Saturday, February 28, 2009

Such a productive day

I started and finished a job I've been avoiding. I hate culling my photographs and transferring them off my hard drive. Fortunately, my ever-so-thoughtful husband bought an external hard drive a year and a half ago and so instead of transferring my photos onto CD (a dull, repetitive, horrid job) I easily copied them onto the external hard drive. It took me from 10:30am to 4:30 pm to do it. Now it is done. My Pictures folder is picture free (yippee!) and ready for 2009.

Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm expecting

A new addition. A 10-22mm Canon super wide angle lens will be delivered sometime in March. I had to make a choice: Bernina sewing machine or the lens. Tough decision but it had to be done. I'm excited!

Husband got diesel fuel for $2.04 in Cruces this week. Last week it was $2.19. Next time fuel goes up, we don't think it'll ever come down. In the not too distant future earth will have reached maximum production. Oh I hope fuel prices stay down all this year.

The librarian made my day today. She always remembers my name and I happen to know she likes long earrings so I put on a pair of my best long beaded earrings before I headed out to the library. Sure enough, she noticed them and liked them and called everyone out of the office to come see them. Hehe! She went on and on about how I ought to sell them. I told her several people have been interested in buying them but they would be too expensive for me to sell. They take so much time to make, you know? And she told me that I just needed to sell them in the right place to the right people. Well, she sure was nice. I found the book I wanted too. Our son's curriculum included an excerpt from Les Miserables and we enjoyed it so much I decided to get the book for read aloud. I soon realized I would not be reading it aloud! It's kinda hard reading! I'm reading it to myself. I have three books I'm reading at once. I feel like I am rich when I have so many good books to read!

My sister was on tv in San Diego. They're putting in a giant electric line and a lot of people want it and a lot of people don't, so it made news. She walked in front of the camera, realized it was the camera crew, and walked right back out. All her friends emailed and called her and said they saw her on the teevee. I tell ya, she's really made something of herself. She's worked so very hard to get where she is. She's little but she's powerful good at what she does.

Tomorrow is the week-end. Goodie! Have a splendid week-end.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

26 days

My cycle is 26 days. I keep expecting the other shoe to drop - that's a saying and I'm not sure what it means. I'm hanging in here steady at 26 days. You'd think, or that is, I would think, perimenopause would make cycles longer apart till they stop, not closer till they stop. Sure seems backwards to me. So I felt lower than a snake's belly all day.

Missed yogalates. The awning needs repair. The wind ripped it. And the repair peeps, they're such a nice couple, I like them, came right when it was time for me to go and husband needed the truck to drive to the repair place. Turned out my husband could have dropped me off, but I was too slow to say, yes please, take me and drop me off. I had cramps anyway. But I had washed my hair and everything, so I shoulda gone. Didn't jog either because then my hair would have gotten dirty and sweaty. Have I convinced anybody besides myself that it's okay that I missed class?

I was in bed just now. Actually half an hour ago is more like it. Thanks to Vista whenever I turn on my computer I have a 50% chance of connecting to my network. May the fleas of a 1000 camels infest the armpits of Microsoft for ever selling Vista. I sit here and click and click and click on Connect till finally, for reasons unknown, it decides to connect. Also, right before bedtime I took a drink of water from a clean glass and found out I did a crummy job of rinsing it. I tasted Palmolive dish soap in my mouth. Yuk! I still have the soap aftertaste. So I got some milk and planned to eat some graham crackers to wash down the residual soap but we're out of grahams! Blimey! I ate Oreos instead though they weren't what I wanted. Oreos and milk blended with soap residue - now it sounds like there's a tiger in my tank.

As I was lying in bed I realized I could not go to sleep till I write a post. I like my blog. My blog gives me warm, fuzzy feelings. There aren't many things I can think of and consistently feel good about it. I like the bright whiteness and crisp, plain, plainness of my new colors. Well, I guess 'color' as in singular is more accurate. No one in my family reads me. I guess it's just too much Liliananess for them. I do not mind.

My dad called. He's feeling well and he says he thinks his heart is getting stronger. He sounded so good. Happy. He said it's the rest of him that's falling apart now and he laughed. Hehe. He can have a nice sense of humor when he tries. It was good to talk to him and I felt badly that I haven't called him. We might see him in the next couple weeks.

We may have found a storage facility with a larger space for half what we're paying in Southern CA. We might make a super fast trip and transfer our worldly goods from there to here. We would spend the night at my Dad's. I hope it will pan out.

But what I really wanted to write about is that I finished researching photo opportunities at Monument Valley and I am prepared. I have in my mind, and made notes, of all the locations I want to hit. There is one glitch. I badly want one more lens to complete my set and the lens I want would be ideal for this locale. I want the 10mm-22mm wide angle Canon lens. Without it I cannot get East Mitten, West Mitten and the Butte in one frame. You need 24mm if viewing from the Visitor's Center and the lowest I have is 28mm. I guess I don't have to have them all in one frame. I can settle for just the two Mittens, but I sure want all three. It would be, let's say, niiiice.


