Saturday, January 24, 2015

I'm sick.  Have a head ache, low grade  fever, slight cough, sore throat.  Bummer.

Son sold one of his trucks for 4k and he's floating.  Husband went with him to Pecos, Texas, to sell it to a veterinarian.  And the guy went to college with the teacher from son's school that took his graduation portrait.  She's talented.  Good thing son waited for this guy to sell it to.  The previous person was trying to scam us on Paypal.  Wanted us to pay $800 Western Union to ship it.  Had a bad feeling about it because the guy was in such a rush.  What's the rush?  There's no rush.  So we cancelled out on the sale.  Guy said he was in the military.  I think he was in prison!

The man he did sell it to was super nice and generous.  They has beautiful plates my husband said, and real napkins, and dessert forks and salad forks, and the wife made a delicious chocolate cake and they were so Texas friendly.  If you've met down home Texas hospitality then you know what I'm talking about.  Husband also said the bathroom was utterly beautiful and perfectly spotless!

I have to be well next week.  It's just two of us as our stock clerk is on vacation all week long.  On Friday I'm doing half day alone because boss is going on a family Disneyland trip to California.  They're really excited and looking forward to it.  I hope they have a fantastic time.

I don't feel good.

Missed the memorial for Donna's mom.  And I'll miss church tomorrow.  I don't want to get others sick.  Actually, I don't care if they're young, but I'd feel terrible to make any of the seniors sick.  One sweet, sweet woman named April was in emergency last week while I was stocking the shelves.  I asked her if she wanted me to pray for her and she said yes, and then she prayed for me in the emergency room.  It was nice.  I hope they found out what was ailing her.

Our prayer group met without me because I was feeling puny Friday.  It's good for them to keep meeting even if I'm not there.  Even though I didn't do a very good job last time.  I was disappointed in myself last week and was sure Debbie wouldn't come back.  But she did!  God is so good.  I guess we are a good fit for her and she's a good fit for us.  It's a cherry on top when you meet other Christians you connect with.  I like Debbie very much.  It's not about me, is it.  It's about the Word and who can resist the Word?

I don't feel good.