Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I'm done with yoga.  I didn't use my last paid class and I probably never will.  It became clear to my mind to let go of the whole Holy Yoga thang.  I don't even miss it.

For two months my knees became increasingly stiff.  It was affecting my walking and hurt, dang, it hurt.  Oddly, I was still able to do Zumba but not bend my knees, which, there is not much knee-bending in my routines so there ya go.  But I focused on what could be the problem and thought it might be this one particular Zumba routine.  Took out the routine and, voila, slow improvement.  I still can't sit Indian style, but I can do a standing quad stretch so I'm satisfied with that!  Zumba classes are small this winter, five to ten people.  I am blessed to have each woman in my class especially since there are two cheaper Zumba instructors in town.  I'm taking Christmas week off from Zumba classes and will use it to practice some new routines.

Bible study is evolving and growing.  We had seven ladies recently.  One night I did the gospel of John, chapter 15 with the group.  It's about how Jesus is the true vine.  It went so well that during the night it came to me that we ought to go through the whole gospel of John together instead of jumping around the Bible.  They liked the idea and so that's the plan.

I talked so long about John 1-18 (it's a prologue, theological, and history begins in verse 19) last Friday that we didn't even notice the time passing.  I have been terribly worried about talking too much but Mayela said one of the women said she'd like to stay longer.  That gave me such a great boost of confidence.  At least it shows that the talk is absorbing so I must stop fretting about the time, and what others think, and just plan to find the most interesting and important part of whatever section God leads me to study and work on it.  We did two things last week.  One, I had them look up promises in the Bible and we shared them together.  It was a big hit with everyone, and it was wonderful to hear which of God's promises each woman looked up and prayed on during the week.  And for our Bible study I selected plenty of verses to support what I shared (from what I learned) so they can rightly divide the Word for themselves.  That way, listeners are engaged and less passive.  I think.  I hope.

Speaking of books, I'm reading "The Pilgrim's Progress" by John Bunyan, a classic.  It's the most published book in the English language next to the Bible.  It's very good.  I can even see a person in it whom I just met.  They fit the description of "talkative" from the book.  I've had it for months but just recently picked it up and opened it.  I especially like a section about the "Slough of Despond", a place where people get stuck on their journey.  They get in and can't get out.  They never realize there are steps all around that they can easily climb up and get out but, alas, they cannot see them.  Just like when we're stuck in a depression.  It's dark and murky and appears to be no hope of escape.  But God has foreplanned a way for us to escape - if only we see His way.

But for comes Thursday.  Next week will be a three day week.  Yay! I have a slight sore throat but I think it's just because I'm tired.