I'm off to yogalates. I'm going to record it so I can maybe do it by myself at home. The teacher said it would be okay for me to do that.

Yesterday was terrible. I felt terrible. Stomach ache and yada, yada, yada. Thought I was sick and husband said, "Nah, it's the chili and enchiladas you ate Tuesday." Hmmm. Then I'm never eating chili and enchiladas on the same day ever again, thank you very much.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Notes to save

1. When you put your faith in action, God shows UP. (It helps if you yell it.)

Use when explaining Mark 2:1-12 about the paraplegic guy being lowered into the house through the ceiling. Sometimes we sit around waitin' on God to do something when in fact we gotta get up and do something. Highlight Jesus "saw their faith."

2. How many of us know it takes longer to grow an oak tree than a cucumber?

A hook to point out the importance of nurturing our children's spiritual growth. Also in fostering our own spiritual development in preparation for crisis. We may have an incredible experience at the moment we're saved but ya gotta git up the next morning and go to your regular old job. Don't miss the extraordinary in the ordinary days.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This 'n that

I didn't mean to say I could 'ear' and curved bill thrasher singing. I meant to type I could hear a curved bill thrasher singing. Of course.

It was a fine day today. I awoke a little bleary because I had a headache come on during the night so I took a Tylenol PM at 11:30pm. I don't like taking one so late but if I didn't I'd have paid for it all the next day. I awoke without a headache but slow witted - not the best trade but oh well. We takes what we gets sometimes.

During the night I got the mother of all leg cramps. Oooh, I haven't gotten one of those in eons. It was from the (evil) aerobic step class! Yet it wasn't in my calf or in my toes as I would expect, but along my shin bone. It woke me up and I didn't know what my leg was doing - it was such a queer sensation. At first I was all worried and wondered if I should get my husband, but I realized it had to be just a cramp. I was so glad I didn't wake him up about it. I got out of bed and stood up on my leg and if I placed my weight on the side of my foot by my pinkie toe, then it would relax. Finally I lay down again but it had such a strange feeling to it like it was holding energy or something. Next thing I knew, I guess I'd gone to sleep, because it was morning time.

This has got to be one of my most boring posts ever.

I do have something intelligent to add. My husband went to Cruces to drop off our son's bike which is broken. Whilst he was there he went to Barnes and Noble for me and bought a book I've wanted for some time. It's called Mindset - The new psychology of success. Now I have to say, I'm not keen on psychology. Psychologists I've known in the past have been some the most socially inept and off base people I've ever met. Why just last week our good friend who's recently divorced and facing a potentially nasty child custody battle was given expert advice from a family counselor that regarding his six year old daughter one of his options is to walk away. Yeah! This was professional advice from a guy with degrees! Incredible I said. Absolutely incredible.

So I give little credence to psychological mambo jambo. But this book I have is about growth mindset versus a fixed mindset and how intelligence can be grown. You teach your kids that when they're thinking hard they are actually forming new pathways in their brain! The author Carol Dweck says we should never tell our kids how smart they are. I must say, I do have an aversion to the fake perkiness of "Oh you're so smart!" Give me a barf bag. Instead, parents should praise a child's effort, hard work, focus, persistence. This helps develop a person who welcomes challenges rather than a person who thinks, "Uh oh, I need people to think I'm smart. Do I look smart? Should I avoid taking such-and-such course because I might not look smart in it?" I'm hoping to make a little curriculum out of it to use with our son. I've found an online groupity group who has similar interest.

Attitude counts. It counts for a lot. Ronald Reagan was a solid C student. I love that factoid. There is so much more to being a leader than top grades from a fancy-Dan Ivy League university (though I am not against Ivy League education!) and eloquent speech. Ron attended Eureka College - a little college near Peoria, Illinois. Praise the Lord.

Ronald Reagan had a growth mindset and I want our boy to too.

Spring is approaching

It's sunny and it's going to be very warm today maybe even up to 80 degrees. Outside I ear a curve billed thrasher singing his beautiful song!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Barnacles of life

Apparently I didn't ask enough questions over the phone so I didn't know you need to return for laser hair removal every six to eight weeks. I thought I'd get one appointment done now and continue in October when we come back to New Mexico but they said that's not a good idea. I was disappointed but it turned out not to be a wasted appointment.

In the last few years I've developed a few seb k's, seborrheic keratoses, they look like light brown spots and are very slightly raised on your skin, and too many cherry angiomas (those are tiny pin prick, bright red dots on the skin). These are well known in elder circles as, heh, the barnacles of life. If you're lucky enough to make it to your 40s, 50s, and beyond, 'tis highly like you will get some kind of barnacles of life. Our skin just doesn't stay like it was when we were 10 years old, or 20, or 30. Sooo unfair!

