Sunday, January 17, 2016

I got an A in my class!  I was happy and pleased.  Now I am thinking of how I might earn more money to save up and take another class in August.  I need a third stream of income. I have seven months to save $1000.  The money I have saved now I want to use for a car.  A Toyota Corolla is what I want.  Everyone says "blah!"  But I like Toyota.  And I don't need a Camry.  The Corolla is plenty big enough for me.  It's super reliable.  And I don't need fancy.

At work our stock clerk's last day was yesterday.  Tomorrow I'll be filling in and doing my job too until we have a new one hired.  The CFO says there will possibly be an across-the-board pay increase for our department and it may be approved in February.  I hope it comes to pass.  It would be really nice.  I almost applied for a better paying job elsewhere, but though the money would be great, I have excellent hours and an excellent boss who runs interference where I am now, and the stress level is low.  I'd hate to regret trading.

We began our Friday Bible study.  It is soooo wonderful.  We are going through the book of Romans.  I picked a good one!  It's the Fort Knox of Bible doctrine!  We've finished chapter one.  The first meeting went okay.  The second one better.  I created a fill-in-the-answer worksheet for the second class and I think they liked it.  It helps them remember and recognize the important points I think.  And I practiced leading discussion.  I very much have wanted to do that, but it takes finesse of which I have only a little bit right now.  It went well Friday.  I want to ensure that the discussion stays on topic and that we do not devolve into "sharing our ignorance."  Once, when one person shared about a biblical event I asked if it was in Scripture.  She said no.  And it helped maintain group focus, I think.

I have a headache this morning.  Maybe dreading work next week with our three-person department down to two people. Eeek.