Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It was fun

Giant, rubber, bouncy, workout balls! At first we all sat on them and bounced up and down. You look like a little kid and feel somewhat ridiculous. I looked around at all the other ladies and they were all smiling. I had such a good time. I have no headache tonight either. For one, it was a shorter workout than the kickboxing aerobics (50 min. compared to 75 min.), the class level was not as difficult, and I was more aware to gauge how I felt and not to overdo.

It's a killer workout. You hold it and step right and left which sounds cinchy, and it is for the first 60 seconds! We lay back on it and did crunches. I was hurtin'. We lay on our tummies and did push-ups. I liked that. We lay on our sides and grabbed it with our ankles and moved it vertically up and down. That's tough to do. All in all, a super good work-out and I'm going back for more. Only cost me five bucks too. It's the most soft sell gym I've ever been to in my life.

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