Both s.k.'s and cherry angiomas pose absolutely no danger to your health, but for us vain California girls who say, "That's not me! That does not belong!" they can be removed. The girl who worked on me was very nice and I wasn't uncomfortable with her at all. I really wanted someone who would look at me and take them all off. I didn't want someone who would need me to point out every single minuscule thing to them. She had a sharp eye and did a good job. Now I look like I have 40 cigarette burn blisters all over the trunk of my body. I do not mind! I will gladly trade the healing time for the spot removal (sounds like I'm a piece of wall-to-wall carpet now). It's all maintenance - regular life maintenance. I'm glad I got it done because I've wished them to be gone for a long time but I never want to actually make an appointment, go in, and do it. The cost. I will add that here because I know when I'm researching various cosmetic things I do wonder what the cost was.

For major procedures like cosmetic surgery, I would go to California. I think they do so much there in terms of sheer numbers that you can find best quality. If you get a nose job for instance, you want to pick a doctor that does a whole lot of rhinoplasty on a regular basis. Granted prices are higher. For the minor process of seeing a dermatologist to get skin stuff fixed I figure I'll get the same quality in New Mexico for lower price. The office charge is $250 to get as many seb k's off as you want. I didn't have that many, just had a handful, so they charged me $100.00. The cherry angiomas require a different laser machine and I was surprised that I had a lot more of those than I thought. I lost count after ten. They charged me $100.00 for that too. Total, $200.00. About three years ago I had some age spots removed from my forearms and one on the side of my face by my ear. In Washington State I was charged $10.00 per spot and they used liquid nitrogen to burn them off. I saw a lot of women in the waiting room there who were in for elective procedures, but I did not like that I had to point each and every single spot out to them. Made me feel very self-conscious. After I heal I can compare how the laser removal compares to freezing them off.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday night

Tomorrow I have to get up at 6:30am so we can make it to Cruces by 9:30am. I'm not exactly looking forward to it. The results I look forward to, but not getting it done.

I cooked homemade chicken soup for dinner tonight.

The union members will take a vote on Wednesday. I'm baffled by the militant attitude of the noisiest members. At the meeting today our son said when speakers talked about renegotiating the contract being for the good of all the members some people were out and out disrespectful. It's wrong. The members are so me, me, me. Consequently our son is exceedingly anxious now. We can hope he'll make it past the first wave of layoffs. Ultimately it's in God's hands. The humans in charge are idiots. When my husband was a supervisor he found a guy asleep on the job. The union stepped up to the plate and protected him and the guy kept his job. Unbelievable.

I've been calling my oldest son by my youngest son's name and my younger son by older son's name all day today. I don't even notice when I do it. I do it whenever my eldest son is on my mind.

Union meeting

The United Auto Workers meeting is going on right now. My son just sent me a text. He said it's going badly.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Best hair day in sometime

On Friday I washed my hair, dried it outside, and wore it down all day.

Two of the park rangers drove by and stopped to say hello. One of them had never seen my hair down and I turned around so he could view the whole length (which is thigh length now) and though he didn't say much, I think he said, "Wow," very quietly, our son rode around with him in the truck for a while and later told me that the ranger was saying my hair was really nice and I ought to wear it down all the time! What a sweet guy.

And. Friday eve at prayer meeting two women asked me how long I'd been growing my hair. Later when a group of us were sitting in the living room hair became the topic of conversation - with the men too! It was kinda neat. I had a good hair day. It might have been the best hair day of my life. (My husband just now looked over my shoulder and I turned all red because I'm writing about my hair.)

I said to my husband the other night that multiple compliments in one day took me by surprise, such nice ones even from guys, and he said men like long hair. Sometimes I've contemplated whether I should cut way back to waist because I don't have amazing fullness or gorgeous color, but I think maybe amazing length is unique enough even if it's not four inches circumference in a pony tail. I think knee length is attainable. I'm feelin' it! I'm feeling very positive about it.

March, the month I trim, is getting close! I was thinking two inches but my son says, "No Mamma, it only needs one inch off."

Doe in camouflage

There she is lying in the grass behind the cacti. She never got up to run away either.

Well my fasting and praying went well. It went okay. Pretty good I'd say I s'pose. I'd planned on going for a prayer walk Saturday morning when I was hungriest thinking it would challenge and stretch me but I awoke as weak as a little bird. I ended up lying in the recliner with a blankie over me drinking liquids and watching the clock. It was my first experience with 24 hours of fasting and prayer and I'm afraid I am disappointed with myself. I find fasting from sun-up to sundown far, far easier.

Friday night the men had mac and cheese and salad and I was so drooling. Everytime I thought about food I said a prayer. Normally I rarely think about food and on an average, nondescript day I can go hungry for an extended period of time for no reason other than I'm too lazy to make time to eat, but for 18 of those 24 hours I was all hung up on food. Pitiful.

Maybe I will do it again sometime, but not more than once a month. I must have gotten dehydrated during the night because in the morning my tongue was all white, ugh, like when you get sick. I don't like white tongues. A healthy tongue is supposed to be pink. Well, perhaps a subject change is in order here.

I hear my husband is scrubbing the tub. I hate when he does housework.

Our tentative travel schedule is coming together. After March 16 we will go to see a place, a geologic formation called Shiprock, and then Monument Valley. I've been wanting to see Monument Valley for sometime now. Shiprock I've never heard of but my husband found it online.

