Monday, March 31, 2008

Hair compliments again

At ballet tonight, where I danced like a camel, I was the recipient of three compliments after class. I'm on a roll with the compliments here. Maybe because it's the city and long hair is much less common (on any age woman). The teacher said I had lovely long hair and pointed to her back to show the other two students how long my hair was. The teacher also owns the studio so she sees me come in on Fridays for the belly dance class which is when I wear it down. Then one woman asked me how long my hair is. Heh. That was kind of redundant, but I pointed to about the same place. I didn't mentally muster up the words quickly enough in order to expel them all in a row to say "it's to the bottom of my bottom." Yeah, so I pointed mutely. Then the other student said she could never control the fly-aways, so that's what she liked about my hair. (I had it in a Chinese bun with a By Fox hair stick.) I thought to say I do have lots of fly-aways and that dirty hair keeps them smoothed down, but I could see everyone had freshly washed hair so I made an assumption that it wouldn't be well received and I wanted to leave the conversation on the up instead of the "Ewww" with these civilians. Heh. If only I could say out loud all the things I think. I would be so talkative!

When I was dating my husband he broke up with me. I was crushed. I was so terribly in love with him. Well. Plus he was the best, most downright decent, good man, I ever dated. But he was dating several ladies in addition to me pretty much at once, and he didn't figure the love was reciprocal.

So I wrote him a long letter, a break-up letter, left it hanging on his fridge in his apartment, took the photos of me I'd given him, got in my little Toyota and went home. I had to get all my thoughts out since it was the end so I wrote down quite a bit. Generally break up letters are not recommended. In this case however, it worked to my ultimate benefit.

Two weeks later he called and told me he wanted me back. I never, never expected it. We're going on 24 years now.

After we'd been married a few years I found he'd kept that letter I wrote to him scrawled on notebook paper. I was very surprised. He was working in the garage so I took the letter (it was written on paper that had a slight green tint to it and dark green lines) and held it out to him. He was up in the rafters rearranging things he had previously arranged (husbands sometimes have this proclivity) and I told him I found it in a box and asked him why he still had it. He said he wanted to keep it to remind himself of why he loves me. Perplexed, I asked "What do you mean? Don't you want me to throw it away for you?" "No, no. Don't do that," he said.

See, I'm so quiet and when I talk I'm so vanilla. I'm not even French vanilla or Neapolitan vanilla with chocolate and strawberry to liven it up. Just plain, plain vanilla. But when I write I can find words better.

So he said that when he came home and read that letter he was awed at all I had inside me. At the time, after we got back together he said, "Why didn't you ever say to me any of these things you wrote?" I shrugged and said, and this is memorable, "I dunno. I just didn't."

After that, back in 1983, I reeled him in real slow and careful like till he finally asked me to marry him. Apparently he couldn't quite decide whether marriage was a good idea (because I was 24 when he was 42), but I later found out he confided in his best friend who told him to go for it, so he got me a ring. What's he doing? Jumping off a cliff? Walking on hot coals? "Go for it" as a foundation for a lifetime together is any girl's dream come true, of course. (Rolling my eyes here.)

I love him so! After 24 comes 25 and that's gotta be worth something. I told him we'll have a big, giant party to celebrate. Haha! That's a joke because parties make me mental. Anywho, it's a good thing I wrote that letter and it's a good thing he took his friend's oh so very "thoughtful" advice.


I've come across several beautiful blogs such as Restoring the Years and ...My Surviving Thoughts and The Family Revised. They're so fun. I completely admire that they blog about their family and I want to participate too! But I'm afraid to post much about our young 'un. It's so unfair because I could post some really entertaining stuff and I'd love my blog to be a repository for more familial memories. But I suppose, if you get a scare once you can never go back. I'm toast. What are the chances a p*d*ph*le would pass by my page. I am robbed of the joy of blogging what I want to blog.


We got a desktop a few months ago. We've had a few problems. With Vista. Don't make me say anything about Vista.

