Thursday, July 28, 2011

A new, fresh day. How will I use it? I got my period and I feel like laying in bed all day. Can't though. I have a zit under my chin, so I wanna stay home all day but I can't do that either. I have Zumba tonight.

For the adults I'm working on a fun song called "Zumba He Zumba Ha." For the kids next week, I think I'll do a bit of dance history and teach them how to do the Twist. With style.

I ordered a new pair of pants for Zumba and I hope they fit. They look cute in the pic. They have a wide foldover waistband which might look good on me if it shows the curve of my lower back. Most of these kinds of pants make me look like a puffed up marshmallow because I'm short waisted. They're worth a try. Love the tie-dye.

I also ordered a top. Got a size large even though I'm not a large, but their tops run tiny a lot of the time. If it fits I'll wear it for the free class that I plan to give to celebrate my one year Zumba anniversary in August. I'm giving a free class for my Zumba people to thank them for coming to my classes.

I ordered black in adult size, of course. Ha! Who grows out of loving fringe?

Just found a note by the computer in the kitchen. Husband and son have gone to look at a used horse trailer! It's almost all the way in Alburquerque. They'll be home about 3pm. I hope it's a good buy at a good price. Bella goes to begin two months of horse training next week!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Here comes a Facebook post

I tried. I tried to do Facebook, but I just can't keep with it. People started posting more on my page and I can't deal with it. I'm a blogger at heart. I can't tolerate that smile that I call the 'Facebook Phenomenon.' It's a frozen grimace people do with the camera right in front of their face and they call it a smile. A lot of times they do it to themselves. What is this holding a camera in front of yourself and getting all the odd pictures: thoughtful, depressed, pretty, grimacing. It's constant, constant, never ending posing.

And since being on Facebook for nearly one month, I now can't stand a photo of two people kissing. Do I wanna see a big old lip lock over and over again when I visit a page? Don't get me wrong. I'm not against kissing. Kissing is good. I like kissing. But too much of a good thing, isn't good anymore. I have to stop going to the page until they change their photo.

The status, which says in light grey text, 'what's on your mind' - you can't type more then 420 characters! And face it, no pun intended, most of what people say amounts to less than 10 words. Descriptions of emotions and experiences are cryptically condensed into a single word or a few words that I guess you'll only understand if you know the person intimately. There's "Depressed." "Awesomeness." Or maybe it's a line from a song, seemingly disjointed because you have no idea what the context of the thought is. Do ants have emotion? I don't know, but I think if they did they are so small they could use one word. If a human being is going to express an emotion or a thought I really need more than a couple words.

Plus, I started surfing other people's pages to see what they did today. What an incredible waste of my own time. It's like everyone wants to be looked at. And I try to look at everyone. One click leads to another. It mimics a chemical high.

My favorite Facebook experience comes from a handsome young man named Forest. He's 16 years old. Our son asked him if he had a Facebook page. He said he did. He said it seems like everyone is on Facebook and he had a page and was really into it for two days. Then he forgot his password. Hasn't been on since.

Well, Forest is my hero!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Let's see. How do I say this. I was utterly disappointed by the turnout. Gosh, I was sure there would be more. Even the teen volunteers did not show up. Five out of five failed to show. Meh, teenagers. What can you do. I tell ya, I'm not feelin' the love, that's for sure. Fifteen kids came, total of both classes together. Where was everybody on this fine night? Earlier I felt like crying just a bit. Get a little cry done and move on, I thought. But my friend said what I needed to hear and the need to cry, poof!, disappeared. She doesn't even know the great disappointment it was to me as far as numbers go. God gave her the words to remind me of Him.

I did balloons and gave them away afterward. I should have given all of them away because it's not like I can use them. And I'll never publish ads in the newspaper again. They helped not a whit.

But the smiles on the children's faces made it worth everything. When they laughed I felt so good. I was exceedingly pleased that about four boys showed up and one was quite overweight and even though I'm not his mom or even related, this feeling of being proud of him washed over me. He was movin'! God must have put that in my heart because I've never experienced it before. It felt, how do I say this? It felt good.

So I will just keep on trying and doing what I love to do. I was so worried about having enough material and doing the speaking part right. Turned out I had plenty of material and I think I talked okay. I told them if you wanna be old like me and still able to dance, always do the cool down. Every single child did the cool down. Go figure. I guess they were listening.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

47 1/4"

47 1/4" today. Humidity 43%. Hair likes it. Wore it down to churchity church this morn.

Friday, July 22, 2011

I have Zumbatomic on Monday. I have playlists ready for both classes. I'm getting nervous. I thought I was ready but now I'm not so sure. I did a practice run with a few kids on Thursday and it went okay. Just okay. The kids who stuck with the whole 30 minutes, about seven girls, seemed to love it. I think.

Basically, I'm worried. Even with the little group I forgot a few of my steps. No one knew it except me.