Oh no. My husband is calling me. There's a hairball in the drain and I get to take it out with a paper towel. Ewww.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Good bye to my books

I guess the Lord knew I needed to set a big chunk of time aside for prayer before I did. Wow. He is amazing. Tomorrow I fast and pray. Worship, intercessory, thanksgiving, petition, repentance. Not in that order. In order would be repentance first.

Our son phoned tonight and talked a mile a minute to my husband. There is much anxiety for him. Hopefully he won't be included in the first wave of layoffs if they do happen. He's worked there nine years. My husband worked in the auto industry too and was laid off twice in his career. The second time was from aerospace though.

Today I gave away five of my books about prayer. I will miss them but I can't keep them. I asked my husband to leave them at the laundromat when he did the laundry today. That's where we usually leave our books when we finish them. We've left books in laundromats across the nation. I always do hate letting my books go but hopefully they will get read and be loved by someone else. I have done some good growing with those books and holding on to them is just being greedy to make a collection. They are me and I am them. They're on the inside of me now!

Okay. I don't feel so bad now. I will miss them in a happy, good way.

Will the UAW soften its heart?

Our son works on the line. There was a meeting this afternoon. If the UAW won't make concessions that will benefit the company as a whole and help it remain solvent, then layoffs for hundreds of workers will begin on March 1st. There's no other way for the company to stay in business. People aren't buying cars. I pray the union will not be so selfish as to cut off its nose to spite its face. The company has borrowed 90 million and is at the end of its borrowing limit. No it comes to this. But if everyone will agree to fewer hours and less money, then everyone will keep their job.

Rent, mortgage, car payment, wife working part-time, and five month old baby.

He is one of many.

So if you read this and feel called to pray, thank you.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Saturday set aside

Saturday I will fast and pray. Together at the same time. It will be from noon Saturday to noon Sunday. Wait? Maybe not.

Delete that. If I fast Saturday then I can't eat till noon Sunday and that means . . . aaaaauuugh! I'll be very hungry at church and my stomach would be growling all Sunday morning. Oh I hate that. I get so embarrassed when my stomach growls. It can be quite vociferous at times.

I will fast and pray Friday noon to Saturday noon instead. Twenty-four hours, liquids only. Yes. That will be the day.

People who fasted in the Bible:
Spiritual warfare - Jesus
Deliverance - Esther
Salvation - Ninevah

Those are the ones I've read about but there are a lot more than that. I'm all the way up to 1Samuel (took me but a year to get this far!) and Hannah was barren and prayed and fasted and wept, and she got baby Samuel.


I deleted a ton of bookmarks. Why do I keep so many? I don't know. I keep thinking they're really good and how will I ever find them again and my bookmark folder gets longer and longer. Idle time, idle time. Well, off with its head. I now have eight bookmarks.

And I cleaned out my Hotmail email account. I had emails from two years ago on there. In February 2007 a park ranger guy (so he says) asked me to be a Flicker Friend in his photography album. He had nice pics but I hesitated to respond because he's a guy. Boy am I glad I hesitated for two years. I looked at his page now and it's full of girly picture friends. Yipes. What happened to the nature stuff?!

I still have an Easter email from Rita S. from April 2007 and I always felt bad I didn't get back to her. I kept that one.

My regular email folder has 1487 emails in it. I'm a-scared to clean it out. As soon as I do there will be one I need for some reason or another and how can I know which one? I better leave that job for another day.

Did aerobic kickboxing this eve and yes, it kicked my behind. My upper arms are sore already. The girl behind me was boxing like she was in a real fight and she really inspired me. I didn't need to look back because I could feel her energy. I told her so and she sure lit up so I'm glad I spoke my mind.

My husband made fajitas and beans and fideo and made me a plate since I was gone for dinner. He warmed corn tortillas for me to eat with it when I came home. I love corn tortillas. I have spin class tomorrow but I think I'll cancel it and do my own work-out. I miss being home for dinner and they don't like me being gone either. I'm bustin' with pride because my son is doing devotional with his daddy (he calls him Deda) after dinner when I'm gone. My son and I do it together in the morning and that way he's read through it once and has confidence to lead. That boy, he's gonna be head of a godly family someday. I just know it. I believe it. I'll be shocked if he isn't. I tell him to be sure to choose a wife carefully and one who shares the same values as he. In twenty years there will be even fewer individuals with the old school values that we have. My husband is 67 years old, he came of age in the '50s, and I got my values from him. Our son is young but he's very old school. It makes him different from the other kids. I'm concerned about it sometimes and yet there's nothing different I would do. When we do find people who share our values it's like a magnet. He finds them like a magnet. It's striking how he does that.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Me, Alaska, and Barbie

The three of us are turning 50 this year. Yeehaw! That and a wooden nickel will get you a cup of coffee. (Did I mess up that saying.)

We're leaving to San Diego on March 16 to kick off our travel year. Yeehaw!

