Sunday, March 09, 2008

Murray Springs Clovis site, AZ

Yesterday's hike near Sierra Vista, Arizona, way down south by the border.

It's called 'Clovis' because of the arrowheads found in the area belonging to the Clovis people round about 11,000 years ago. They were people who hunted big, big, game such as mammoths back when mammoths were here. There's a sign says "Columbus was not the first one here." Hehe! So true.

We were fortunate there was cloud cover all day so it was perfect weather for a hike. Wait another month and it'll be blazing hot to walk very far in the sun.

We crossed the San Pedro river. Yes, indeed, that's a river. Well, we're in the desert ya know. Ha! It runs northwards and much of it is underground. There's a riparian area not far from this spot and the cottonwoods are gargantuan.

Someone put a lot of effort into building this unique picnic cover.

Here's one of the cottonwoods I was telling you about. This one is 130 years old and 36 feet around the base! In the summer it will be prettier. Right now it has no leaves. There are lots of birds singing here. See the old shed on the left? It's tiny by comparison.

See, I told you there were birds. Heh. There's a feeder near the tree. There's a bookstore too, inside of what used to be the house belonging to a rancher. It's teeny. There are other more brightly colored, prettier birds in the area such as regal Kingfishers and perky yellow Goldfinches. Just don't say that to these two birds. It could hurt their feelings.

Here is another plain desert bird.

I tried out my ballet hair pins today. One fell out, I don't know where, so it's somewhere on the trail I guess. The other didn't stay in. Maybe they're only intended to be used in a tightly wound bun and mine was too loose.

I wanted my photo taken in this spot because the branches overhead form an arch. My photographer did not listen to my instructions to include the arch so you'll have to take my word for it - there's a lovely natural arch over me. And my husband is making funny faces at me while I'm trying to look unaffected, so now I look like I have a mouth full of Jujubees.

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