Friday, February 17, 2006

Almost an accident but not

Traveling mercies today. Not once, but twice. Two close calls. On a scale of 1 to 10, ten being you're dead, the first one was a five and the second was a seven.

This morning we're traveling down the interstate and a trucker came barreling down on our left and another trucker came barreling on our right merging from an on ramp. We were in the middle. My husband hit the brakes and we were safe. If he'd made the wrong decision, if he'd tried to speed up, we'd have been crunched. These are split second decisons. Our heart was in our throat, but the second 'almost' was scarier.

Driving down a principal highway, that means no divider, two cars in front of us we saw a man hit by a lady in an SUV who lost control and veered at high speed across the lines into the oncoming traffic. Almost head-on, she hit the driver's side corner of his car. The man is lucky. Someone who saw it in front of us went up to the guy and told him the Lord must have been with him. His knee was messed up, but he was outside his vehicle and standing. We were the third vehicle, towing 6,100 pounds behind us we avoided hitting the woman in front of us. My husband braked hard.

Ambulances responded quickly. So anyway we're okay and I'm grateful for that. We haven't had such a day ever.

We looked at the 32' fifth wheel. Oooooh. It's big. And it's nice. I have to see it in daylight still but I'm thrilled with it. It looks huge. I kept saying over and over, how can it be within our GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating). But I checked and my husband rechecked, and the sticker says 10,500 GVWR.

It has two bar stools, free standing chairs for the dinette instead of a booth, two bathroom sinks, a big bathroom mirror, a U-ie shaped kitchenette, two doors, a bedroom.

Yesterday I saw my first cardinal. It flew across the highway and it was red, red, RED! Today I saw many of robins. We drove by Maybelline and L'Oreal corporation. I didn't know they were the same company. We drove by Delta, the place the makes the (best) faucets. :)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

On the gospel highway

We're on the gospel highway baby! That's my new favorite saying. I got it off the radio this morning, I didn't make it up. We're in Texarkana tonight. Had a Quiznos sandwich for dinner. It was okay. We decided we like Togos better. I'm baking chocolate chip cookies tonight to eat on the road tomorrow. The men will like that.

It was 76 degrees today, mostly cloudy, humid, and tomorrow is supposed to be in the 30s. Is that an insane change in temperature or what. Crazy!

I'm off to take a shower in the shower room. Hope the water's good. My hair is awful since my last wash with the coconut milk seems to have not come out. I've have a case of the uglies ever since.

The Lord works

We've been getting down to the nitty gritty deciding whether or not to buy a larger unit. I started shopping online a few days ago, narrowing down our choices, seeing what's available, and generally getting to know fifth wheels. We wanted an Airstream but they don't have as much storage as we need, plus they're very expensive.

We decided we're in dire need of a fifth wheel with a bunk house (instead of a trailer). A bunk house is a couple bunk beds, some storage cabinets, and a door in which to close a child in when Mom is at her wits end. I was at my wits end last Friday. Also, the majority of fulltimers live in a 5th wheel or an RV, not a trailer.

My husband and I have been talking about taking the leap and buying something larger. We need more space so badly, and we need some amenities! We want to travel one or two more years and there are things that make life more pleasant such as an air conditioner with a thermostat, a walk-around bed, and more storage. In here, you can only turn the A/C on or off which means in real hot weather it's too cold and we have to continuously turn the thing off and on to maintain a comfortable temp. The double bed is a pain in the behind to make because it's in the corner. I hate making the bed. I really to be able to store some craft items for our little boy. He misses making crafts and at home in the house I had a ton of stuff. An entire bedroom was devoted to education and crafts. Here, there's no space for a mouse to do crafts.

My husband was talking to a very good friend of his and our friend has health problems now and won't be traveling anymore and he offered to sell us his fifth wheel at a very, a very, good price. We're going to go look at it. It's in Tennessee so it'll be a bit of a drive. They're well off and they buy top of the line stuff, so this fiver has a washer and dryer and a king size bed and I'm sure it's real pretty inside. Oh my. Of course there's no bunk house and so this is definitely not in line with my plans, but I want to follow His plans because they always work out so much better in ways I never imagine. And to think, if we hadn't had a problem with registering our vehicles with the state of Texas last week, we'd be long gone right now, probably in California. We wouldn't be close enough to consider driving to Tennessee and we would have already paid to register this trailer.

I'm keeping an open heart and praying that the best will come of it. We're excited. I hope it all works out. We'll see.