Saturday night when we went to Valentine's dinner we saw some friends at the restaurant and found out they're getting hitched. She asked me if I'd be their photographer for the wedding. Well, blow me down. I was flattered but I had to say no. Actually I would enjoy getting pictures of her getting ready for the wedding and photos of her in her beautiful dress but full-on wedding photography would be way too much responsibility. I can hardly believe she thinks I could do it. If only I could see myself through others eyes. Sometimes.

I did step aerobics for the first time ever tonight. It was not bad. I worried it could be hard on the knees but my knees are fine. The teacher, she's a sweetheart and I sure do like her. I didn't get an over exertion headache like I did when I took her aerobic kickboxing class so praise the Lord I am making progress. I shall will this body to get into shape. Mind over matter. I rarely feel like going to work out but afterward I am always glad I went. My husband is liking my new, fit self and that gives me mucho motivation.

My hair turned out nice today. Am I the only one who cleans up and gets pretty to go to aerobics class and sweat profusely? Do I need psychological help for that?

Which leads me to wonder if any long hairs really wear their hair down much. When I was in Albuquerque I tried wearing it down and what a royal pain it was. I was trying to jockey my purse and get my wallet to pay for a bean burrito. My hair was flowing all around me and I kept trying to keep my shoulder strap on my shoulder while I pawed through my very heavy bag looking for my wallet. What do I hear and feel? Individual hairs going Pink! Pink! Pink! Pink! That's the sound of a single hair, or multiple serial hairs as it were, breaking off because they're stuck under my wide purse strap on my shoulder. I'm all stressed out. My head's bent over to the left. Where's my wallet? Where's my wallet! Oh, there it is - clenched tightly under my right armpit so no one will rip me off. I put it there five minutes ago so I wouldn't have to paw through my purse and fuss with my hair. Forgot I did that. Luckily I remember my reading glasses are on my head so at least I'm not looking for those too. It's all very annoying.

One line mnemonics

My mnemonics. I need one place to reference them, so I can look them up quickly. Collected from the Bible and two of my notebooks.

You can believe and receive, or you can doubt and do without.

You don't have to avoid sinners. If you're on fire for Jesus they'll avoid you.

Through God all things are possible.

God's never late but sometimes he's just barely on time!

I was headed for hell on a freight train.

Pray out loud cause it makes the devil nervous.

If you were put on trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?

Fasting without praying is just being hungry.

God's Word will prune your life. (John 15:1-3)

He doesn't need any sissy Christians.

God doesn't really have your heart strings until he has your purse strings.

The Law was a curse because we could never live up to it. We were freed from the Law by Jesus.

Spiritual warfare: Meet it, greet it, defeat it.

Frog in the kettle - Toss a frog in hot water, he'll jump right out. But put him in cold water, warm it up incrementally, and he can boil to death without even knowing it.

The true church is not a building. It's us, the Body of Christ.

When we begin to reject God, don't be surprised when God begins to reject us.

Ben Franklin said our country will rise and fall depending on our relationship with God.

Be soul winners. Share your faith.

Many are called but few are chosen.

My faith in is the Lord, not in the government.

(When discussing religion. . .) That's very interesting but it's not biblical. . .

I wanna be under the spout where the glory is comin' out!

Take a stand for righteousness or the price of sin will be on your head.

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil. (Isaiah)

Faith is like a muscle. If you don't use it you'll lose it.

The world does not mind if you're a lightweight Christian.

Faith comes by hearing the Word. (Paul)

If you're gonna stand for God, you're probably not going to be politically correct.

Get rid of that stinkin' thinkin' and get a check-up from the neck up.

It's not a history book. It's an instruction manual.

All wars are because of religion. Nope - see Communists, Khmer Rouge, China.

Read the Bible. It'll scare the hell out of you.

Karl Marx said religion is nothing more than a crutch. Yeah? Well, there are times when I want to put my whole weight down on that crutch.

Prayer is the hotline to heaven.

Satan = the enemy of prayer. His favorite word, "Tomorrow." (As in I'll pray it tomorrow.)

About conceited Christians. The devil makes people righteous and judgmental and critical. That's an error. It's a source of pride.

People say you can be good without God. But take G-O-D out of the word 'good' and all you have is a big zero!

God is the Creator and evolution is a lie.

The Bible is full of absolutes. The world will tell you there are no absolutes.

If not now, when? If not you, who?

What is a hypocrite? A person who hasn't arrived to perfection yet!

There are nothing but bunch of hypocrites in church - Reply: Have a seat and join us! (God is perfection. None of us are worthy alone and none of us aren't hypocrites.)

I gotta get rid of this cause it's hurtin' my witness.

Anyone can become a child of God, but it takes work to get past the grace to the glory.

The devil wants you to sit down and shut up. God wants you to stand up and speak out.

In the '70s people were always trying to "find themselves." Here's what to do. Take both hands behind you, and grab. There you are.

If you don't believe in something, you'll fall for anything.

"I'm not religious. I'm spiritual." Well then, if you believe in God shouldn't you find out how he wants to be served?

You have to know who the Light is, where the Light is, and how to get to the Light.

The Bible will revolutionize the way you live!

Let me tell you what God did in my life. (Followed by the evidence - see the fruit in your life.)

