Saturday, January 03, 2009

Chargers are IN

I went with my husband tonight to watch football at Gary's house. His wife, Juliet, is a sweetheart. I'm a born and raised San Diegan, so I thought I might be interested to see this particular game since they made it into the playoffs. The Chargers won in overtime! I jumped clear off the sofa and screamed and hollered at the end and surprised everyone. That might be an understatement. They appeared somewhat shocked. I think they thought I was dead. Yeah, well they were wrong! Liliana is alive! Normally I stay home and they always tell my husband, "Bring Liliana over." I hope they ask us over again next time the Chargers play. The little guy was incredible. He's a runner. Do they call him a quarterback? I don't know. But a guy on the other team did a blatant face mask pull on him - right there on teevee. He was trying to kill our little guy.

I should find out that player's name. I heard he could be or should be an MPV. He did run a lot of yards. I think only two other men have outrun him in yardage in the history of the world.

Our son is doing better. He got a week's worth of antibiotics and a week's worth of Prednisone and we go to the doctor again in a month. It cost $143.00 for the appointment which wasn't as high as I feared it might be. I thank the Lord we are able to pay it. Tomorrow is his last day of pet-sitting and we've told him no pet-sitting next year. The doctor we saw was excellent and I'm grateful we got such a good reference for him.

I'm hoping to wear my hair down in bun curls to church tomorrow. That's the plan if the hair will please cooperate in the morning.

I'm excitingly close to starting on the last page of my recitation! I will surely make a video of myself reciting it when I get to the end.

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