Saturday, November 07, 2009

Poor wittle blog

My poor wittle blog, all by itself here!  I had the flu.  I got it, it got me, and now I'm getting better.  I sound froggy now though.  I'm drinking tea and Gatorade and eggnog and water to soothe my throat.  My husband put up a cot outside for me and I slept there all this morning till afternoon.  I listened to country music and the quail.  I breathed out all the bad germs and breathed in only good fresh air.

I see Jen came off of her furlough whilst I was gone.  It's about time because it's been pritty slim reading for me since she's been gone!  ;)

Well, I have dishes to do.  [Yawn, yawn.]  I have to get sharp and do something useful.  My husband helped me shred a chicken for chicken soup last night.  I thought I could git her done myself, but I plum run out of energy.  I had to make it to get well.  It's proven that chicken soup helps you get well.  That's not just me saying that.  That's science!

And he is the propitiation for our sins; and not for ours only, but also for the whole world” 1John 2:2  Man, I like this verse.  It keeps ringin' in my mind.  He is the propitiation for our sins.  He, who?  He, Jesus, of course.  It's Jesus who "un-angers" God for us.  It's our sin that angers God.  He's not a fan of the sin.  But Jesus came, glory hallelujah, the propitiation for our sins, and He smoothed everything over for us.

I don't know if I'll go to church tomorrow.  People are a little fussy about the coughs lately.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Uh-oh, scratchy throat

I have a scratchy throat.  A tickle in my chest.  A small cough trying to get hold of me.  I'm getting achy.  I feel like I might be getting a little fever. 

Everyone liked my bun design at The Loom and I'm really happy about that.  Elated.   I replied to everyone and I enjoyed reading each person's reply.  Even Elvea came by and she has limited computer time.  I have a couple more replies I wanna make, but my connection keeps dropping.  I'm going to go lie down, so I'll go back tomorrow.  I told a friend at lunch about my new 'do today and she was rather nonplussed.  I told her all about how to make it and she said, 'Oh.'  See, that's why we need places like The Loom so we can connect with other peeps who care about long hair.  Not everyone gets it.  We are a unique group.

Oh dear.  Hope I'm not getting sick.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Horse grooming braided bun 'do

I have hair photos today.  I'm at 45" again finally.  That's how long it was in March when I got a 3.5" inch trim.  My ends do look better than they did then.  Yay!

First two hair down photos. In the first one my hair is uncombed.  I washed it yesterday.

So I downloaded the photo and said to myself, I've gotta comb it.

Having gotten the hair down pics done, I really wanted to show my new style that I've been wearing to groom the horses. It holds well! I have to bend down quite a lot and it's never fallen down. This is about four hours after I fixed it, but it lasts all day too. Here it is to the left:

Here it is to the right. It shows there are two loops of braid on this side whereas the other side has the end of the braid tucked.  I know I have two hair pins showing, but with a little finesse you can easily hide the pins:

Here's the front. It stands out a bit on the top which I like, but you can situate high or low where ever you like best.

This is a side view to show some scale.  Look at that glorious bun, will you!  It's the best bun of my life.  Remember, I do not, do not, have thick ends.

If necessary, you can fly in this bun.  Zzzzzooom!

Now then, instructions.  Does anyone desire instructions?

I reiterate, I do not have thick hair.  Oddly enough, in the far distant  past when I used to have my hair cut and styled regularly, I've often had hair stylists tell me I have thick hair (the worst stylist I had complained that it took so long to dry) and yet when I compare my length to other women's it's hardly thick.  It's very slick.  It's extremely straight.  It will not hold a curl.  And when I put up a bun of only my hair people never guess how long it is.  Sad, I know.

Sooooo. . . . I have a bun form in this bun to fill it out!  Suddenly, with this bun form in my bun I feel like I have the most completely womanly bun I've always wanted.  Haha!
  1. Pull all hair and hold in a pony at the back of your head a few inches above nape.
  2. Hold it in place and braid it - no elastic band at top.  Place elastic band at the end of your braid.
  3. Get your sock bun.
  4. Press it against your head and pull your braid straight up to the ceiling.
  5. Spread the sides of the braid across the bun form and use two jumbo hair pins, one on right and one on left side angling down forming an X with pins for better hold.  Takes a wee bit of practice to pin hair only and not the bun form.
  6. You now have the pretty criss-cross design covering the bun.
  7. The rest of your braid is at top of bun.
  8. Circle remainder of braid around bun.
  9. Pin in place at points you prefer.  Remove band and pin and tuck end securely.  I have used four jumbo pins and one small one.  I use the small one to hold up the long hairs at my nape tightly against my head otherwise I get a bloop out the bottom.  Sometimes I leave the bloop, sometimes I pin it up.
If anyone knows if this style has already been done, will you drop me a line and let me know?  I have read lots of instructions and I think maybe I made this one up.  My husband liked it so I wore it again and again and now it's a frequent style of mine.  With so many styles out there, it's not bloody likely I made up a new creation.  But then, maybe?  Maybe?  Possibly?