Friday, January 30, 2009

Gee willikers

Where did the time go since Tuesday? I didn't do much except for regular stuff. This morning I woke feeling very mean though. It's those hormones again. At dinnertime it was all I could do to control my mouth. Best to say nothing during these times. I read Suzanne Somers takes 60 pills per day. I'd rather have a little grace than 60 pills. I continue working on the grace.

I'm pretty disappointed because I bought some beautiful good smelling products awhile back. I like to look at all of them as much as I like to use them; I like the bottles, I like the containers. Turns out I'm allergic. I break out with itchy bumps and lots of them. Is it too much to ask that I smell good? After I was pregnant something changed in my body chemistry because the fragrance I used (White Shoulders) suddenly smelled like Raid on me. I don't know why that happened, but it did. When my grandbaby leans against me in the future I want to smell sweet like Keri does. Lord, is it too much to ask that I wanna be a soft sweet smelling granny?

Last week I forgot to blog that I went to a health expo Saturday in town as a representative of belly dance. I spoke for a couple minutes about the benefits of the dance during the presentation part and I sat at a table and handed out flyers and such with my teacher. It was kinda fun. I get widget at those things and even though I had a nice time I got a giant headache when I went home. They had a Weight Watchers lady there, anti-smoking program people, karate, and the one that fascinated me most was a karaoke lady. She said she lost fifty pounds doing karaoke! She enjoyed singing so much she bought herself a machine for home and has been doing it ever since. Neato, huh! The main theme of the expo was that in order to be healthy and fit one must find the activity that one derives enjoyment from. If we choose something we don't really like, we'll never stick with it. I met a women who does iron man competitions. She's thin as a twig, nearly six feet tall and has the smallest, cutest behind possible. She enjoys running. My husband has seen her running in the early morning and he didn't know who she was. Now we do! Her family owns the gym in town and she's got her master's in physical therapy or some such. Nice gal.

I'm reading a new book - A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. It's very good. It's a Book of the Century.

They didn't have prayer meeting tonight so I didn't go. They're waiting for a baby to be born. Two babies due anytime now to two families at church and both the mamas are wore out already.

On Thursday morning I went to a yogalates class. It was great. Plus, no less than four ladies spoke to me afterwards and asked if I danced. It was very good for my, whattyacallit? Ego. The hormones like to flatten the ego. One said, "You belly dance." And I asked how she knew and she said she could tell. It must have been the arm movements? That's my guess because I don't know her and I was surprised she was so right on. And the others asked if I danced or had ballet. The ballet gave me strong balance for the standing positions like a pretzel stance we did. The relaxation we did at the end was exquisite. And! The teacher also gave us tennis balls which we used to roll on our feet and legs. Try it! Roll one on your feet on the bottoms and tops and it feels good. You'd think it would be like trying to tickle yourself, which doesn't work, but the ball does work.

Next week I plan to go to a belly dance show and some workshops. Been dancing that style for a couple years and I've never been to a workshop. I've gone to master classes for ballet and modern which were always very hard for me (once I cried afterwards because I was so humiliated, but it builds character!), so I'm looking forward to it. It should be a challenge and I'll get exposure to new teachers and other dancers. I don't perform this style, but it's excellent training for the body and certain ones of the fluid motions, the isolations, can be fused with freeform ballet and lyrical dance. I ordered those cute pants and it would be nice if they get here before Friday but they probably won't.

Got our reservations all set for spending the month of April in San Diego! That's my best excitement.

Oh. I'm starting on the Book of Samuel for my project of reading the Bible in one year. Also, this is my second year of reading the Bible in one year, so I guess I gotta change the title on that. From now on it'll be "Reading the Bible in Two Years." Heh.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It was fun

Giant, rubber, bouncy, workout balls! At first we all sat on them and bounced up and down. You look like a little kid and feel somewhat ridiculous. I looked around at all the other ladies and they were all smiling. I had such a good time. I have no headache tonight either. For one, it was a shorter workout than the kickboxing aerobics (50 min. compared to 75 min.), the class level was not as difficult, and I was more aware to gauge how I felt and not to overdo.

It's a killer workout. You hold it and step right and left which sounds cinchy, and it is for the first 60 seconds! We lay back on it and did crunches. I was hurtin'. We lay on our tummies and did push-ups. I liked that. We lay on our sides and grabbed it with our ankles and moved it vertically up and down. That's tough to do. All in all, a super good work-out and I'm going back for more. Only cost me five bucks too. It's the most soft sell gym I've ever been to in my life.