El Shaddai. (Hebrew) God is not almost enough, or barely enough, or enough to get by. Our God, El Shaddai, is the God who is more than enough.

There is so much bad news. The good news is in the Bible.

The day you live by your senses is the day you stop living by faith.

God lays out divine detours for us.

The Bible is the inerrant, infallible, 100% reliable Word of God.

Keep your eye on Jesus, not on the other Christians.

Doctrine of Sufficiency. You may not get what you want but you'll get what you need.

The first 'yes' to Jesus is followed by thousands of little ones.

I hate churchianity.

God said it and I believe it.

What you think is worth 15¢ of nothin' with the Lord.

Opinions are like noses. Everyone's got one.

People say man invented God. The Bible says God invented man.

I'm a rabid fundamentalist.

The Law of Double Reference = divine truth that's obvious and then there's underlying spiritual truth.

You cannot compromise. If God be God, then let's serve him.

We'd rather pop a pill than quote a scripture.

Gos-PILL! That's my medicine every day.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Disappointed. We took some photos but none turned out. Don't enlarge it cause this is as big as it gets. We can't do photos tomorrow because it'll be windy. Meh.

Thems is mah new pants. I happened to have a top that matches almost perfectly.

Son did his history review and unit assessment all on his own today. It's a first. He said he wanted to surprise me but he didn't want to surprise me with a 33%. Heh. He waited till I was home and let me click the Submit button. He got 90%. Bless his lil' heart. And he came home from doing errands with my husband with flowers for me - six pink carnations and six tulips. He was beaming. He bought them with his shoeshine money. They're awful purty and I sure don't deserve it. That son of mine spoils me so. I rushed to the store after dinner and got him two lollies. He'll be surprised tomorrow morn.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Ahm soooo sleeeepy. I'm a-gonna lie down on the sofa and watch my husband make chili.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Why I Oughta

When I can't think fast enough for a witticism and when I'm embarrassed sometimes I say, Why I oughta!

Thank you Jules. I think the world of you. You and Fox and Jen, well, you threes have helped me form my thoughts on many topics from here to there and back again. Now don't make me cry! Should I make a speech? I like doing speeches! No, instead I will keep it simple, like my blog, and I will say. . .
Boom chicka boom, chicka boom boom BOOM!

Yoga and namasté

At the end of each yogilates class the teacher puts her palms together and says namasté. The class follows her example, except for me. I researched it a bit tonight because I wasn't sure of its meaning or why I didn't copy her. It was the Lord convicting me is all. There are many translations but essentially, for me, I decided I will continue to pass on the namasté. Yoga originated in India as a spiritual practice and today there are many new styles of yoga that have no spiritual component. (I found that statement on a site but forgot which one.) I'm doing a blend of pilates and yoga and I desire no spiritual component be added. So, no namasté for me. I stand apart.

Well, what did I think about today? I thought about the weather (we had hail and I thought about Kathryn in Oklahoma) and I thought about testimonies. I thought about how my blog is like cooking spaghetti. On my blog I think a lot of things. I throw them at the wall to see if they stick. If they stick, they're done. If they fall off, they're not. Well, a person's testimony ought not focus what's been flushed down the toilet, but rather upon the new life that follows after one is saved - the transformation. And that's what I'm thinking about today. In church sometimes I come across peeps who unintentionally rather glorify their old life. They aren't doing it on purpose. They are intending to glorify the transformation in their life - their desire to change, to seek truth. Yeah. So I'm reading a book about how to do it right. How to do it well. How to do a good, biblical, persuasive testimony.

It was very cold today.

We're looking forward to getting on the road. We're all three getting itchy feet!

Monday, February 09, 2009

I had so much fun over the week-end and when I got home I was not a mess. I was a bit headachey but Tylenol PM took care of that.

The workshops were wonderful. I took a veil workshop and actually learned a few steps. What I should say is I learned and remembered a few steps. Yeah, it's the remembering that makes the difference, isn't it. Haha! My favorite class was a belly dance samba class. It was a blend of Brazilian samba (very energetic and you stick your behind out a lot) and belly dance (lots of shimmies). Gosh, I had a great time. If I had not been jogging and working out at the gym I'd have never, never been able to keep up in the samba class. What a lot of power it requires!

The show was well done and I wished my family could have seen it with me. The lighting, the live dancing, the costumes, the music. . . were delicious. The dance is but a moment in time. It passes, never to be experienced again, but the memory of it lasts a long time. Because I was there with a belly dance crowd, when we got to the show I found others had saved seats for us! Oh my, we were in the very front row. Little did I know, foolish girl that I am, one of the belly dancers who the girls I roomed with knows, is sorta famous. She came to our room and visited us. I looked around the internet and found she made a video about veil dancing. It's the most curious thing - to meet her she is, well, somewhat dowdy. She wears glasses. She has short, brown, permed hair. She's hasn't got a remarkable body. It's nice, but not like wow. So I had no idea of how good she is. But when she goes on stage, look out. She fills the stage with her presence. They call that star power. Charisma. I was with two remarkable dancers, chatting and what-not, and I didn't even know it! Hehe! One of them, Suhaila, saw me in the samba workshop and said to my friend that I was a good dancer. Gee, it made my day.