The truck is scheduled for maintenance at 7:00am, our son is doing crafts with the craft lady at 10:00 am, and then we're on the road again tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Coconut milk deep condish

Didn't I say last year that I wasn't going to apply any more food products to my hair? Apparently I don't listen to myself very well. I applied coconut milk today and I guess I didn't get it all out or something because from my shoulders down my hair is stringy and yucky. Blech! It's not the first time either. This is the second time I've tried coconut milk with same result. Am I a glutton for punishment or what.

I did a partial scalp wash last Thursday and it was almost as big a pain as just washing. I don't know. I'm sick of my hair tonight.

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Saturday night

I like the song "Lightning Crashes" by Live.

I made, well almost made, my first pair of chandelier earrings. I spent two and a half hours selecting and arranging my beads, I like to dawdle over my beads, then made one. Turned out well. I was happy. Started on the second one and realized I'd lost a component, so I couldn't finish the set. You know who's fault it was. My son's. He was sittin' next to me eating ice cream and I just know he's the culprit. Accidentally, but nevertheless. Went to Wal-Mart the next day to buy another package and they were clean out of earring components. Shoot. What's up with that. So I took my single earring apart and chalked it up to practice making wire loops. I can make nice, uniform loops now. Today I practiced wire wrapping and man, I need more practice.

I did make a cute pair of macrame earrings, believe it or not, but repairs are already necessary. I knew when I made one of them that the cord was just a smidge (teensy, weensy bit) too short and the knot might not stay, but I tied it real tight with all my might and hoped for the best. I was so proud to be wearing my own stuff. As if macrame isn't kitsch enough, it came apart while I was cruising the Riverwalk in San Antonio. A lady wanted to know where I got my chocolate ice cream and I told her where Ben and Jerry's was, but then I told her, lookout, it cost $3.99 for just a single scoop which is a little high, duh. I thought she gave me a patronizing smile and figured it was because I sounded cheap. Later I get to the truck and check the mirror and what? Chocolate ice cream is dried on at the corners of my mouth and one macrame earring is falling apart, four cords sticking out of it. Uncool? Ya think?

So I've been wanting some lampwork beads don't 'cha know, and have had mondo, mucho trouble finding affordable ones. I don't want to spend fifty bucks on a single bead you see. Well I've been going to site after site using my Bead and Button magazine and all I find is abandoned sites, cheesy sites, sites that want fifty bucks a bead and the like. Then, voila, my patience was finally rewarded. Fifteen dollars for a set. I'll take two thank you very much.

Have a nice Sunday manana!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Good-bye New Mexico

A hike down Luchini Trail 1.6 miles Posted by Picasa

On our last day at Elephant Butte Lake State Park we finally walked this trail. Only took me three months to get to it! It was nice too. The clouds in distance looked like they might storm, but they never did.

This Luchini trail is named after Frank Luchini who lived in Truth or Consequences, called T or C by the locals, who helped build the dam. The dam was finished in 1916. We watched it rise between October and February which was kind of cool. The dam was built for irrigation but the lake, the largest in the state, is used for recreation. People apparently get irate some years when the water is low and complain to the rangers but the rangers remind them that the lake was never built for recreation in the first place. There was a shooting here in August. Yes. A ranger killed a man. There had been drinking (not the ranger of course), and the man wouldn't pay his fee, all of $14.00. It's a sad and horrible incident. The ranger has a family, a wife and very young children. I don't know why the ranger shot to kill, but I'm guessing since I wasn't there, that he surely must have felt endangered. Sad. It's going to trial.

Well, we're in Texas now and I suppose we plan to return to New Mexico next winter. We liked it there. The only thing is, it's pretty senior. I didn't find a church with young children. I only checked out two churches but I didn't really see one that I liked a lot. But we made wonderful friends at the campground. Some of them plan to return next year and we all have tentative plans to meet up there.

All the following pics are from the hike on the Luchini nature trail.

Kettle Top Butte Posted by Picasa

Creosote, the lake, Kettle Top Butte Posted by Picasa

More Soaptree Yucca Posted by Picasa

Poor old nibbled up Agave

Pool old nibbled up Agave Posted by Picasa

This was the trippiest plant. Is it a survivor or what? All the outer leaves have been nibbled and chomped away. I don't know whether it's the rabbits or mule deer or both who are responsible. We've seen the deer eat, yes eat, cactus. Don't know how they manage to avoid getting prickles in their lips and on their tongues, but my husband was with a ranger on a morning ride to collect campground fees from the bins and they saw deer eating the cacti. The jackrabbits will chew bark off the trees so I don't see why they wouldn't munch on a nice, moist agave. Poor little agave!

