Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Uh-oh, scratchy throat

I have a scratchy throat.  A tickle in my chest.  A small cough trying to get hold of me.  I'm getting achy.  I feel like I might be getting a little fever. 

Everyone liked my bun design at The Loom and I'm really happy about that.  Elated.   I replied to everyone and I enjoyed reading each person's reply.  Even Elvea came by and she has limited computer time.  I have a couple more replies I wanna make, but my connection keeps dropping.  I'm going to go lie down, so I'll go back tomorrow.  I told a friend at lunch about my new 'do today and she was rather nonplussed.  I told her all about how to make it and she said, 'Oh.'  See, that's why we need places like The Loom so we can connect with other peeps who care about long hair.  Not everyone gets it.  We are a unique group.

Oh dear.  Hope I'm not getting sick.

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