In New Mexico I called Dell for this problem. When I viewed my photos in My Pictures everything was dark and brownish. After five dreadful hours on the phone with them over the course of two days (don't make me say anything about that) the problem was fixed. However, an unexpected side effect was...I could no longer open RAW files in Photoshop at all. RAW files are the digital negative of a digital photo and one of the major reasons why I wanted a digital SLR. I googled the problem. I downloaded and installed a plug-in that I thought may have been deleted by Dell's technician (who muddled along worse than I). By the way, I phoned Adobe this week and they walked me through installing the very same plug-in. Still it didn't resolve the problem. The gal told me to uninstall and reinstall Photoshop which I had done before to no avail, but I grit my teeth and in all outward calmness told her I'd do it again on my own instead of over the phone (using up more minutes on our cell phone) and she said, do that and call back.

And I called Adobe a second time. This time they said Photoshop Creative Suite 2 is incompatible with Vista. What. What? What! They said I needed CS3 which is Vista compatible. No tech assistance for me! Why they didn't say so the day before and why the girl spent 45 minutes on the phone with me helping me with the install I don't know. Doesn't make sense, does it. Unless Adobe decided they're getting too many calls that are Vista related that cannot be resolved.

So I downloaded the trial version of CS3. Fixed my problem! Hooray! That's the good news. The bad news is the upgrade version is $199.00.

Don't make me say anything about that either.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Strictly long hair post

I have some hair comments building up so thought I'd write them down.

At the Messianic Synagogue last Saturday I received two comments. When I was in the restroom three senior ladies said my hair was beautiful. I wore it down which I rarely have done in the past, but am trying to do more often - a promise I've made to myself to enjoy the length. As I washed my hands they asked me questions such as how long it took to grow it to this length. I thought for a minute and said four years because I joined the Loom in 2004, and I pointed to my upper arm to show them the length I started with (24"). One lady said she thought it would take a lifetime to get it this long. Hehe! I said, "Oh no, if you don't cut it it will grow long." I combed my hair in the stall because I didn't want anyone to think I care about my hair. Haha!

Then as I walked back to my seat a gentleman in a wheelchair exclaimed, "I love her hair. Look at it." He stuck his hand out for a handshake as I turned the corner (he was at the end of the aisle) I shook hands and thanked him very much. I think perhaps he had cerebral palsy or some such thing. Their minds are perfect, sharp as a tack, but their bodies are not working, so I knelt down and chatted for a minute before I sat down. It saddened that me that he was wheelchair bound. There but for the grace of God go I.

Now then, an odd thing happened in the dance workshop. The Messianic Jews practice Davidic dance in their shabbat worship. As I entered the room they began to talk about someone and she had long, long hair. Who? I don't know. I was brand new so I didn't know one person. Nobody said anything to me about my hair in there though. Not that I expected it. I just thought it funny that they're talking about really long hair and didn't say, "Hey, she has long hair." It's like an elephant in the room sometimes. I just looked at the floor some and then smiled at a couple people. I had a great time learning three circle dances in two hours and the dancers were really nice. I almost tripped one of the teachers. I was supposed to turn but didn't so I was in her way. I apologized profusely and she said she was a klutz, which she definitely was not, and we both kinda laughed. Me, wishing I could disappear! Heh. There were even some men there. Male dancers are good to have.

The highlight of the reality of long hair though came when I was walking from my car to the temple. The wind was blowing. Not strong, but nice. And my hair blew around and tickled my wrists. That. Was a brand new experience! I am not against long hair tickling my wrists in the wind. I thought about fingertip length and when will I feel hair at my own fingertips.

All of this happened last Saturday. But yesterday I got a lovely compliment from my sister. We were going to belly dance class, it's tribaret style which is new for me by the way. It includes lots of pops and locks and I love the look of it. As we were walking to her car (cause we went to a restaurant for dinner after class) she said my hair was exotic and made me look exotic. What? Me, Liliana, exotic. Bwa hahahaha! I felt really good. God bless little sisters.