It'll be alright. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Repeat to self as many times as necessary.)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I got another birthday present today and it was oil for my hair! I'm getting to know so many people. Ladies. And it's because of Zumba. Tonight there were 14 in class. It's amazing. It's so hot and humid and we sweat buckets yet they keep coming back. Praise the Lord.

Today I went to a haircutter's place. I should say stylist. Or I should say cosmetologist. She is so nice. And I realized how many people are hurting on the inside but to look at them you would never know it.

I've been feeling stressed with my blog. I love my blog. It's me times three. But it's crept into my mind, what if someone in this little town finds it. Why, it would spread like wildfire. Not that I'm conceited or like I have anything much interesting here. But it's such a teeny town. And it would be my luck that someone would sit down and read through the whole thing.

I think I must just forge ahead and not fret over something that may happen. Worst case scenario, I could privatize my blog. That's sound officious. Privatize. When we traveled I wrote all about traveling. Now we've settled in a place and my life is becoming more about people. Gee, who could ever see that coming?

Seriously need son to measure my hair. It's the 14th. Where has half of July gone?

I know a namby pamby person. No. Wait. I know a person with a namby pamby attitude toward God. They know, seemingly, one piece of Scripture. I mean, it's a great verse, fer sure. But man, there's a whole entire Bible to keep reading. They've deemed the OT not worthy of reading. Says God is a loving and forgiving God and that's his God. That's it. Game over. Isn't that like eating the icing off the cake and then wadding up your napkin and throwing it in the plate so the rest of the cake in inedible?

My church is considering starting interest groups. I guess it's akin to cell groups but based on interest. So say for instance, bikers. There would be a Bible study group for bikers. I like bikers. Can I go if I'm not a biker.

I tell ya. I wish there was a small group that's mixed. When I studied in a home group my favorite meeting was when some teens were with us. Normally it was like the middle age group. It was, ohhhhh, a little dull. Let me say this about that. There were a lot of polyester pants.

Zumbatomic launch is July 25th. I'm swinging between great enthusiasm and excitement and on the other side, fear and anxiety.

Monday, July 11, 2011

I had the most wonderful Friday and week-end. It was a bit of heaven on earth.

I have made friends. Even, I have made more than one friend. It's all because of Zumba.

They made for me a birthday party on Friday. A surprise birthday party! Mayela was the prime mover. She made it happen. They were all so kind. There were presents. There was food. Cake. Balloons. And friends.

I got some Zumba scuttlebutt recently. The other instructor in town told everyone in her class to come on Thursday because there would be a big surprise. They went. The big surprise was free margaritas for everyone.

We're watching Fiddler On The Roof tonight. Such a good movie.

Friday, July 08, 2011


I have six friends online and they all made me feel better. I will keep concentrating and continue to feel more and more better. In my heart. Truly, a little bit of stumbling is good experience because it's the only way you keep moving. I didn't stumble actually, but I thought I'd feel different is all. Or maybe I didn't know I could feel bad like this.

My friend said I'm too religious and I felt blue about it. I know for certain that if she knew it bothered me she would not have said it and she'd say she's sorry. But I don't want her to be sorry! I would rather she say what she thinks. It's good to hear what people really think.

I can't stop being who I am. I love the Lord so much. I always think it doesn't show, but it must show. Although, I talk to her more than anybody else. She knows me better than anyone else here does. Doesn't take an Einstein for that.

On the up side a good thing happened in Zumba class today. A lady said she heard I have a Facebook page. She came up to me and said she heard from so-and-so it's got a lot of religion on it. I said, "Yup, I don't have many friends and I don't quite know what I'm doing on Facebook so I use it as a repository for my thoughts on faith." She said, "It's like witnessing, right?" She said, "Aren't you supposed to witness." I said, "Well, that's true. The Great Commission is that we ought to go and tell." And then she said, "You have that song in here that I love. I feel closer to God when you've played it. You're witnessing to me with that."

Knock me over with a feather.

So, life is all a mix of things, isn't it. Some will like, some will be lukewarm, some will be repelled, some unsure. This is okay. I'll get used to it. She made me feel so good. I guess the Lord let me trip a little, but he also sent her to me so I wouldn't crumple up completely discouraged in a mere two days time.

Well, at praise and worship practice tonight the pastor was adjusting his playing then he looked back at us and said, "You're all singing five part harmony, right?" I turned bright red. He was teasing for sure and everyone laughed. I continued to turn even redder and then the other ladies noticed and turned to me and said he's just kidding. Haha! Oh dear. Oh my. I love singing there!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

I feel a little bad in my bones from my heart. It'll go away soon.

Monday, July 04, 2011

4th of July

I thought of Canada on July 1st. Went through some of my Canada photos. July 1st is their July 4th. Happy Canada Day!

And today I think of Ronald Reagan and how I miss him. London has a put up a 10' statue of him. Ronald Reagan was a man's man.

I sat on Bella for about 15 seconds yesterday. I might try it again today.