Be back in an hour

I'm off to my core class. Tonight they're doing the big ball. I have no idea what that's about but I'll find out in about half an hour. I took a couple ibus (ibuprofen) so maybe I won't get a blazing exertion headache two hours later.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Still reading

I finished Hannah's Dream and I also finished Sarah's Key. Sarah's Key is about a chapter in history that I'd never heard about. During WWII, during the Nazi occupation of France, the Jewish people were gathered up and put on trains and sent to Auschwitz. Before they were sent they were kept in the Velodrome d'Hiver, a place that was used for bicycle races. They were kept there, families and many, many children, without food or water or a place to go to the bathroom. Later they would separate all the children from their mothers and let them starve before they were put on the trains. It's not a historical novel but it is based on a true event. It's a horrifying story and one everyone should know about. It's very scary. The thing is, it was the French police who did the round-up of its own French citizens, not Nazi Germans. What is that saying? I must find it.

. . . . It's called "First They Came For" and there are several versions I found. The author was a Protestant (Lutheran) pastor named Martin Niemöller. It gets changed a lot now - corrupted by special interests who insert their own name, but this is one of the originals. I first read it in political science class in my first year of college. I remember it clearly because we walked into class and the teacher had already written it on the chalk board. My teacher called himself an iconoclast. Of course none of us knew what that meant at first. I got an A in that course and an A+ on one of my papers. Everyone needs to take a political science class.

First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out--
because I was not a communist;
Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out--
because I was not a socialist;
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out--
because I was not a trade unionist;
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out--
because I was not a Jew;
Then they came for me--
and there was no one left to speak out for me.

And I'm reading so much more. I'm a voracious reader these past two days!

In homeschooling I picked two stories for current events. The one about how McDonald's had an 80% net profit increase in 2008. Wow! And about Pelosi wanting to put money in the stimulus package for "contraception" to help the economy by having fewer children who need schools and medical care. We discussed the mathematical and accounting terms "net" and "gross" and how dinner time is essential to building a strong family and that we should not feed our children McDonald's as part of a regular diet. Then I showed him a photo of Pelosi and asked him who she was and he knew her full name. Hmmm. He's listening more than I thought he was.

I have a terrible zit on my chin. My husband asked why am I 49 and getting zit. That's a question all right. And I have one on the side of my nose that doesn't show, but it hurts, and one is thinking about popping out right on the end of my nose. If it does, I must commit hari-kiri, or, stay in the house till it goes away. I'm so bummed.

For the sad and beyond self-vanity news of the day though, we learned that on Sunday, in the wee hours of the morn, a person in a very high place in the parks system where we work was arrested on a DWI, which in California is called a DUI, but it's the same thing. I am so sad for her. I pray she doesn't lose her job.

Friday, January 23, 2009

I have a book

There's nothing better than having a good book to read. I have a new one. My mom sent us a package of about a dozen books of hers so I'm set for awhile. Woohoo! She's a bibliophile you know. I need to hurry and read a few before we leave because books add weight. I have no place to put a box of books so it's next to my bed. It's like, a trailer girl's "lady's step." Ha! It ain't cherry wood either.

I'm reading Hannah's Dream. I'm on page 61 and it's so good. I am happy.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I'm doing Crest Whitestrips. I hope they work. I can't talk right now. Hafta keep my mouth closed for 30 minutes.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kickboxing aerobics

Last night I took a kickboxing aerobic class. It kicked my you-know-what. I felt great during the class. Got a hard core work-out. Sweat was dripping off my forehead. (But my head is almost all that sweats on me.) Got home, felt great. Two hours later I had a headache. Exertion headache I guess. It hurt and I still had it this morning. Took two Tylenol PMs before bed (one at 8:30pm and one at 10:30 otherwise I feel icky from them) and took an Ibuprofen at about noon the next day. I felt well by 3:00pm. When my face turns red, ever since about two years ago, I get a big headache in a couple hours. It's the pits. It can turn red from exercise or it can turn red from a hot summer day, either way I can count on a headache coming down the pike. I don't know why yet. I've always turned red. In fifth grade the kids called me "La Red Mamasota." I didn't like that much. But the headache is new. Must be because I'm going to be FIFTY this year. When you hear a long, loud, torturous, scream of agony round the globe on the night of July 8, know it is me, Liliana, starting my fifth decade.