I washed it yesterday. I put some of my Kara leave-in on the midsection, but not the ends. I should do the ends. They need it certainly. End care is exceedingly important in the maintenance of long hair. But it decreases the fluff factor and I needed the look of fluff at the ends since I knew it would be worn down. What I've been doing instead is heavily oiling with avocado oil and leaving that oil on the last 1/2 of my hair for days (three days that is) in lieu of everyday ever so light oiling. Last week I even did a scalp wash despite having the ends heavily oiled. I had fluffy, clean hair at top and oily from half way down to the ends. No one knew because I wore it in a cinnamon roll or braided bun. The neighbors may have wondered why the woman next door was air drying clean hair with ends that wouldn't dry out. That's how it looks - like the top is dry and the ends are wet - although it's really oil. I have to have it bunned and out of the way for dance on Monday and Thursday. I've been wearing it down Friday for belly dance and it's still clean enough for shabbot on Saturday (I didn't go today) or church on Sunday. I haven't been to church here in San Diego yet. Tomorrow I will.

Sorry no photo for this month yet. And oops, the month is nearly ovah! Where did March go?

Friday, March 28, 2008

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A new day

Sunday and Monday were bad days. They are the reason I like New Mexico. At first I had no tears. I was dry.

My husband said today is the first time he's seen me smile in days. I didn't know that. But it was only two days. He kissed me several times and brushed my arm lightly when he walked past. He bought me my favorite cinnamon rolls.

I knew it was coming one way or another. Thought I got through well, but "it" on Wednesday wasn't "it" at all. Haha! In other words what I was prepared for I weathered well, but the unexpected. Well now. The unexpected by definition is unexpected.

Heb. 11:1-2 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. That's one to make you think. I've read it before. I've always liked it. But its meaning I didn't quite grasp. I think I do now. It's funny how something will become clear so all of a sudden. It's amazing really.

I want to type more but I can't because I have this stupid noisy keyboard.

Let's see. Where's my suit of power armor and my plan book! I have a new start to make. My first new start kinda died a natural death, so this is the new, new start.

Monday, March 24, 2008

It is a day

And I am here and I am forging ahead. I have no peace. Peace evades me at the moment, but I know it's there. Somewhere. Well, right here. I just can't see it. The ocean fills my nose.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Jamie Lee Curtis

She's my kind of woman. Great article about her, short, at CNN. Of course, I love the grey hair. She's gorgeous. She's real.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I own Grishko 2007s

I did it. Bought my first pair of pointe shoes! I think they fit well? They feel bizarre on my feet. Very foreign. They are not too shiny, and not too pink. The box is not too big.

I hope...I can dance in them.

Tonight at 6:30pm I take them to class for the teacher to look at them and approve them. Then! I take them home and sew on the ribbon and elastic. Woo hoo! This is Jessica who did the trying on with me. She wears Grishko 2007s too. Hmmm. Funny that's what I ended up with too, huh. I look like a lunatic because I'm excited. She has a perfect smile because she's done this hundreds of times. She was very nice and easy to talk to. I liked her a lot.

I got pads for inside the toe. They're gel pads. There's a lot to know about pointe shoes. They die. Yeah, that means, I think, they break (the arch part?) and then they offer up no support for the foot. They die. It can happen very fast if you have strong feet and depending on how hard you dance and how often. I don't know. I have a lot to learn about toe shoes.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Shopping tomorrow

Finally! I'm going pointe shoe shopping tomorrow. I met my new teacher, Laila, tonight. I sat and observed the adult ballet I/II class this evening. It's more advanced than my class in New Mexico. I expected it because this is the city. More competition. I'm a little anxious, but it'll be good for me. Going en pointe never panned out in New Mexico because my dear teacher went into a divorce. She had bigger fish to fry than starting Liliana en pointe. And no place to buy shoes there anyway. We're residing in the middle of shopping mecca for the next two months. When I see her in October, hopefully I will surprise her with my new ability!

Today went okay. I kept my Psalm in my mind and it helped. Psalm 119:165. I picked it out in December. Or was it January? On this last drive I seem to have misplaced my Bible notes book. It was almost full and I've needed it for reference on a couple occasions and I can't find it. I may have to buy a new one, but where is my old one? The notes are irreplaceable.

I'm interested in the skirt-wearing concept brought up by Stagecoach and Crowning Glory. When I worked outside the home I always wore dresses. I like dresses a lot. I liked pike skirts especially. Black. As a college student I wore ruffled skirts with long johns (flowered ones) underneath. I wasn't modest though. I was definitely not modest.