Soaptree Yucca Posted by Picasa

The end of the trail Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sunday, February 05, 2006


Today I drove for four hours. Last April I drove by Kluane Lake in Alaska too. So that adds up to 300 miles driven by Liliana; 25,000 driven by husband. Hmmm. A little uneven isn't it. I should do it more often because you never know when you will need to do it and you don't want to not know how to do it. My boy and I could hook-up ourselves if ever we need to. We know how. He knows how. It's easy driving the Interstate 10 because it's so wide open so I liked it. I was on cruise control most of the time. I've never done city driving with the trailer though. The truckers today were all nice. They blinked me when it was okay to move over. Probably saw me weaving all over because I was nervous.

Tomorrow we will see The Alamo in San Antonio! I've never been there. I've never been here!

If ever I chose a language to learn I'd like to learn Greek I think. In my book The Way We Pray I read that the meaning of the word 'sin' in Greek (and I think also in Aramaic though I must check) is "to miss the mark." As I explain to my son, I tell him, "This is part of the language of faith. It's like learning a new language. It's like learning the language of math." I like to explain things like this to him because when I was young I found that the mere words used in religious studies freaked me out. I just didn't like them. I didn't like how they made me feel. I didn't like them because I didn't understand them. Sin means missing the mark. That is all. Who can deny that they miss the mark? Sin doesn't necessarily have to be something that's going to make me throw up or have to hide my face. Could be, but doesn't have to be.

Familiarizing oneself with the language of faith is necessary to develop one's comprehension and to deepen one's understanding of scripture. It's God's Word so it ought to be worth some time to study.

I hope this posts okay because my blog is doing some weird stuff these past couple days.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Avocado oil deep condish

I really like the avocado oil for deep conditioning lately. I checked the showers out and hallelujah!, there's piping hot water and lots of it so I was able to slather on all the oil I wanted. At the showers at Elephant Butte there's such a piddly spray and by the time water hits you it's about tepid.

So we're in Texas. We're at a KOA and our son got to use his Christmas golf club for miniature golf so he's a happy guy. There's a cafe in the campground and we had fried shrimp with fries and cucumber salad. This campground is filled up. I had no idea there were so many travelers this time of year. They're all seniors. I can't imagine what it's going to be like in five years when the Boomers start retiring big time. I never had any idea how many people live in RVs and trailers on the road. It's like there's this whole, entire, heretofore unknown demographic. This should be written about in the Parade newspaper insert. This is huge.

Tomorrow morning I'll wash my hair. Hopefully Mr. Sun will be out and it'll dry completely. Our son will measure for February for me.

Isn't there some kind of football game tomorrow? Heh. My husband wants to watch it. I don't know, maybe we'll stop somewhere real early.

Truck window drive-by photography

All of the following were taken from the truck passenger seat as we drove home last Wednesday from Las Cruces to Elephant Butte. It was our last trip to Cruces so I was seeing everything with fresh eyes and feeling a bit sentimental, as it were.

Creosote is commonly known as Greasewood, but Creosote sounds much nicer. Creosote tends to grow with spaces between each plant and that's a survival mechanism. Each plant puts out a toxin that the other creosotes don't like, so each guy can use the water and soil around himself for his own survival.

Interstate 25 North (Caballo Lake) Posted by Picasa

Approaching mountains Posted by Picasa

Miles and miles of creosote Posted by Picasa

Driving by Posted by Picasa

A little river Posted by Picasa
Found out it's the Rio Grande.

Agriculture in southwest NM Posted by Picasa

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Plan to go to Texas soon

Today was our last drive into Cruces. Probably about Monday we're splittin' to Texas. We have to wait to receive a little hat our son ordered. We ordered it two and a half weeks ago and they barely shipped it Monday. Sheesh. He's getting a hat like Jughead wears. lol!

We think New Mexico is the best kept secret for a winter location. The weather warmed up a bit and it was 69° today. When we got back from the city about half our loop was filled with campers! I'm surprised because it's mid-week. We have a real giant rig next to us. He's so big he's blocking out the sun! They're towing two dune buggy ATV vehicles. I presume they intend to rape the countryside while they're here by driving across the fragile desert habitat. It'll frighten away the birds and destroy the flora and fauna. They'll have a good time though, I guess.

My heart breaks for the son of Cindy Sheehan. He reenlisted and died trying to save others' lives. She shames her son so. Her husband divorced her. Her organization Gold Star Families for Peace has a piddly few members. Yet the media gives her scads of attention. I think I'm growing to hate the media.