Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kickboxing aerobics

Last night I took a kickboxing aerobic class. It kicked my you-know-what. I felt great during the class. Got a hard core work-out. Sweat was dripping off my forehead. (But my head is almost all that sweats on me.) Got home, felt great. Two hours later I had a headache. Exertion headache I guess. It hurt and I still had it this morning. Took two Tylenol PMs before bed (one at 8:30pm and one at 10:30 otherwise I feel icky from them) and took an Ibuprofen at about noon the next day. I felt well by 3:00pm. When my face turns red, ever since about two years ago, I get a big headache in a couple hours. It's the pits. It can turn red from exercise or it can turn red from a hot summer day, either way I can count on a headache coming down the pike. I don't know why yet. I've always turned red. In fifth grade the kids called me "La Red Mamasota." I didn't like that much. But the headache is new. Must be because I'm going to be FIFTY this year. When you hear a long, loud, torturous, scream of agony round the globe on the night of July 8, know it is me, Liliana, starting my fifth decade.

I'm going to try Gatorade, then I'm going to try a banana, and I will also try slowing down when I feel my face getting red. There's no mirror so I didn't know it was red.

Tomorrow morning at 11:00am I'm going to a Yogilates class. It's a blend of yoga and pilates. I love yoga. Pilates, not so much. But I go in with an open mind. I've never taken time off for myself in the middle of a homeschool day so we'll see if it's a go or a no. My child is doing really well in grammar lately. He is almost finished reading "The Secret Garden" and he has enjoyed it. Woohoo!

I was nervous going into the kickbox aerobics class for my first time. The teacher is a sweetie in her 20s and I liked her. Infectious smile. There were about nine students. Two of them were giant fat guys and they did the whole class. I was impressed. They went slow, but did the whole thing. There was a senior lady and she rocked. She was in very good shape and was in good cardiovascular condition. There was a lady from my church. She's younger than I and not that friendly, but I went up and said hi and she warmed up. I had to say something. She's from church! I was the only one with a background in dance. I threw in a headslide on one of the moves and everyone laughed. And when we worked hard the teacher let out a whoop, so I did too! Quite fun! Nobody else whooped, but they should. :) Even a little whoop is acceptable.

We took a Nebraska fried chicken dinner to Mary Lou. Her boyfriend died in a car accident awhile back and I've been meaning to take a meal over for the longest. She seemed to like it a lot. She's superly, duperly nice and I like her very much. She had made sopapillas and we each ate one with honey on top. They were good. We chatted about ten minutes, hugged her, came home, did dishes again.

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