I am happy today. Generally, overally, happy. My hair is happy too; a natural extension of general happiness. I had the best shower in months. Plenty of water and my hair said, "Whoa, this is great!" I had to keep my face out of the spray because it was so strong it woulda blown my face right off and swished it down the drain. It was like a fire hose or something. Sheesh. Well, full-timers can't be too picky about showers.

Everyone drives so fast here. I was tail-gated and I had vehicles speeding by me right and left, both lanes at the same time. Everyone is in such a hurry. I had to concentrate so hard on my driving. Do they not realize that they use more fuel and gas when they drive that fast? Do they think accelerating to the next stop light will get them where they're going that much faster? I was exactly the same three years ago. Radio blaring, lead foot, no waving, smiling, or acknowledgement. Git outta my way, pretty much. My eldest son used to ask, "How come everyone gets out of your way when you walk, Ma? How do you do that?" I told him walk with purpose and make no eye contact. I never used to say excuse me either. We noticed in our travels, some areas of the country you hear "Excuse me" more often. It makes you stop and think. Well, it made us stop and think and be more courteous.

So my husband had a Toyota truck tail-gating him. She pulled out into the next lane and they were at a stop light together. She thought she had a fast truck. Past tense. She saw what a fast truck is when that light turned green. It's called a Ford, baby. Yeah, eat my dust.

Yes, indeedy. We're back in the city again!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Braided bun held by two sticks

I cannot count the hours I've tried to make my hair go into a decent braided bun. Today I made one and it's not too bad. I know I could pull it all back into a pony tail, put on an elastic, then make the braid, but I really don't want to cause extra breakage. Therefore, I struggle with trying to get it tight enough to look "done" and to stay in place for more than five minutes. I didn't bring matching sticks as I thought a couple unmatched sticks would be adequate, but today I wish I had two matching. Anywho, the purple one is the one Fox made for me. It was my very first hair stick ever. This bun stayed in place for about, hmmm, five hours, till it started flopping around and annoying me. I was real proud of this bun today so I needed a picture of it. It's actually not lopsided, not one hair pin, and it's situated at the perfect place in terms of longitude and latitude on my head where it looks best. Quite. An. Accomplishment.

I also cooked an excellent St. Paddy's corned beef and cabbage dish. My husband liked it a lot. I want to make albondigas (a Mexican soup) next.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Harley dog

A very cute dog driving down the road.

Yuma, Arizona.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Short day tomorrow

We'll be traveling just five hours.

We decided to give our son next week off for Easter. That means it's time off for the whole family. Oh boy!

I ordered Powerglide's French lessons for our son. I look forward to seeing what it's like and how it's set up. We won't get to play with it till tomorrow when we get to our next destination which is...the middle of nowhere. It'll give us a shorter drive into California next week though.

My blouse is half sewn. I'm not sure I like how one ruffled sleeve turned out. I bunched the ruffles in one spot a little too much. It might not show.

I oiled my hair with EVOO this morning but didn't get round to taking my shower so it'll just have to stay oiled till tomorrow. That's not a bad thing though.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oh no

Oh no! We have the stomach flu at our house. Our son fully barfed. He's grown up so much. Last time he barfed was when he was seven and it was not very neatly done. This time he ran out of bed and tossed up in the bathroom trash can. Yay for ten year olds vs. seven year olds.

So I'm hoping I don't get it. Last time I got the stomach flu was at this very, exact campground in 2005. Here's a write-up detailing the pleasant event. It's great to have an archive to store the special moments of your life.

Let's see. It was titled Bad Case of the Blahs.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

On my mind

I keep thinking of the Israeli folk song and circle dance called "Hava Nagila." It's such fun.

Finally, I cut my blouse out. I did it at my uncle's house. All I need is someone's house to cut my patterns out. Heh. Perhaps sewing will commence tomorrow. Perhaps.

There may have been a problem with the way I cut out one of the sleeve parts. I won't know till I see it together. It's a bit of a handicap being unable to visualize, but I can't visualize. The layout picture of the selvages was confusing.

Wore my hair down again today. Twice in the past week. Both times my husband commented that he liked it. I would say I'm on to something but to be correct, I'd have to say Karen-Marie is on to something. It was her advice. I don't know if there's really a hyphen in her name or not.