I'm going to try Gatorade, then I'm going to try a banana, and I will also try slowing down when I feel my face getting red. There's no mirror so I didn't know it was red.

Tomorrow morning at 11:00am I'm going to a Yogilates class. It's a blend of yoga and pilates. I love yoga. Pilates, not so much. But I go in with an open mind. I've never taken time off for myself in the middle of a homeschool day so we'll see if it's a go or a no. My child is doing really well in grammar lately. He is almost finished reading "The Secret Garden" and he has enjoyed it. Woohoo!

I was nervous going into the kickbox aerobics class for my first time. The teacher is a sweetie in her 20s and I liked her. Infectious smile. There were about nine students. Two of them were giant fat guys and they did the whole class. I was impressed. They went slow, but did the whole thing. There was a senior lady and she rocked. She was in very good shape and was in good cardiovascular condition. There was a lady from my church. She's younger than I and not that friendly, but I went up and said hi and she warmed up. I had to say something. She's from church! I was the only one with a background in dance. I threw in a headslide on one of the moves and everyone laughed. And when we worked hard the teacher let out a whoop, so I did too! Quite fun! Nobody else whooped, but they should. :) Even a little whoop is acceptable.

We took a Nebraska fried chicken dinner to Mary Lou. Her boyfriend died in a car accident awhile back and I've been meaning to take a meal over for the longest. She seemed to like it a lot. She's superly, duperly nice and I like her very much. She had made sopapillas and we each ate one with honey on top. They were good. We chatted about ten minutes, hugged her, came home, did dishes again.

Keep burning stuff

I keep burning everything today. Husband said he's washing dishes because he's afraid I'll burn dinner if I wash and cook at the same time.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cruces Wal-Mart

I'm sitting in the truck while the men went inside for some stuff yesterday.
Those are the Organ Mountains. They're quite striking. Sunset. My favorite light (of the hours that I'm awake). Three minutes later they were plain grey.

A prayer

This came in my email today.

Gracious and loving God, we come to you in humble prayer for the United States of America. Bless our President. Give him wisdom and strength to serve the American people and lead our country in ways that are pleasing to you. Bless our Congress. Instill in them knowledge and understanding to enact laws that protect the sanctity of life -- from the unborn to the elderly; and promote the good of all people. Bless our troops. Watch over them as they continue to serve our great nation and preserve our freedom. Bless the people of the United States. Make us aware of our responsibility as citizens to uphold the principles of life, liberty, justice and equality. Send your Holy Spirit upon our beloved country. Make us people of faith in times of uncertainty. Make us people of hope in times of trouble. Make us people of compassion with those who are less fortunate. Make us people of peace in our homes, our communities, our country, and our world. We ask this through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Amen.

Remember Ninevah in the book of Jonah? We're studying it at home currently. All of Ninevah repented. It's possible then, right? Because I find myself always thinking the U.S. has aligned itself for judgment, not blessing. I need to pray this prayer. And no one wants to be a Jonah like he ends up at the end of the story!

Monday, January 19, 2009


I sit in front of my computer and I really don't have anything to do. I tend to look at the news sites several times a day and without them (think Wednesday I'll go back) I seem to have nothing to do at my 'puter. I might have to take out some sewing or beading or something.

Tomorrow husband is taking son to Las Cruces for a chest x-ray. It's just to ensure all is well in there. We went to do it today directly after the doctor appointment, but it was after 5:00pm and was closed. It's a long drive just for an x-ray, but it needs to be done. I suppose I'll have the morning to myself. That'll be kinda nice.

Wore my hair in a half up today and my husband said it was pretty. He doesn't know anything though. He's just a husband. ;)

The power of the mind

The doctor is fantastic. He talked at length with our son. He put his arm around him and said he understood how our son was feeling. The nurse stuck her head in our room and said, "Doctor, it's 5:00pm and you have three more patients." On our way out as I thanked him I also told him he is the greatest doctor in the world. He said, "What did you say?" and I said it again with great gusto. He came over and gave me a hug, then our son gave him a hug. Well, ya don't get that in Californy!

