Monday, January 19, 2009

The power of the mind

The doctor is fantastic. He talked at length with our son. He put his arm around him and said he understood how our son was feeling. The nurse stuck her head in our room and said, "Doctor, it's 5:00pm and you have three more patients." On our way out as I thanked him I also told him he is the greatest doctor in the world. He said, "What did you say?" and I said it again with great gusto. He came over and gave me a hug, then our son gave him a hug. Well, ya don't get that in Californy!

Our son's mind, not asthma is causing the breathing trouble. I didn't know how worried he was about his health. Apparently he had worked it up in his mind and he feared he might die or be in ill health for the rest of his life being unable to catch his breath. The doc asked if we had any problems at home. Nope, I said. Turns out that the breathing in that our son was doing isn't indicative of asthma at all. With asthma you have trouble with the exhale, not the inhale. His lungs sounded clear and his oxygen level was 98%. Our son was feeling dizzy from breathing in too much oxygen with all those big breaths! Bless his heart. I didn't know he was so worried. I do know I have had physical symptoms in the past that have been psychological, so blame it on me! No asthma for now, just mental. Haha! Oh we do laugh about it because laughter is the best medicine, but we have talked about the power of the mind seriously too. The doc said he could in the future have some asthma, but at this time his symptoms don't point to asthma. He's doing so much better after talking to the doctor. The doctor spent 30 minutes with him and told him that if he needs to come back next week to have someone to talk to that he will have time for our son. The doctor has allergies himself and is exceedingly empathetic. I'm blown away.

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