Generally, I was grumpy today. My face hurts. It's just one of those things if you know what I mean. It'll be gone tomorrow. When I was little and I said, "Mom, my face hurts." Her reply would be It hurts me too. (That's an old one!)

I have a new iPod Nano. My husband gave it to me for Valentine's Day. I like it a LOT. I didn't even know I wanted it when he gave it to me. Want to know my playlist that I listen to when I go to bed? I know you do. Who wouldn't. Here it is:

"Watching Airplanes" by Gary Allen
"Fast Cars and Freedom" by Rascal Flatts
"Cleaning This Gun (Come On In Boy)" by Rodney Atkins
"How 'Bout Them Cowgirls" by George Strait
"All-American Girl" by Carrie Underwood
"Give It Away" by George Strait
"What Do Ya Think About That" by Montgomery Gentry

(Those were all country which I just started listening to in New Mexico. There are lots of genuine cowboys in the state of New Mexico.)

"Days Of Elijah" by Robin Mark
"Revival" by Robin Mark
"You Never Let Go" by Matt Redman

(Those were songs we sang at church and I miss my church.)

"Cat's In The Cradle" by Harry Chapin (At our son's request.)
"Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald" by Gordon Lightfoot

(Those two are folk songs.)

"Raincoat" by Kelly Sweet
"We Are One" by Kelly Sweet

(Jazzy blues by a new young talent. She's only 18.)

My playlist smiles me to sleep every night.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Right now

At the moment, I feel, hopeful.

Monday, March 10, 2008

What happened

Where's my Favatar? There's supposed to be a little purple butterfly next to my URL in the location bar. Where'd it go? I'm not even going to try to put it back. There's like 6,000 HTML errors on my page as it is. If I do anything it'll probably explode. I tried to get comments working the other day and they're not working either.

Uh oh. Their site seems to be...gone.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Murray Springs Clovis site, AZ

Yesterday's hike near Sierra Vista, Arizona, way down south by the border.

It's called 'Clovis' because of the arrowheads found in the area belonging to the Clovis people round about 11,000 years ago. They were people who hunted big, big, game such as mammoths back when mammoths were here. There's a sign says "Columbus was not the first one here." Hehe! So true.

We were fortunate there was cloud cover all day so it was perfect weather for a hike. Wait another month and it'll be blazing hot to walk very far in the sun.

We crossed the San Pedro river. Yes, indeed, that's a river. Well, we're in the desert ya know. Ha! It runs northwards and much of it is underground. There's a riparian area not far from this spot and the cottonwoods are gargantuan.

Someone put a lot of effort into building this unique picnic cover.

Here's one of the cottonwoods I was telling you about. This one is 130 years old and 36 feet around the base! In the summer it will be prettier. Right now it has no leaves. There are lots of birds singing here. See the old shed on the left? It's tiny by comparison.

See, I told you there were birds. Heh. There's a feeder near the tree. There's a bookstore too, inside of what used to be the house belonging to a rancher. It's teeny. There are other more brightly colored, prettier birds in the area such as regal Kingfishers and perky yellow Goldfinches. Just don't say that to these two birds. It could hurt their feelings.

Here is another plain desert bird.

I tried out my ballet hair pins today. One fell out, I don't know where, so it's somewhere on the trail I guess. The other didn't stay in. Maybe they're only intended to be used in a tightly wound bun and mine was too loose.

I wanted my photo taken in this spot because the branches overhead form an arch. My photographer did not listen to my instructions to include the arch so you'll have to take my word for it - there's a lovely natural arch over me. And my husband is making funny faces at me while I'm trying to look unaffected, so now I look like I have a mouth full of Jujubees.

Get your hair forecast

Tonight's result of my quality online time. A cute site created by a meteorologist/computer man married to a curly haired woman. I hope it works for straight haired women too.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

I have a pair

I have a pair of new earrings and best of all they will coordinate with the peasant top that I'm now highly motivated to cut out tomorrow. It's purely by chance they go together because I never plan ahead. It took me three tries to finish the second earring. First I left the thread sticking out where I thought I'd gone though the beads so I had to start anew. Then I forgot to add the focal bead (which I scrapped in the final pair anyways) and didn't notice it till I finished. Duh. Next I inadvertently clipped the wrong thread. I was angry with our son so my bead concentration was shot. That's the reason. Finally I finished though. Perseverance.