Our son's mind, not asthma is causing the breathing trouble. I didn't know how worried he was about his health. Apparently he had worked it up in his mind and he feared he might die or be in ill health for the rest of his life being unable to catch his breath. The doc asked if we had any problems at home. Nope, I said. Turns out that the breathing in that our son was doing isn't indicative of asthma at all. With asthma you have trouble with the exhale, not the inhale. His lungs sounded clear and his oxygen level was 98%. Our son was feeling dizzy from breathing in too much oxygen with all those big breaths! Bless his heart. I didn't know he was so worried. I do know I have had physical symptoms in the past that have been psychological, so blame it on me! No asthma for now, just mental. Haha! Oh we do laugh about it because laughter is the best medicine, but we have talked about the power of the mind seriously too. The doc said he could in the future have some asthma, but at this time his symptoms don't point to asthma. He's doing so much better after talking to the doctor. The doctor spent 30 minutes with him and told him that if he needs to come back next week to have someone to talk to that he will have time for our son. The doctor has allergies himself and is exceedingly empathetic. I'm blown away.

To the doctor's

Oh dear. Our son's breathing is not improved. We almost took him to emergency again on Saturday night. Praise the Lord, this morning we phoned the doctor, talked to a patient care coordinator who had the doctor phone us, and we're going in today. In California a doctor would never have gotten to the phone to speak directly to us and I know they wouldn't get us in on the same day. I'm so glad we left California. One time I had a bladder infection and my doctor's office set an appointment for me two months away. I'm not kidding! I'da been dead by them. We had superb top of the line insurance, but couldn't get an appointment! What a bunch of jokers. Actually, I know they're not incompetent, they're just overloaded with too many patients and not enough doctors. I went to Urgent Care and they fixed me up. Statistics show that more people have left the "Golden State" this year than ever before.

Does our child have asthma? Is it possible? Asthma? There's no asthma in either of our families.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I had a good hair day. Wore it down to church. Didn't see the lady with the long, long hair though. Drats.

On Friday night I was asked to go to a house blessing. We walked throughout the inside of the house and prayed, then prayed over the perimeter of the house as well. Anointed it with oil too. It was my first house blessing! I watched one lady, the aunt of the young couple, walk through and pray and touch the windows, the cupboards, the electrical outlets, the A/C unit outside. Man, she blessed the whole caboodle pretty thoroughly. I told her she must have done a few house blessings before and she told me she hadn't done that many actually. She told me about a ranch they bought and raised their kids on and that she had it blessed because she had worried about spiritual warfare in the house because the previous owner's teenager committed suicide there. I didn't tell her I jumped off of a bridge when I was 17, but I wanted to. My son was nearby, so I didn't say anything. I should think they would pray for the soul of that poor, dead teenager. To commit suicide is to believe you have no hope. I didn't get any bad vibes from her when she spoke of the suicide and I felt she was strictly protecting her family and that's a good thing to do. I felt really badly about the dead boy though. Probably lonely he was. And angry. And lost. Definitely lost. He had nobody to protect him.

I'm not checking my usual news sites next week. I don't think I'm much interested in the bizarro world headlines.

My dad called me tonight. He wanted to know if I wanted his box of classical music cassette tapes. I think they're rather dear to him. I told him if I could have them on my iPod, that would be great, but I don't own a cassette player (anymore). I mean, it's 2009, right? He was a bit tiffed I didn't want them, but he has no idea how hard it is for me to say no to him. I always say yes to my dad. Once I even said yes to these ginormous bright blue plastic barrels. I don't know why I said yes. I just couldn't say no. They were in our backyard for months. An eyesore! Finally I put them out for the trash man. My husband gave me guff about accepting those giant blue barrels for the longest time! Well, my dad was not happy about me saying no. I told him, I said, "Dad, I have no space." We reside in an RV. Our Ford truck pulls our 31 foot trailer. And my dad says, "It's shoe box sized, not that big." Help me, puh-leeze! Space is at a premium in my life. If I had space for a shoe box I'd put some new clothes in it, not cassette tapes! Ahh well. Moving on.

Tomorrow is a new, fresh day. Praise the Lord!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Running today

I did my 1.5 mile walk/jog. Today it was actually a jog/jog though. I didn't walk at all. Woohoo! I'm no gazelle. I'm slow as molasses, but hey I'm out there doin' it. As I was jogging along I saw a bluebird. He flew to a different tree ahead of me so he could watch me.