There was one piece in the show I didn't like. It was little girls dancing. They were about age 10 to 13 and I could hardly look at them. They were dressed in pink and the costumes were appropriate with only a couple inches of tummy showing, but the moves - I did not like them. Several of the girls were shaking their bottoms as hard as they could and I just could not bear to watch. I was embarrassed for them. It would have been so much better if they had danced a folklorico dance. I don't know who choreographed them. [Sigh.] I am, for sure, the most conservative of dancers of this genre.

In one workshop we had to walk from the wings (side stage) to center stage and say our name, where we're from, and name one favorite thing about ourselves. The teacher said she didn't want to hear that we read the Bible from front to back or won the Nobel Peace prize. She said name something simple, something physical. I did it and the correction I got was not to walk with my palms facing the audience. It made sense, but I was so nervous that I don't know why in the world I had my palms facing that direction. And I said my favorite thing about myself is the small of my back, in profile, when I hold my tummy in real hard. And I did it and showed them and I could hear murmuring, "Oh yeeeah, we see that!" I was pretty happy that they didn't say something like what is she talking about. I tell ya, it's a long walk from the wings, to center stage, and back to the wings! Don't think it isn't, and don't think it's easy. Performers sure make it look effortless though.

I love my husband. I love my family. I love the Lord.

During the week-end one of my roomies, she is the daughter of a Baptist minister. Her family is not pleased with her dancing. She's extremely good, well-trained as she has been to Egypt for classes from famous dancers. She said to me that she is Christian too, but she is not a good one. I didn't know what to say, so I said nothing. I have to think of what to say next time that comes up. All the dancers think I am a very good Christian. I admit, I feel amazed and odd that I am described this way. I am not unhappy about it. Little do they know, because I don't share it - I have used heroin, I have been with men wrongly, I married a criminal in my youth, went for legal aid for abused women (the abuse I experience was small because I left soon), aborted a person, attempted suicide. I don't tell because I don't want to shame my family. It could make a good testimony though, couldn't it. Some of those girls do much wrongly. It's a sad thing. I notice they hardly cuss around me and I presume it's for my reputation. Words slip once in awhile and they say sorry. Well, maybe being a model helps. I did say to someone who asked me my astrology sign that I was born under the sign of the cross. I want the Lord to use me where I am. I am not concerned with avoiding sinners because you know what? Sinners, actually avoid me. That's a funny one, eh! Now that's a laugh a minute! Praise the Lord for His mercy and saving grace.

I ordered two more pair of the yoga pants that I love. My husband told me to, so I had to do it. Oh boy!

I worked out on the elliptical today and did weights. I'm not doing the elliptical anymore. I did it for 30 minutes and my feets were going to sleep. That's weird. The movement is just too small and circle-y and repetitious. I'd rather do the stationary bike for 30 minutes. They were all taken though.

Thursday, February 05, 2009


New songs for the week-end! They're cool, but they're not biblical. "American Pie" mentions Satan but he's mentioned accurately. I found an excellent, detailed page that breaks down the lyrics to American Pie. It was enlightening. I love when people do that. The guy knows his onions.

Playlist changed their layout so now I've got a line through my eyes. That's so no one knows who I am. All you need is a line through the eyes to remain a mystery, right?

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Such a day

It's bright sunny and 70 degrees. Crazy nice! I slept till 10:15am and rushed for 11:00am class. Got there and it was full. They squeezed me in though.

At the end the teacher does this wonderful yoga relaxation exercise - it's in our mind. It was so quiet and peaceful. Could hear only soft breathing of 19 people and me and I teared up. There's just no place I'd rather be. Does anyone else cry at yoga? And I'm sore again, er, still.

Gave son the day off from school because he's helping neighbors move. He's such a worker bee. He's all smiles with no school of course!

I hafta do dishes then I think I need a nap.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


I have to pack for the week-end tomorrow. I always leave things till the last minute so I really must be an adult and pack carefully tomorrow instead of rushing Friday morning.

Went to my first spin class tonight. A spin class is a work-out class on a stationary bike. Apparently they do things like play games (talking games) or turning off the lights or changing the music and stuff to make it more fun. It was hard but I'm going back again next week. The teacher did an outstanding job keeping it interesting. Her name is Kori and she's a real doll. She's a tall drink of water and thin. Great legs. Well, she completed a marathon last Sunday and what she did during the spin class was talk about her experience in the marathon for 35 minutes and it was as if we ran it ourselves. She was so interesting. Now I never need to do a marathon because I feel just like I did one from listening to her! For example, she got to the 22 mile mark and realized she was not going to complete the race with fast enough time necessary to qualify for the Boston Marathon. She wanted to cry! And while she was telling us this (with a smile on her face because she's got great personality) the song "Big Girls Don't Cry" started. It was perfect. Aw, she planned it that way. Pretty good, I thought.