We went on a hike today and we're going to a museum tomorrow. The mesquite trees have an abundance of buds. You can almost see the tiny leaves popping out day by day.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Redid it

I made a new earring with better bugle beads and I daresay, it's pretty too. No time to take pictures, so I'll photograph the set after I make the mate tomorrow. I was afraid the second try just wouldn't be any great shakes, but my husband likes it better than the first. I used translucent neutral colored beads instead of the metallic copper/silver/gold/bronze mix and substituted a glass leaf as the focal bead instead of a round wooden rosette.

School was okay. We discussed three poems that I enjoyed (son, not so much) and we learned about Anne Hutchinson and Mary Dyer who left the Massachusetts Bay Colony for Rhode Island. I like learning about women in history.

We buttoned up the trailie and pulled in the slides and went to the dump station to empty all our tanks. Have to do that once a week because there are no sewer hook-ups in this park. I haven't been outside on the trails at all. It's too chilly outside. I miss my old classes and I'm just inside teaching or beading or making dinner. I cooked a dynamite fried chicken meal tonight with fresh, steamed green beans. My husband bought a new frying pan and it's real big so I was able to cook eight thighs and that means two lunches and a second dinner. We're in favor of tasty leftovers.

P.S. - I thought natural light was the key to photographing the earrings, but it's not. Artificial light shows jewelry best and much more accurately.

Obama or Clinton?

I'm so curious to see who will earn the democratic nomination. If Hillary does, and I don't think she will, I'll vote for McCain, hands down. I'm a Republican. If Obama wins though? I think I would vote for him.

We wait.

As it stands McCain is our party nominee and every day that the Democrats waste picking their nominee is time in McCain's favor.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Test run earring

Mainly I wanted to do something with the olivewood beads I ordered from Bethlehem, Israel. I've been holding on to them. I hold on to beads way too much. Must be some sort of affliction. For some weird reason I feel so connected with my beads. I can pore over them for the longest time.

I realized I've learned a bit about beads since I bought my first ones at Wal-Mart about three years ago. The seed beads I used tonight - I realize now they're junk. They lack so much in uniformity, size, shape, and the colors look like they're rubbing off such that I find them unusable. Anyway, here's a mock-up, but I don't think I'll make a mate for it because the bugles look pretty bad. Come to think of it I used these same beads for a tank top embellishment and after I washed the top all the beads were one color; no color silver color! Why did I keep them? It's for certain. I must be one cookie short of a dozen for not throwing them out then.

Another view to show how they would hang from the ear.

I'm going to rework the design with different (as in better) seed beads and see what I can come up with out of the beads I already have. The wooden beads are from Israel. Oh, I already said that. (I like 'em a lot.) The others are oval, glass pearls.

For my archive

No photo here, but sometimes I gotta preserve stuff for future reading or for my descendants or something. Jen W. wrote this. It did not go unnoticed by me!

Your hair looks awesome. I love the look of classic length on you!

It's a keeper. :)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Arizona sign

Welcome to the Grand Canyon state!

New Mexico landscape.

We liked this overpass in Arizona.

Beaded dragon earrings

We're in Arizona. It's a little on the cool side, but I haven't been outside much. I haven't gotten much exercise since we left and I'm atrophying all over. Bummer. Our wifi has been a little spotty and I've been mostly offline. My fingers aren't atrophying though. I have a picture of my dragon earrings to share and it's not bad. I got the pattern from a book. I'm frustrated with trying to photograph my beadwoven earrings so they show well and this is as good as it gets so far. They're shown against a background of very fine styrofoam. Haha! Well, you do what you can do, right? And they're on a dusty laptop that's been taken out of storage because Vista is not doing any good on my desktop.

I fiddled with amethyst and red last night and decided I don't like it, so I'm going to take it apart and try again. I like amethyst and red just not in this particular earring. I think I'd like it in all dark red. The red in the center is of brighter seed beads. I thought I'd try blending them in the middle and make them dark at the bottom but I think now I should have made the bottom bright red to draw the eye down the length of the earring then out into the universe. A person doesn't need their eyes stuck in the middle of an earring.