Friday, January 30, 2009

Gee willikers

Where did the time go since Tuesday? I didn't do much except for regular stuff. This morning I woke feeling very mean though. It's those hormones again. At dinnertime it was all I could do to control my mouth. Best to say nothing during these times. I read Suzanne Somers takes 60 pills per day. I'd rather have a little grace than 60 pills. I continue working on the grace.

I'm pretty disappointed because I bought some beautiful good smelling products awhile back. I like to look at all of them as much as I like to use them; I like the bottles, I like the containers. Turns out I'm allergic. I break out with itchy bumps and lots of them. Is it too much to ask that I smell good? After I was pregnant something changed in my body chemistry because the fragrance I used (White Shoulders) suddenly smelled like Raid on me. I don't know why that happened, but it did. When my grandbaby leans against me in the future I want to smell sweet like Keri does. Lord, is it too much to ask that I wanna be a soft sweet smelling granny?

Last week I forgot to blog that I went to a health expo Saturday in town as a representative of belly dance. I spoke for a couple minutes about the benefits of the dance during the presentation part and I sat at a table and handed out flyers and such with my teacher. It was kinda fun. I get widget at those things and even though I had a nice time I got a giant headache when I went home. They had a Weight Watchers lady there, anti-smoking program people, karate, and the one that fascinated me most was a karaoke lady. She said she lost fifty pounds doing karaoke! She enjoyed singing so much she bought herself a machine for home and has been doing it ever since. Neato, huh! The main theme of the expo was that in order to be healthy and fit one must find the activity that one derives enjoyment from. If we choose something we don't really like, we'll never stick with it. I met a women who does iron man competitions. She's thin as a twig, nearly six feet tall and has the smallest, cutest behind possible. She enjoys running. My husband has seen her running in the early morning and he didn't know who she was. Now we do! Her family owns the gym in town and she's got her master's in physical therapy or some such. Nice gal.

I'm reading a new book - A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. It's very good. It's a Book of the Century.

They didn't have prayer meeting tonight so I didn't go. They're waiting for a baby to be born. Two babies due anytime now to two families at church and both the mamas are wore out already.

On Thursday morning I went to a yogalates class. It was great. Plus, no less than four ladies spoke to me afterwards and asked if I danced. It was very good for my, whattyacallit? Ego. The hormones like to flatten the ego. One said, "You belly dance." And I asked how she knew and she said she could tell. It must have been the arm movements? That's my guess because I don't know her and I was surprised she was so right on. And the others asked if I danced or had ballet. The ballet gave me strong balance for the standing positions like a pretzel stance we did. The relaxation we did at the end was exquisite. And! The teacher also gave us tennis balls which we used to roll on our feet and legs. Try it! Roll one on your feet on the bottoms and tops and it feels good. You'd think it would be like trying to tickle yourself, which doesn't work, but the ball does work.

Next week I plan to go to a belly dance show and some workshops. Been dancing that style for a couple years and I've never been to a workshop. I've gone to master classes for ballet and modern which were always very hard for me (once I cried afterwards because I was so humiliated, but it builds character!), so I'm looking forward to it. It should be a challenge and I'll get exposure to new teachers and other dancers. I don't perform this style, but it's excellent training for the body and certain ones of the fluid motions, the isolations, can be fused with freeform ballet and lyrical dance. I ordered those cute pants and it would be nice if they get here before Friday but they probably won't.

Got our reservations all set for spending the month of April in San Diego! That's my best excitement.

Oh. I'm starting on the Book of Samuel for my project of reading the Bible in one year. Also, this is my second year of reading the Bible in one year, so I guess I gotta change the title on that. From now on it'll be "Reading the Bible in Two Years." Heh.

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