Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Shopping tomorrow

Finally! I'm going pointe shoe shopping tomorrow. I met my new teacher, Laila, tonight. I sat and observed the adult ballet I/II class this evening. It's more advanced than my class in New Mexico. I expected it because this is the city. More competition. I'm a little anxious, but it'll be good for me. Going en pointe never panned out in New Mexico because my dear teacher went into a divorce. She had bigger fish to fry than starting Liliana en pointe. And no place to buy shoes there anyway. We're residing in the middle of shopping mecca for the next two months. When I see her in October, hopefully I will surprise her with my new ability!

Today went okay. I kept my Psalm in my mind and it helped. Psalm 119:165. I picked it out in December. Or was it January? On this last drive I seem to have misplaced my Bible notes book. It was almost full and I've needed it for reference on a couple occasions and I can't find it. I may have to buy a new one, but where is my old one? The notes are irreplaceable.

I'm interested in the skirt-wearing concept brought up by Stagecoach and Crowning Glory. When I worked outside the home I always wore dresses. I like dresses a lot. I liked pike skirts especially. Black. As a college student I wore ruffled skirts with long johns (flowered ones) underneath. I wasn't modest though. I was definitely not modest.

I am happy today. Generally, overally, happy. My hair is happy too; a natural extension of general happiness. I had the best shower in months. Plenty of water and my hair said, "Whoa, this is great!" I had to keep my face out of the spray because it was so strong it woulda blown my face right off and swished it down the drain. It was like a fire hose or something. Sheesh. Well, full-timers can't be too picky about showers.

Everyone drives so fast here. I was tail-gated and I had vehicles speeding by me right and left, both lanes at the same time. Everyone is in such a hurry. I had to concentrate so hard on my driving. Do they not realize that they use more fuel and gas when they drive that fast? Do they think accelerating to the next stop light will get them where they're going that much faster? I was exactly the same three years ago. Radio blaring, lead foot, no waving, smiling, or acknowledgement. Git outta my way, pretty much. My eldest son used to ask, "How come everyone gets out of your way when you walk, Ma? How do you do that?" I told him walk with purpose and make no eye contact. I never used to say excuse me either. We noticed in our travels, some areas of the country you hear "Excuse me" more often. It makes you stop and think. Well, it made us stop and think and be more courteous.

So my husband had a Toyota truck tail-gating him. She pulled out into the next lane and they were at a stop light together. She thought she had a fast truck. Past tense. She saw what a fast truck is when that light turned green. It's called a Ford, baby. Yeah, eat my dust.

Yes, indeedy. We're back in the city again!

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