Saturday, January 10, 2009

A heavenly Saturday

Our son went to Albuqwirky this morning for the day with our neighbors. Today I have had my husband all to myself.

Luckily I was all better from my bout with a tummy bug on Thursday. I showered and washed my hair because I was all piggy and I got to use my new Southern Jasmine body butter made by Avrilon. It just melts on my skin and the smell is scrumptious. I felt positively pretty. And my husband liked it to. How do I know? He didn't tell me I smelled good so how could I know he liked it. He's a big lug and I just know. We had a wonderful day all day. We went on a drive - a treat I don't get much because our son always says he has things to do. He doesn't like driving just to drive unless it's to travel to a new destination. Go figure. I like to drive sometimes though. Actually my husband drives and I ride. We looked at some property that I had picked out. One turned out to be a dive. It was a fixer upper, or rather a ripper downer and build her all over. The other was a lot, has a beautiful view of the lake, good price, but it's in the boonies and our son would not thrive there. It would be too lonely for him. I saw no signs of children - no bikes, toys, swingsets anywhere. Ah well. I guess I will wait on the Lord. But prices are good now and I don't think they'll be so good in ten years. On the other hand, we're not done traveling. Have a house and you have to take care of it. I'm not sure I can ever live in a house again. Maybe I will always be a wanderer. New Mexico is our home base though. And San Diego is my home base too.

We went out for dinner, actually a late lunch/early dinner. It was good. The tab was not very high which did not make my husband unhappy, and he looked over at me as he tucked his Visa card back in his wallet and told me I was a cheap date, to which I replied in my most aristocratic, Greta Garbo voice, "Thank you."

I also bought homemade soap from Avrilon! I got three kinds and I used the rose scented one first because my son picked it as his favorite. It smells sooo nice. And I shaved my legs with it and didn't get itchy anywhere. It's 70% olive oil you know, and the best thing for skin! My skin likes it very much. Ten years ago I would never have considered using homemade soaps or oils or butters or such. I'm so lucky I came to know Avrilon.

Since I got new girl stuff I was overcome with a compelling desire to clean my bathroom cupboard. My husband was so sweet. He knows cleaning is anathema to me, his wife of 24 years, so he knew something exciting was going on. Haha! I needed space. He took some stuff out of the medicine cabinet and told me to use that space for my new things. He is so nice to me. But I am aware he has an ulterior motive too. He doesn't like my stuff out on the sink. I like to leave my stuff out because, especially if it's new, I want to look at my stuff. My eyes like to see my stuff when it's pretty and new. It's all neatly put away now.

However, life being what it is, my things, I know, have a way of migrating out of the cupboards to the top of the bathroom counter. Hehe! It can't be helped. It's the way the world works.

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