Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Let's see. How do I say this. I was utterly disappointed by the turnout. Gosh, I was sure there would be more. Even the teen volunteers did not show up. Five out of five failed to show. Meh, teenagers. What can you do. I tell ya, I'm not feelin' the love, that's for sure. Fifteen kids came, total of both classes together. Where was everybody on this fine night? Earlier I felt like crying just a bit. Get a little cry done and move on, I thought. But my friend said what I needed to hear and the need to cry, poof!, disappeared. She doesn't even know the great disappointment it was to me as far as numbers go. God gave her the words to remind me of Him.

I did balloons and gave them away afterward. I should have given all of them away because it's not like I can use them. And I'll never publish ads in the newspaper again. They helped not a whit.

But the smiles on the children's faces made it worth everything. When they laughed I felt so good. I was exceedingly pleased that about four boys showed up and one was quite overweight and even though I'm not his mom or even related, this feeling of being proud of him washed over me. He was movin'! God must have put that in my heart because I've never experienced it before. It felt, how do I say this? It felt good.

So I will just keep on trying and doing what I love to do. I was so worried about having enough material and doing the speaking part right. Turned out I had plenty of material and I think I talked okay. I told them if you wanna be old like me and still able to dance, always do the cool down. Every single child did the cool down. Go figure. I guess they were listening.


SchnauzerMom said...

Maybe the ones who did come will tell their friends and more will be there next time.

Liliana said...

I am hoping it will be so, Kathryn. Thanks. :)