Saturday, August 31, 2013

I have Monday off!  Here comes a three day holiday w/e!

Tomorrow I will do some more housework.  Yay!

Might go to the chile festival this week-end.  Hatch, New Mexico, is the chile capital of the world.  For reals.

I have the sweetest kitty cat in the world resting in my lap.  I have to reach over her to type.  She doesn't mind.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's possible that my manager may be invited for an interview for assistant controller where I work.  If he does, and if he was to get the job then I'd have an opportunity to go full time.  I really like part time.  But, I suppose if the opportunity presented itself then I would take it.  It might be hard to do my Zumba and work full time though.  Could I do it?  Even four hours a days wears me out sometimes!  I will put it in God's hands.

We want to put a 20' x 30' cement pad in the back.  I wanted cement as it would be nice to park on and wash the vehicles, but I didn't expect he'd want such a big one.  It will sure be nice though.  We'll be able to park the car and truck side by side.  We need a cover too, for shade.

We put our name on the mailbox yesterday.  Quite exciting to be sure!  My husband scraped the letters off and I stuck on the new ones.  The previous owner had only the husband's name on the mailbox.  I thought it odd to put only the man's name.  We put "The so-and-so's."  Well, not actually "so-and-so" but our last name as a family.  I think it's much warmer.  And I placed it diagonally on the box.  No one else has theirs diagonal!

Soon I must take a photo of my Madora comb for the hair board.  Five teeth have fallen off of it now and here I thought it was a quality comb when I bought it.  It's not quality at all.  The last tooth fell off right on my counter.  I didn't drop it or anything.  I picked up my comb and simply saw that yet another tooth fell off.  And I had hoped to save this comb for posterity.  Sheesh.  I have to find a new good comb now.  I use it every day.

I'm doing a new routine for Zumba tomorrow.  I really need to practice before I go to bed.  Last night I had 15 in class.  That's a cool $75 bucks.  It makes me so happy to have such a full class.  I take time to talk with them after class and it's such a blessing.  Last night one student gave me a handmade macrame rosary that she made and another gave me some crushed seashells to use in my organizer in my bathroom.  She loves to organize and she gave me the idea to set my mascara and small items in the seashell filler.  Similar to putting hairsticks in a bowl of rice to hold them in place.

My husband is working all week-end for the holiday.  No time off till next week.  I wonder if I get Monday off for Labor Day?  No one has said anything.

Wrrd is, they're talkin' about me at church cause I've missed three weeks in a row.  No wonder my ears were burning.  No one has chastised me though.  Heck, I'd be chastising all over the place if my friends missed three weeks.

Boss asked me today about what church I go to and about rumors he'd heard.  I told him they're not rumors.  He listened intently.  He seemed, hmmm, sympathetic, I think.

My very good friend walked through the sanctuary Monday and saw left over juice and wafers from communion just laying on the floor.  She was very upset.  I know it's symbolic but it's wrong to leave it out like that.  What's worse than that?  Leaving people's prayer requests spread out.  She said the new pastor and the youth pastor saw them and did nothing.  Tuesday, the leftover communion cups and wafers had been picked up... but the prayer requests were still there.  That's sacrilegious.  Just thinking of it makes me want to cry.  What's wrong with people?  As long as they are there and the same board remains at that church, I will not go there.  It's not right.

My current favorite song, "If We Are The Body" by Casting Crowns.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

I saw an article tonight that began "Marriage is a lot of work."

Maybe we're well matched or maybe I'm just very lucky.  Work is work.  Housecleaning is work.  Raising children is work.  My marriage makes everything easier. I love him so much.  I can't think of anything 'work' about it.  Not in all these almost 30 years has it ever been work.  He's made me mad a couple times, but that's not work.  I've made him mad much worse.  I love him so much. 

Did a bunch of housework yesterday.  Got a sore back because of it but I just couldn't stop.  The fixtures in the kitchen are so shiny.  My husband replaced them for me.  Everything I do, I see some other little thing I need to do.  Dirt in the narrow runner of the window.  Stains in the carpet that I didn't notice at first.  Dried glue on the edge of the counter that I thought was egg yolk but turns out it was a sloppy repair job.  Well, it's not like buying a brand new house.  When we bought a brand new house it cost like $150 just to buy light bulbs for all the sockets.  Here, there are light bulbs and toilet paper already.  I like brand new, but I like this too.

I want to take out all the screens in the windows so we can see out better. 

A guy at church gave me his phone number on a piece of gum and asked me to call him.  He's kind of handsome and married and drives a Harley.  I nodded and smiled but I haven't gone to church for three weeks.  I wish my husband came sometimes.  I must go next week.  My friend texted me this morn and said, "God is looking for you."  Haha!  I shoulda told her he found me at Lowe's.  Well, I gotta go to church next week no matter what.

This evening when I sat outside for a bit I heard an owl hoot nearby.

Friday, August 23, 2013

I wake up every morning happy to open my eyes.  And I go to sleep every night thankful to have our very own place.  There's so much sky.  I can see the clouds forever.  We love it here.

Yesterday I ordered some Lush products.  A woman in my class gave me the littlest bar of Lush soap as a gift.  It made my skin so soft that I decided to go to the website and order some.  I got carried away and spent $70.00.  Lush is located in Vancouver, Canada.  The products are handmade and biodegradable.  Everything in the ingredients I am able to pronounce.

King of Skin $13.95 Body Butter (Cocoa butter)
Smooth onto wet skin just out of the shower, towel off – and you’re left with royally soft skin.  Good for after you shave your legs.

It sounds nice and easy and faster than applying lotion all over.
Sultana of Soap $6.40 Reviews say it smells nice, lathers well and moisturizes.  I dunno.  We'll see.
Ro's Argan Body Conditioner $32.95  Scoops of cocoa butter, cupuacu butter, almond oil and Argan oils, and the fragrant scent of fresh rose petals, this is the most luxurious body softener that ever was (if we don't say so ourselves!). After washing up, slather yourself all over with this new invention. Rinse, pat dry and revel in supremely soft, rose-scented skin.

Reviews indicate a lot of people use it as a lotion because they want to use every bit and not see any go down the drain.  Supposed to be super moisturizing.

 Ultrabland (that's not a typo) $16.95 Non-irritating beeswax cleanser.

A hugely popular cult product, Ultrabland is a thick, rich emulsion of essential oils, honey and beeswax to take off any make up or residue that has built up on your face throughout the day. Unlike most make up removers, Ultrabland leaves your skin feeling soft and nourished, thanks to soothing rosewater and iris flower extract. Suitable for all skin types.

The "suitable for all skin types" is key.  I will try each thing one at a time to make sure I'm not allergic.  I told the lady who gave me the soap in my class that I'll give her a little bit of these products to try, since she turned me on to Lush products.  I hope they work well for me.
My Zumba class is going well and so I have extra funds for these things which I do not need.  I've been making $70 a night.  Apparently something terrible is going on with one of the other instructors in town.  I feel very badly for her and her family.  I haven't seen her but I hear she's put on weight and is using drugs and alcohol, and I know she's been kicked out of her church.  She is in terrible distress.  I don't know what's going on, but God does, and so  I pray for her when I drive by her house to work in the mornings.  In the meantime, the hardcore Zumba devotees from her class have been coming to mine.  They are a real sweet group of girls.  It really makes the class fun when there are so many people.

Tomorrow is Saturday.  My husband has to work noon to 9pm which I don't like.  I will do housework.  I'm...looking forward to it.  I am!

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Cumulonimbus cloud to the north of our house.