Saturday, February 11, 2006

Saturday night

I like the song "Lightning Crashes" by Live.

I made, well almost made, my first pair of chandelier earrings. I spent two and a half hours selecting and arranging my beads, I like to dawdle over my beads, then made one. Turned out well. I was happy. Started on the second one and realized I'd lost a component, so I couldn't finish the set. You know who's fault it was. My son's. He was sittin' next to me eating ice cream and I just know he's the culprit. Accidentally, but nevertheless. Went to Wal-Mart the next day to buy another package and they were clean out of earring components. Shoot. What's up with that. So I took my single earring apart and chalked it up to practice making wire loops. I can make nice, uniform loops now. Today I practiced wire wrapping and man, I need more practice.

I did make a cute pair of macrame earrings, believe it or not, but repairs are already necessary. I knew when I made one of them that the cord was just a smidge (teensy, weensy bit) too short and the knot might not stay, but I tied it real tight with all my might and hoped for the best. I was so proud to be wearing my own stuff. As if macrame isn't kitsch enough, it came apart while I was cruising the Riverwalk in San Antonio. A lady wanted to know where I got my chocolate ice cream and I told her where Ben and Jerry's was, but then I told her, lookout, it cost $3.99 for just a single scoop which is a little high, duh. I thought she gave me a patronizing smile and figured it was because I sounded cheap. Later I get to the truck and check the mirror and what? Chocolate ice cream is dried on at the corners of my mouth and one macrame earring is falling apart, four cords sticking out of it. Uncool? Ya think?

So I've been wanting some lampwork beads don't 'cha know, and have had mondo, mucho trouble finding affordable ones. I don't want to spend fifty bucks on a single bead you see. Well I've been going to site after site using my Bead and Button magazine and all I find is abandoned sites, cheesy sites, sites that want fifty bucks a bead and the like. Then, voila, my patience was finally rewarded. Fifteen dollars for a set. I'll take two thank you very much.

Have a nice Sunday manana!

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