it be like.  Fifty one years takes its toll and I accept it. I'm alive and an imperfect jawline is small payment.

The real truth is, I wish to get it fixed someday but my husband doesn't want me to because he doesn't want me to accidentally die getting cosmetic surgery.  I don't do well under the knife and he knows it.  I do too, so shame on me for wishing. I say, better to die skiing or hiking or anything, even eaten by a bear, than plastic surgery for vanity purposes.  It wouldn't make a good headstone - The beloved Lil lies here.  Died from neck lift with platysmaplasty (that means with an incision under the chinny chin chin and behind the ears).  I'd never do anything to the eyes though.  I see people with bald looking, sunken eye sockets from having their eyes done.  Too chancy.  Eyes give such character.  I don't mind some sag in the eyes.  I should try to make peace with this whole aging thing.  Naaah.  Who am I kidding!  Can't do it.  No peace. 

I will drop off the flash drive with the printers tomorrow.  I still need to get a liability waiver.  Need to distribute the flyers in town.  Then I'll be pretty much done with all the setting up.

I'm memorizing the cool down routine today.

The meteor shower the other night was excellent. There weren't lots of them as when we were at Joshua Tree National Park a few years back, but the ones I saw were very bright and very long and quite spectacular. It was worth a rotten night of sleep. I jumped awake when a mosquito bit my index finger and it was then I finally surrendered and went inside to my comfy bed. Checked the clock and it was 4:00am. I always want to be at one with nature but I end up coming inside. Last time I slept outside a huge wind storm came up.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Perseids

I'm going to sleep outside on a cot tonight to watch the sky.  I think I might be a day early though, so I'll have to sleep outside tomorrow too.  And the moon is just a couple days past new, just 6% full according to my sidebar moon, so it's small and won't interfere with its bright moonlight.  Ooooh la la.

I purchased liability insurance of one million dollars today.  I'm scared and excited.  Excited and scared.  No, not scared.  Anxious.  No, I need a positive word. Uneasy?  Queasy?  No.  They're positively not positive.  Eager.  Excited and eager.  Eager is a weird word though.  Kind of like "yearning." 

I'm looking forward to being a Zumba teacher.  I start on August 25th at 5:30pm.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I got two hair compliments yesterday.  A double header.  I was wearing my hair in a braid.  We were at Denny's restaurant paying our bill, well, husband was paying the bill.  I was sitting on the sofa.  And a young waitress, she was cashiering, told me my hair was long and pretty.  Wowie kazowie.  Often people will say, "Your hair is long," and I say, "It is."  I'm not sure if "thank you" would be appropriate.  It's more like they're making a statement of fact, not complimenting.  So anyways, it was great to get a no-bones-about-it compliment.  And that's not all.  Another sweet waitress sat down beside me, like a friend only I think she was just really tired, and started talking about how pretty it is and she added that not all women can wear my color of hair and look good.  I was really wondering if she was a long hair person.  She said she liked the color of my hair very much.

They were the nicest compliments I've gotten in a long time. I walked out of the restaurant positively beaming.  I told my husband how happy I was and he said, "Oh?" as he looked at the receipt from breakfast.  I said, duh, you know they gave me nice compliments.  As if!  And then he says, "Well, you do have beautiful hair."  And I told him he doesn't know anything.  He's just a husband.  And he threw his hands up exasperation.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Speakers and me

Speakers and me, we have a problem.  I'm always blowing them out.  I kept upgrading my sound system in my car (back in the day when I had a car) and still blew one of them out.  One speaker got a little rip in it which I could sense in certain music.  I loathe cheap sound.  Well, ideally I do.

So I was practicing my first song at the studio yesterday, Selena got there as I was leaving by the way, and three minutes later there was a huge crashing sound.  The owner is as best I can guess a Buddhist, Muslim, Namaste, with a bit of Virgin Mary thrown in for good measure believer, and keeps a shrine in the studio.  This sound system is barely squeezed in behind the shrine.  It's an excellent location to hide it from eyes of passers-by, but it's hard to reach.

So I'm dancing "Que Te Mueve" which means How You Move and I hear such a mighty crashing (I thought I was going to have a heart attack ) and it sounded as if whole shrine covered with glass ornaments, glass candles and oil bottles and pictures, was falling over.  It didn't.  Thank goodness.  But I looked behind it and I guess the deep bass and having the volume cranked up to 25 caused the two speakers to walk and they had fallen from the top shelf allll the way down to the floor amid a myriad of little stuff and things she stores back there.  I stumbled back a few steps and got hold of my neck (I always choke myself when I'm nervous) and after a minute decided I better stop hyperventilating and figure out what to do.

I picked up the speakers and placed them back on the shelf.  I'm a dork and put one upside down, but then I noticed and put it upright.  One lost its wire but to the other a wire was still attached.  I tentatively played my CD and listened real close and one speaker was busted, but the other one sounded fine.  Called the owner and she was real sweet and kind about it.  It's true that it was already precariously perched, but you know, people can get mean when it comes to their stuff, but she was very nice and all forgiving.  I suggested her husband could fix it or my husband could (hopefully) and she replied that her husband is not a fixer of things, so I said I'll have mine look at it.  He looked at it today and soldered the wires back together and added hinges so the speakers won't walk.  He's going to go back and make it so the top shelf won't be able to tip off the rack too.  I love him so

Welp, looks like the week of the 16th or the 23rd I'm gonna have to buckle down and actually teach an actual Zumba class.  I'm working on flyers now.

I have a new pair of sunglasses.  I'm off expensive sunglasses.  I declare, I'm never buying a pair of expensive sunglasses ever again.  I always lose them, so why spend so much money on them?  I found a pretty darned good pair at Wal-Mart today.  They're polarized and give me the world in rose color.  That's a bit o' all right.

My last pair of expensive ones I lost on Wednesday.  We were part of a search party looking for a man who's gone missing.  It's awful sad.  The sheriff was there and people on horseback were there, and people to search on foot were there.  We didn't find him.  I hope he's found soon so his wife and family can have some peace about it.  When at first we were looking I felt like it was doable, but after a couple hours you realize you'd have to walk right upon him to find him.  The desert is so big.  I wished I had the eyes of the birds soaring on the winds overhead.  Could they see what we're looking for.  Do they know where he is?