Sunday, August 24, 2014

Today at dinner our son announced he's never having any children.  I so wish I could record that for future reference.  And he said if he was his own kid he would have shot him.  Oh my.  We told him how much we loved him.  Bless his little pinhead.

The conversation came about because I told them I'll be volunteering at the Baptist pregnancy crisis booth on Saturday.  I told them I was going to tell anyone who comes over that any idiot can get pregnant, but what takes brains is not getting pregnant.  That's when he said he's not having any kids.  Our sons are polar opposites.  The eldest never liked being an only child and he planned to have a huge family.  He's got two children, only because his wife said no more after two!  I miss them a lot.

I decided on which two Zumba routines I'll learn next.  I have one nearly memorized.  It's to the song "Turbo Style" by Beckah Shae.  It's a fun Christian song.  I decided to put off learning an old school '80s hip hop routine because I want two new fresh ones for October that aren't too saucy.  We're doing Zumba for the Catholic Fiesta.  Last year it was a lot of fun and the spectators were really enthusiastic.  Lots of good food there too.

Work tomorrow.  Boo.  But then it's payday and a three day holiday.  Yay!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Head Covering

I've checked blogs so little that I didn't even realize Katherine and Shelby recently added glorious updates complete with photos.

A couple months ago I found a site called Wrapunzel.  It's a site about head covering and was created by a girl named Andrea.  She has a friend named Rivka.  What a pretty name, eh.  They are each delightful, lovely, smart, thoughtful, and godly.  What drew me to Andrea's site is that she has a passion, an absolute passion, for scarves and headcovering.  She loves them.  She is good with color.  She is creative.  She demonstrates in her videos and explains in detail how to create the head covering designs that she wears.  If you think about it, how many ways are there to put a scarf on yer head?  A couple ways, a few ways, maybe ten ways if you really wrack your brain.  But no!  It all has to do the color, scarf length, fabric, adding pins or necklaces (yes, necklaces on your headcovering); how you tie it such as knotting, braiding or wrapping; using multiple scarves; and then throw into the whole deal all the different COLOR combinations possible.  Well now, put that together and there may be a million ways to wears scarves on your noggin.

She covers for religious reasons.  She's an Orthodox Jew.  She's Canadian, living in the U.S, and she visits Israel.  I like one of her interviewees who said it felt like God was hugging her head when she wore her headcovering.  It gives you a certain awareness, I must say.

A few years ago I was considering covering my hair.  My friends and I on The LongHairLoom discussed it at length.  I decided that since I pray throughout the day, little short prayers, it wasn't practical for me to cover whenever I pray.  We have freedom in Christ.  But for Jewish married women it's part of the many laws they follow while they await the return of the Messiah.

She has a personal site also called Harmony and Synergy that I want to check out.

Which all brings me to my main point.  I took a few pictures today to show a dear friend how headcoverings can be so pretty!  I've been wearing scarves on my hair to church and to yoga and I get so many compliments.  The first time I was scared because I'm used to feeling like I need my hair to be attractive.  Well, to be semi-attractive.  Because my hair is long I get comments on its length and being a human being, we are all quite wrapped up with how our hair looks.  I don't leave any wisps out and I don't wear my bangs out.  In my mind I get to see what it must feel like to be a nun because all people can see is my face - just my plain face and no hair.  I think, if you're walking in the light, having your hair covered intensifies your walk.  Gives you a different awareness.  Makes you think.  It takes a big lot of courage I'll tell ya!  But I've had such positive comments that now I feel wonderful when I put on my headcovering.  I feel a little special.  A little regal.  A little strong.  A little different.  Set apart.  My headcovering reminds me that I'm the daughter of a king.  I'm a daughter of God.

I bought a rather expensive scarf about six years ago.  I had it in my head I wanted to wear one so I bought it and tried these directions --> Tzinius.   However, my experimentation was a complete, utter, failure.  It was such a waste of money and I was fully disappointed.  The scarf would not stay on my head!  It slid off, it slid off, it slid off, no matter which tie method I tried.  It's really stupid trying to be pretty with fabric on your head that's slipping off every five minutes, every time you turn your head.

So I have a couple photos of two styles that I now successfully wear.  And I never, repeat, never, have had it fall off my head.  I even do yoga in a headscarf with no problem and it's completely comfortable.  This first one is gray and pink.

Here is a top view.  This is a knotted style.

I have two scarves on.  I am wearing bigger bolder earrings when I wear my scarves.  
Or, sometimes no earrings at all.

This is my new Maybelline eye makeup that I like a lot.

Have a little class and take off your store tags.  I had no idea that was there till I looked at the photo.  Duh.  Also, you can add a headband.  See the gold headband?

 Here's the overall effect.

And another style with a shimmery red scarf over a black cotton scarf.  My husband said he likes me in the red.  I've been taking my cue from Andrea.  She says she gets her inspiration for colors from nature.  Isn't that a cool attitude?  So I've been going out on a limb trying new colors that before now I'd have never worn.  Red.  A new color for me.

This shows a side view.  See the shape in the back.  Well, you don't need hair to get that shape.  This photo is just my hair underneath, held by a Ficcare, but a shaper is used by most Jewish women.  I will show you my shaper in next post.  As Andrea says, there's a lot going on underneath a head scarf!

I really want to show how sparkly this scarf is.  Maybe the pic is too small.  See the mountain peak in the background?  My husband and I and some friends climbed to the top of it last March.

There is a secret to how you keep the scarf held in place.  And I will tell you all about it next time I post.