As I ran I was thinking about how far I've come in one month. I could barely jog, what?, 100 feet at first. Quite sad. I'd be huffing and puffing like no tomorrow and then it took me ten minutes to catch my breath and my lungs hurt too. Today it popped into my mind, "I am wonderfully made." The human body is amazing how it responds to care and exercise. I thought the verse had more to it, but I could not remember what. The actual words are in Psalm 139:14, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

Getting into shape = Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

I might need a note card system.

2009 Spiritual Tour

I created this category so that at the end of 2009 I can look back and review all my posts on this topic and see how I've grown. I did grow last year, a lot, but I can't read it through to myself and that's too bad. I'm not good at sticking to categories. I mix everything up together.

In short, I'm still a no-cusser, and even better than that, by example and unexpectedly, I am influencing others. How cool is that. Second, the Holy Spirit convicted my heart in 2008 regarding lyrics in the music I listen to. Now I research the words to any music I download. I've gravitated to Christian hard rock for the guitar riffs and the headbanging I think I cannot live without. I do accept select secular music such as Pink Floyd's "Learning to Fly" which contain no ungodly language or theme. We war not against flesh and blood, but principalities. Satan uses music, he'll use anything he can to influence people, and even subconscious messages (you know, for the people who say they don't know what the words are so it's okay) have been proven to have an impact on the human mind. Third, in November I was baptized in the Holy Spirit while doing dishes in the kitchen and I can speak in tongues. Truly, I'm currently working much harder on expressing The Gospel in plain English, but speaking in tongues is edifying. Edifying. I thought edification was self-serving and selfish in an id kind of way, but it means lifting up. Good thing Merriam-Webster is on my personal toolbar. Fourth, I've undertaken reading the entire Bible. I just finished Judges this week. Fifth, in 2008 I began leading nightly after dinner devotionals for my family, my heathen husband included. I say that with great love! He rails against religion - don't get him started! And he believes in God, yes, but he's not sure about the Jesus part. He's come to enjoy the devotionals and I see him smile with his eyes at me sometimes. When I didn't believe, he always did, but somehow, some way, I caught up with him with a vengeance! I passed him right up on the roadway of righteousness, on the highway to holiness! Beep, beep! I'm in a heavenly motorcycle and he's in my sidecar. I'm taking him with me where ever I go. This sums up 2008.

Now! I've been thinking and praying about a challenge for myself for 2009. I found it.

I admire Tevye, the father, in the movie Fiddler on the Roof. I know it's a fictional movie, but I can be inspired in real life by fiction. I admire how his faith blends seamlessly with his daily life. His everyday routine is peppered with references to the Bible and conversations with God. He has an authentic relationship with God. But! It's not based on pie-in-the-sky, feel-good, touchy- feeley, la la land, taking a single verse out of context, sort of thing. No, he knows his Bible very well. Tevye knows scripture. Yeah, he misquotes once in awhile, but he still always retains the spirit of The Word. What's it got to do with me? My challenge this year is to develop the ability to apply scripture to everyday life. That's my goal of the year. I will begin in my next post after this one.
I already had to return to this post because I forgot to label it in its category.

Why am I awake

I'm just going to wait till the sleep comes. And if it doesn't then I'll stay up. I can do that ya know. Nobody says I have to go to sleep. I can eat as many cookies as I want too. I'm a grown-up. Although I ate as many cookies as I wanted when I was growing up so that's no big. I had four Oreos after dinner tonight, which I suppose is last night now. I don't want any cookies. Can't make me eat them either. Nope!

Sigh. Where is Mr. Sandman? We had enchiladas for dinner last night. They were really good.

It's Saturday. And January's half gone. Seems to be going by fast. Our son's hours have been cut. The plant will be open three days a week next month. He's in the automotive industry. I hope he, his wife, and the new baby get through okay.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Must have (maybe?)

Oh I love these pants.

The insomnia

I had trouble sleeping last night. I'm not a fan of the insomnia. I don't let it bother me too much either though. I used to have it something frightful when I was younger, even in high school. I prayed awhile. I listened to music and a sermon on my iPod. Still awake. Got up at 2:00am. Got a shot of Jack Daniels Reserve. Surfed the web for 20 minutes. Went to bed and went to sleep.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My window

Here's the view outside our window. Of course, I wish we had a bigger window, but if wishes were horses then beggars would ride. I sent this picture to my sister and I didn't think it was much, but she liked it so I thought I'd add it. The sky is more beautiful than the photo shows, but this is straight from the camera. I should have combined two, but, meh, no time for it. It's a watermelon sky in real life. I love watermelon skies. David said, "The heavens declare the glory of God."