I had insomnia last night and felt dog tired all day today. I also did weight training for my first time by myself yesterday and so my lats are sore. Heck, lemme me honest, everything's sore! Hurts good though. The gym owner gave me a paper with my weight training circuit on it and I went from machine to machine and checked off my sheet as I went. I did two reps of ten each of everything. I had the place to myself so I didn't feel self-conscious trying to figure out how to use the machines. It was so easy when she was with me but doing it alone was another matter. I had to use my reading glasses to read my sheet, then read the picture on the machine. Yeah, had to put my face up close and squench up my eyes to see well. Quite lame really but looks don't matter, right? Hahaha! Oh my, how life changes from 25 to 50.

Hair excerpt

From my book, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, a delightful passage about long hair. . .

p. 373-374, the setting is city of Brooklyn, New York (duh) in the year 1912 or so.

Sissy went shopping with Francie and helped her buy a grown-up dress and her first pair of high-heeled pumps. When she tried on her new outfit, Mama and Sissy swore that she looked sixteen except for her hair. Her braids made her look very kiddish.

"Mama, please let me get it bobbed," begged Francie.

"It took you fourteen years to grow that hair" said Mama, "and I'll not let you have it cut off."

"Gee, Mama, you're way behind the time."

"Why do you want short hair like a boy?"

"It would be easier to care for."

"Taking care of her hair should be a woman's pleasure."

"But Katie," protested Sissy, "all the girls are bobbing their hair nowadays."

"They're fools, then. A woman's hair is her mystery. Daytimes, it's pinned up. But at night, alone with her man, the pins come out and it hangs loose like a shining cape. It makes her a special secret woman for the man."

"At night all cats are gray," said Sissy wickedly.

"None of your remarks," said Katie sharply."

"I'd look just like Irene Castle if I had short hair," persisted Francie.

"They make Jew women cut off their hair when they marry, so no other man will look at them. Nuns get their hair cut off to prove they're done with men. Why should any young girl do it when she doesn't have to?" Francie was about to reply when Mama said, "We'll have to more arguments."

"All right," said Francie. "But when I'm eighteen, I'll be my own boss. Then you'll see."

"When you're eighteen, you can shave your scalp for all I care. In the meantime . . ." She wound Francie's two heavy braids around her head and pinned them in place with bone hairpins which she took from her own hair. "There!" She stepped back and surveyed her daughter. "It looks just like a shining crown," she announced dramatically.

"It does make her look at least eighteen," conceded Sissy.

Francie looked in the mirror. She was pleased that she looked so old the way Mama had fixed her hair. But she wouldn't give in and say so."

"All my life I'll have headaches carrying this load of hair around," she complained.

"Lucky you, if that's all gives you a life of headaches," said Mama.

Monday, February 02, 2009

The pants I love

Who can love pants? I can love pants! I got them today. She did such a good job sewing them. They're every bit as cute as they are in her Etsy shop and they fit me purrrfectly. My husband told me to get another pair. He can't keep his eyes off of me when I have them on. That's a very good thing when you've been married going on 25 years! Very. Thank you Lord.

Today I got a tour of how to use all the work-out weight machines. They're not exactly machines but I can't think of their proper name. Equipment maybe? Anyhoo, Carol gave me a tour and had me try each one out. They have one that's like a captain's chair but a little different - it's the one where your body hangs down and you pull your knees up to your chest? Killer! I did three and I was red as a beet. I must do more. I gotta wanna get up to ten. It was wonderful trying out all the machines. I can't wait to go back. One of my favorites, which I had forgotten about, is the Roman chair. I always called it 'doing back-ups.' I'm good at those and they're so helpful for strengthening the lower back. I wonder how many I can do now.

We didn't homeschool today on account of husband took son to doctor appointment with the allergist again. He has the coughs. Doc found he has a little infection so the doc prescribed an antibiotic and gave him two inhalers that he is to use three times a day. I hope he'll be well soon. It needles our minds that he's still not well. I think he'll be well when we go to San Diego. There are no animals that he comes into contact with there.

I've decided to do something that I've wanted to do for a long time, but have been putting it off. I found a place that does laser hair removal and I'm gonna go for it. I can have a lady RN work on me so it won't be a guy. I've had two babies and my modesty is pretty well shot so as long as it's a lady working on me I can handle that. Git 'er done as they say. And it's a sight cheaper having it done in New Mexico rather than California. I'm gonna have my bottom done. And I'm not going to say that again so in the future anyone who reads this particular post will know, and anyone who doesn't, they'll just have to guess!

And my main thought that I've been carrying around in my mind from Sunday sermon is that my hope is in the Lord, not in government. Yessirree.

Another good book

Always after reading a good book I'm fuller than I was before. Presently, I am very full. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn gets 5 out of 5 stars from Liliana. I know there could be an argument regarding the true meaning of 'presently' but I'm not into it currently, nor presently.

My son called me today and I thought that was very nice.

The Cardinals lost but it was an exciting game.

The Book of Jude is the book right before Revelation. Jude is Jesus' bro. The book is only 25 verses long. If you want to memorize a short book, this is the one!

The title above says Monday, but it still feels like Sunday.