Saturday, January 17, 2009

2009 Spiritual Tour

I created this category so that at the end of 2009 I can look back and review all my posts on this topic and see how I've grown. I did grow last year, a lot, but I can't read it through to myself and that's too bad. I'm not good at sticking to categories. I mix everything up together.

In short, I'm still a no-cusser, and even better than that, by example and unexpectedly, I am influencing others. How cool is that. Second, the Holy Spirit convicted my heart in 2008 regarding lyrics in the music I listen to. Now I research the words to any music I download. I've gravitated to Christian hard rock for the guitar riffs and the headbanging I think I cannot live without. I do accept select secular music such as Pink Floyd's "Learning to Fly" which contain no ungodly language or theme. We war not against flesh and blood, but principalities. Satan uses music, he'll use anything he can to influence people, and even subconscious messages (you know, for the people who say they don't know what the words are so it's okay) have been proven to have an impact on the human mind. Third, in November I was baptized in the Holy Spirit while doing dishes in the kitchen and I can speak in tongues. Truly, I'm currently working much harder on expressing The Gospel in plain English, but speaking in tongues is edifying. Edifying. I thought edification was self-serving and selfish in an id kind of way, but it means lifting up. Good thing Merriam-Webster is on my personal toolbar. Fourth, I've undertaken reading the entire Bible. I just finished Judges this week. Fifth, in 2008 I began leading nightly after dinner devotionals for my family, my heathen husband included. I say that with great love! He rails against religion - don't get him started! And he believes in God, yes, but he's not sure about the Jesus part. He's come to enjoy the devotionals and I see him smile with his eyes at me sometimes. When I didn't believe, he always did, but somehow, some way, I caught up with him with a vengeance! I passed him right up on the roadway of righteousness, on the highway to holiness! Beep, beep! I'm in a heavenly motorcycle and he's in my sidecar. I'm taking him with me where ever I go. This sums up 2008.

Now! I've been thinking and praying about a challenge for myself for 2009. I found it.

I admire Tevye, the father, in the movie Fiddler on the Roof. I know it's a fictional movie, but I can be inspired in real life by fiction. I admire how his faith blends seamlessly with his daily life. His everyday routine is peppered with references to the Bible and conversations with God. He has an authentic relationship with God. But! It's not based on pie-in-the-sky, feel-good, touchy- feeley, la la land, taking a single verse out of context, sort of thing. No, he knows his Bible very well. Tevye knows scripture. Yeah, he misquotes once in awhile, but he still always retains the spirit of The Word. What's it got to do with me? My challenge this year is to develop the ability to apply scripture to everyday life. That's my goal of the year. I will begin in my next post after this one.
I already had to return to this post because I forgot to label it in its category.

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