Right down the middle of the road we saw two coyotes loping along about a week or so ago.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Polishing and refining

I'm very refined, for sure.

I've got my actual memorizing done so I figured I'd work now on modulating my voice and deciding which hand motions to keep, plus I'm checking myself to see that I don't pace too much as I talk. My husband is looking through the window making faces at me, thank you very much, but I only have the first few seconds to show here. There's a skirt problem.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Short recitation

This I memorized. Only took me three days. I saw it on the wall by the church secretary's desk. I put in a kick and a jump and everyone likes it. It even makes my husband laugh and he's one tough nut.

I'm a blood bought, Word taught, devil thumpin', pew jumpin', Bible totin', Scripture quotin', sin hatin', heaven waitin', tongue talkin', holy walkin', overcoming child of God.

Say it like you mean it. Rawr!

And Jules just found out today that she's gonna be published. It makes me smile big and wide when I picture her in my mind getting and opening that envelope!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


I have a hummer of a headache now. Went to friends to watch the game between the Steelers and the Chargers and we lost. Or should I say, "They lost." See when your team wins you say We won and when your team loses you say They lost. That's psychology.

Now I have such sore eyes from looking at the tv so I took a Tylenol PM. I want to go to sleep.

They cuss too much. They need a cuss box at $5.00 per word. That's what we did for my husband for Lent last year and he's hardly cussed a word since. It bought a giant 50 pound bag of dog food and some fancy-dan snack treats for the animal shelter.

Church was great!

This morning I saw a lady I've never seen before. I got caught up in a conversation and did not get a chance to pursue her and talk this morning. She had brown hair past her knees near her ankles! As of now, I no longer have the longest hair in my church. In fact, I've become a baby long hair compared to her! I am fully inspired. Not only that, I have a new follower and she's a homeschooler and has looong hair to her knees. I am so fully letting my hair grow now. I am excited! (Let me catch my breath!)

Oh yeah, and the sermon was stellar too. Hehe!

All God's promises are mine in 2009. That's our church motto for the year.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A heavenly Saturday

Our son went to Albuqwirky this morning for the day with our neighbors. Today I have had my husband all to myself.

Luckily I was all better from my bout with a tummy bug on Thursday. I showered and washed my hair because I was all piggy and I got to use my new Southern Jasmine body butter made by Avrilon. It just melts on my skin and the smell is scrumptious. I felt positively pretty. And my husband liked it to. How do I know? He didn't tell me I smelled good so how could I know he liked it. He's a big lug and I just know. We had a wonderful day all day. We went on a drive - a treat I don't get much because our son always says he has things to do. He doesn't like driving just to drive unless it's to travel to a new destination. Go figure. I like to drive sometimes though. Actually my husband drives and I ride. We looked at some property that I had picked out. One turned out to be a dive. It was a fixer upper, or rather a ripper downer and build her all over. The other was a lot, has a beautiful view of the lake, good price, but it's in the boonies and our son would not thrive there. It would be too lonely for him. I saw no signs of children - no bikes, toys, swingsets anywhere. Ah well. I guess I will wait on the Lord. But prices are good now and I don't think they'll be so good in ten years. On the other hand, we're not done traveling. Have a house and you have to take care of it. I'm not sure I can ever live in a house again. Maybe I will always be a wanderer. New Mexico is our home base though. And San Diego is my home base too.

We went out for dinner, actually a late lunch/early dinner. It was good. The tab was not very high which did not make my husband unhappy, and he looked over at me as he tucked his Visa card back in his wallet and told me I was a cheap date, to which I replied in my most aristocratic, Greta Garbo voice, "Thank you."

I also bought homemade soap from Avrilon! I got three kinds and I used the rose scented one first because my son picked it as his favorite. It smells sooo nice. And I shaved my legs with it and didn't get itchy anywhere. It's 70% olive oil you know, and the best thing for skin! My skin likes it very much. Ten years ago I would never have considered using homemade soaps or oils or butters or such. I'm so lucky I came to know Avrilon.

Since I got new girl stuff I was overcome with a compelling desire to clean my bathroom cupboard. My husband was so sweet. He knows cleaning is anathema to me, his wife of 24 years, so he knew something exciting was going on. Haha! I needed space. He took some stuff out of the medicine cabinet and told me to use that space for my new things. He is so nice to me. But I am aware he has an ulterior motive too. He doesn't like my stuff out on the sink. I like to leave my stuff out because, especially if it's new, I want to look at my stuff. My eyes like to see my stuff when it's pretty and new. It's all neatly put away now.

