Saturday, July 25, 2015

They let me in!  Yay! SWBTS accepted my application into their Master of Theological Studies program.  It's perfect for me because I will be taking all the classes a pastor would take except for the actual pastoral classes.  In other words, it's a degree for the layperson.  I'm not qualified to be a church leader nor do I have the desire to lead.  But I do love to learn.  I have a lotta learning to do.  I'm all registered.  I'm taking just one class and will see if in the future I can swing two at one time.  My first course, one they recommend to all first year seminary students, is Biblical Hermeneutics.  I will be learning about principles of interpretation.  For example, (I learned this in a freebie online class) when we read Scripture was must consider three things:

1) The ancient/original audience
2) Universal/timeless audience
3) Contemporary/present audience

The Bible wasn't written to us.  It was written to people of another time.  But it was written for us.  Even after 2000+ years it is still sharper than any two edged sword; good for teaching, rebuking, correction, and training us to do what's right.

Next I pay $930 tuition.  I have until August 27 to cough it up.  How much will I need for books?  How many books will I need?  I don't know if I can ever qualify for any scholarship because I'm a grama working full time and teaching Zumba who will not be able to take a full class load ever.

They sent me links for email, for WebAdvisor and to Blackboard.  I spent two hours muddling through it to figure it all out.  But I better know how to navigate it before school starts.

Husband ran into cement structure at Walmart last week so truck is in the shop.  He was so upset. That'll be $2300 to fix.  My friend lent us her SUV for as long as we need.  She has such a generous heart.  She really saved us.  It would be $200 per week to rent a car.  Blah.

Son gave notice for his electrician's helper job.  The owner offered to pay for school for him to the tune of $15k and gave him a 30 minute lecture about the opportunity he's passing up, but son insists it's not what he wants to do.  He has chosen instead to do labor - fence building, - because it's more money.  What about security?  What about benefits?  What about college?  What about the future?  Ah, well, he's 18.  He's working in 100 degree weather.  He's doing it his way.  Our friends say he's smart.  Our friends say he'll have his own business one day.  Trying not to pull my hair out, but I am proud that he so motivated to work. He seems to never have a lack of work. My little sister was like that when she was his age. She'd get a job at the drop of a hat.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Big week.  I have my new iPhone 6 and husband bought me a beautiful camouflauge Otterbox for it.  He got me the one I wanted.  He drove all the way to Cruces and surprised me with it.

SWBTS (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) finally received my transcript.  Today.  Now I wait ten days to find out if I'm accepted or not.  Awesomeness.

Last night I went to bed at 6:45pm and slept hard all night.  It was end-of-the-fiscal-year inventory day.  The worst.  Worked from 8am to 5:30pm with only some short breaks to rest for five minutes at a time or eat.  My feet hurt.  My back hurt.  My head hurt by 5:30pm.  Horrible day.  We came up with 96% accuracy today which is not our best.  My boss said he won't complain about it, so I won't either.  What's the point.  It's done.  At least for the next 364 days anyways.

Life is good.