Thursday, September 12, 2013

Just give my mobile number and they'll make sure to call me if there's any unusual activity on my blog account.  Yeah right.  That's a real worry.  Not.  And I don't have a mobile phone either.

Zumba is going so well.  The chickadees from another class have stopped coming for now and I do hope they return.  I really enjoyed having them.  Class is going well is spite of their absence and for that I'm grateful.  I bought two cute Zumba light-up LED decals from the shop; one that I'll keep for my own car and one to raffle.  I hope whoever wins it will like it!

We've had blessed rain for two days.  It's been a magnificent monsoon season.  I've enjoyed it so much.  I was thinking I ought to find one single spot and take a photo from the same vantage point and see how the light and clouds and sky changes.

Today I gave eight hours of my paid time off to an employee at work.  Her dad had a stroke and she's taken time off work to care for him and is all out of vacation and personal time.  She's such a good daughter.  She's a super nice woman too.  I like her very much. 

My boss didn't get selected for a promotion.  They didn't even call him for an interview.  They interviewed one person to my knowledge and hired him.  Politics.  My boss would have been very good in that position.  Very good.  So, I shall continue as a part-timer which I'm content with.  Perhaps I'll start a Wednesday eve Zumba class.

We had a lovely rainbow out front yesterday.