However, life being what it is, my things, I know, have a way of migrating out of the cupboards to the top of the bathroom counter. Hehe! It can't be helped. It's the way the world works.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Tummy ache

Uh-oh. I have a tummy ache tonight. I hope it's gone tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Our neighbor is leaving tomorrow and she left a small gift for us to give to the ranger. It's incense. I can tell. It smells like a head shop in here.

Homeschooling went ever so well. He's writing. Praise the Lord. He's writing and writing and writing!

I searched a bunch of songs tonight. My peeps are tired now. I like "Healing Rain." I didn't buy it. Yet. I might still. I don't know.

Dance went so well. I didn't feel like going, but as usual I felt better after I did. I led warm-up. It's the first time I ever got paid. Wow. Go me. It was just a little, but I'm happy. I did my recitation for my teacher at the end of class before we went home. I had to look at my paper twice, but doing it today made me do it better tonight. Selena said I sounded good. She said she could feel the spirit of the Lord in my voice. I don't know if I believe her. I never believe compliments. But I'm inspired to put the finishing touches on my memorization because of what she said. It's a good five or six minutes long. Go me! I was thinking to myself, deciding whether to deliver it with a quiet voice or belt it out. I think I'm going to continue with the belt it out attitude. And besides, at certain points I get a little excited. Good thing no one is next to me or they might get punched out. It's exhilarating. Selena asked me if I'm doing it for church and I said, nope, just for me and my family. And she said, oh no, you have to do that somewhere. You have to find a place to do it in front of people.

And I saw my previous ballet teacher, the one who never returned my dozen phone calls. At first I gave her the cold shoulder, but I realized I'm a, what?, a Christian in real life, so I have to not take offense. So. I squeezed out a painful smile at her. She asked me how I was. Fiiiine, I said. Then I waited until she was alone and finished talking with my belly dance teacher and I walked up and said to her, "How come you never returned any of my calls?" She said she was sorry and that it was because of her divorce. She's the one was married 32 years and her husband left her for another woman last year. He didn't leave nicely either. Well, between me and you, methinks she's had plenty of time to call ifns she wanted. Consequently I felt immensely stupid because obviously there was no friendship where I thought one existed. On the other hand, people in distress do sometimes react by pushing relationships away. It's kind of like punishing thyself inadvertently. Well, my life is way too short to spend on fake friendships. If it ain't there fine, I just want to know it. She asked for my phone number and she asked me to write it in her notebook. She may have been sincere, or may not have been. Only she knows. She apologized about six times, she hugged me twice and one was an unusually long, still, hug. She just stood with her arms around me. I'm terrible at reading human feelings so I don't know if she was hugging me for me because I'm a pathetic paying, yet prospective, ex-student, or for her cause she was regretful in the moment. I had told her I felt bad that she never called me and that I was afraid my message must have been stupid and that's why she didn't call. I was so happy to be back in town I phoned her and said, "It's me! Your favorite older ballet student!" When she never called back I worried she really thought I considered myself her favorite. Also, I saw her daughter at the video store last week and her daughter never returned my emails. Well, to be fair she returned the first one quite thoughtfully, but not the second one. She's a young 20, so I excuse her on the grounds of humongous, gigantic, age-related immaturity. I could tell that her daughter had spoken about my hair to her coworker behind the counter because I overhead them talking about hair. I asked her a question about movies, she knew exactly what movie I wanted, and we really didn't acknowledge one another. Then on my way out, yeesh, our eyes locked. I know she was thinking that she never wrote back to me. Anyhoo. My ballet teacher hasn't been teaching adults at all so I haven't actually missed any classes. She's having trouble finding a studio that's acceptable and affordable in this little town. The only studio is all eastern/yoga/polytheistic and she won't teach there. She's a Jehovah Witness. I was one once too. I concede, their family is in rubbles and not communicating with an ex-student is not a top priority on the check-off list of surviving this life, so I, as of this moment, release it into the universe and I hold and harbour no more ill will or hurt feelings over it. I told her call me if she ever wants to have lunch together, but I think chances of that are nil. I couldn't be any kind of help to her anyways. All I can do well is listen. Big deal. Should I break this big old hurt into paragraphs to make it a little easier on the eyes? No. I'm not going back over it!

