Saturday, March 08, 2008

I have a pair

I have a pair of new earrings and best of all they will coordinate with the peasant top that I'm now highly motivated to cut out tomorrow. It's purely by chance they go together because I never plan ahead. It took me three tries to finish the second earring. First I left the thread sticking out where I thought I'd gone though the beads so I had to start anew. Then I forgot to add the focal bead (which I scrapped in the final pair anyways) and didn't notice it till I finished. Duh. Next I inadvertently clipped the wrong thread. I was angry with our son so my bead concentration was shot. That's the reason. Finally I finished though. Perseverance.

We went on a hike today and we're going to a museum tomorrow. The mesquite trees have an abundance of buds. You can almost see the tiny leaves popping out day by day.

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