Sunday, August 24, 2014

Today at dinner our son announced he's never having any children.  I so wish I could record that for future reference.  And he said if he was his own kid he would have shot him.  Oh my.  We told him how much we loved him.  Bless his little pinhead.

The conversation came about because I told them I'll be volunteering at the Baptist pregnancy crisis booth on Saturday.  I told them I was going to tell anyone who comes over that any idiot can get pregnant, but what takes brains is not getting pregnant.  That's when he said he's not having any kids.  Our sons are polar opposites.  The eldest never liked being an only child and he planned to have a huge family.  He's got two children, only because his wife said no more after two!  I miss them a lot.

I decided on which two Zumba routines I'll learn next.  I have one nearly memorized.  It's to the song "Turbo Style" by Beckah Shae.  It's a fun Christian song.  I decided to put off learning an old school '80s hip hop routine because I want two new fresh ones for October that aren't too saucy.  We're doing Zumba for the Catholic Fiesta.  Last year it was a lot of fun and the spectators were really enthusiastic.  Lots of good food there too.

Work tomorrow.  Boo.  But then it's payday and a three day holiday.  Yay!

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