Welp, I'm glad that's off my chest.

Sunday is the big game! Actually, I kinda think the Chargers will lose to the Steelers. If they win I will come back and delete this. Hahahaha! Hey, there's a name for that - a fair weather fan.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A day

Keri added this song to her page and I like it so much I downloaded it from iTunes today. I found the lyrics. She calls it "Let Your Hair Down," but I found it titled "Put Your Records On."

Inside Keri is a part of me. It's tucked away back in 1974, but it's here in 2009. It's a nice thing to have. Can't find it with many people. Was she thinking of me when she put up that song? Probably not, but I felt like it. She does that. She's got a sort of a gift for that.

Monday, January 05, 2009


I am so sleepy tonight. It's only 10:30pm and I can hardly keep my eyes open. Night-night.


I had the best jog yesterday and as I jogged it was as if I were looking at the world through Kodachrome eyes. The world was so vibrant! Came home, felt good but I was dragging that night. Went to bed early. Woke up this morning and I am meh, just okay. I'm going to jog again to see if the world goes Kodachrome.

We got a smattering of snow last night. 'Twas pretty this morning.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Chargers are IN

I went with my husband tonight to watch football at Gary's house. His wife, Juliet, is a sweetheart. I'm a born and raised San Diegan, so I thought I might be interested to see this particular game since they made it into the playoffs. The Chargers won in overtime! I jumped clear off the sofa and screamed and hollered at the end and surprised everyone. That might be an understatement. They appeared somewhat shocked. I think they thought I was dead. Yeah, well they were wrong! Liliana is alive! Normally I stay home and they always tell my husband, "Bring Liliana over." I hope they ask us over again next time the Chargers play. The little guy was incredible. He's a runner. Do they call him a quarterback? I don't know. But a guy on the other team did a blatant face mask pull on him - right there on teevee. He was trying to kill our little guy.

I should find out that player's name. I heard he could be or should be an MPV. He did run a lot of yards. I think only two other men have outrun him in yardage in the history of the world.

Our son is doing better. He got a week's worth of antibiotics and a week's worth of Prednisone and we go to the doctor again in a month. It cost $143.00 for the appointment which wasn't as high as I feared it might be. I thank the Lord we are able to pay it. Tomorrow is his last day of pet-sitting and we've told him no pet-sitting next year. The doctor we saw was excellent and I'm grateful we got such a good reference for him.

I'm hoping to wear my hair down in bun curls to church tomorrow. That's the plan if the hair will please cooperate in the morning.

I'm excitingly close to starting on the last page of my recitation! I will surely make a video of myself reciting it when I get to the end.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Day 1 of 2009 done


Tonight I'm thinking of the core tenets of Christianity; the cardinal necessity of spiritual religion; the fundamental doctrine of true theology. Only the first part of that sentence is mine. The other two parts are from S.M. Lockridge. But I digress.

Jesus is the Son of God.
He came down in the flesh and lived with us.
He performed miracles while he was here.
He was born to a virgin.
He lived a perfect life.
He died for our sins. On that cross hangs not his sin, but mine and yours.
He arose after three days.
Only through his death are we redeemed.

The Bible is the inerrant, infallible, 100% reliable, Word of God.
I'm a trinitarian.
I believe the Godhead is three parts: Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

Grace is ours for free, not through works and not by making a deal with God.

Did I cover everything? Oops. Forgot an important one. Jesus is coming back for his people one day. Live a live of faith everyday to the best of your ability or your mansion in the sky might turn out to be a double seater outhouse with a cutout of the moon on the door and Sears catalog for toilet paper.

There are things that can be a little different between believers, but you have to be real certain you don't veer off from the core tenets, principles, to live life as a follower of Christ or then you're really in trouble. "Is it vital to salvation?" This you must ask yourself.

I am rejigorated, as my son would say. I had a blah sort of day, but I'm rejigorated tonight.

I'm in Judges reading about Samson now. He's was really not that great of a person ya know. He had some major problems, that guy. In the end he came around and that's good.

Tomorrow our son sees a pediatric allergist at 10:00am in the city. I pray it will go well and we will get good help for him so he can breathe like a normal, healthy, person. Ideally, we would like him to be able to be around animals. He loves dogs and horses so much, but they clog his breathing and give him a rash on his hands. It's really sad to see. It makes him cry and he says, "Why me, Mamma?"