Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Braided bun held by two sticks

I cannot count the hours I've tried to make my hair go into a decent braided bun. Today I made one and it's not too bad. I know I could pull it all back into a pony tail, put on an elastic, then make the braid, but I really don't want to cause extra breakage. Therefore, I struggle with trying to get it tight enough to look "done" and to stay in place for more than five minutes. I didn't bring matching sticks as I thought a couple unmatched sticks would be adequate, but today I wish I had two matching. Anywho, the purple one is the one Fox made for me. It was my very first hair stick ever. This bun stayed in place for about, hmmm, five hours, till it started flopping around and annoying me. I was real proud of this bun today so I needed a picture of it. It's actually not lopsided, not one hair pin, and it's situated at the perfect place in terms of longitude and latitude on my head where it looks best. Quite. An. Accomplishment.

I also cooked an excellent St. Paddy's corned beef and cabbage dish. My husband liked it a lot. I want to make albondigas (a Mexican soup) next.

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