Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Here comes a Facebook post

I tried. I tried to do Facebook, but I just can't keep with it. People started posting more on my page and I can't deal with it. I'm a blogger at heart. I can't tolerate that smile that I call the 'Facebook Phenomenon.' It's a frozen grimace people do with the camera right in front of their face and they call it a smile. A lot of times they do it to themselves. What is this holding a camera in front of yourself and getting all the odd pictures: thoughtful, depressed, pretty, grimacing. It's constant, constant, never ending posing.

And since being on Facebook for nearly one month, I now can't stand a photo of two people kissing. Do I wanna see a big old lip lock over and over again when I visit a page? Don't get me wrong. I'm not against kissing. Kissing is good. I like kissing. But too much of a good thing, isn't good anymore. I have to stop going to the page until they change their photo.

The status, which says in light grey text, 'what's on your mind' - you can't type more then 420 characters! And face it, no pun intended, most of what people say amounts to less than 10 words. Descriptions of emotions and experiences are cryptically condensed into a single word or a few words that I guess you'll only understand if you know the person intimately. There's "Depressed." "Awesomeness." Or maybe it's a line from a song, seemingly disjointed because you have no idea what the context of the thought is. Do ants have emotion? I don't know, but I think if they did they are so small they could use one word. If a human being is going to express an emotion or a thought I really need more than a couple words.

Plus, I started surfing other people's pages to see what they did today. What an incredible waste of my own time. It's like everyone wants to be looked at. And I try to look at everyone. One click leads to another. It mimics a chemical high.

My favorite Facebook experience comes from a handsome young man named Forest. He's 16 years old. Our son asked him if he had a Facebook page. He said he did. He said it seems like everyone is on Facebook and he had a page and was really into it for two days. Then he forgot his password. Hasn't been on since.

Well, Forest is my hero!


Shelby said...

You must have removed yourself because I can no longer look at your page. I will miss our real-time chats! :D

Liliana said...

Guess what. Yeah, I did. I couldn't bear it. It stresses me out. If it's a source of stress I gotta give it the heave ho. I just can't do Facebook. That was my second time that I tried it. I will miss chatting with you too, Shelby. I have to admit it was fun. That part was fun.

SchnauzerMom said...

I get on Facebook about once a day, look around a little and then leave. I used to play FarmVille but it takes too much time and has so many pop ups that it's really annoying.

April said...

Whoa... you summed it up nicely! I was on Facebook for about 3 or 4 months over a year ago and couldn't handle it either - for some of the reasons you wrote about. I noticed that you get hooked into it and bounce around like you said ("It mimics a chemical high") and for me, after I was through with my trapsing about, I felt as though I'd wasted so much time because I got next to nothing OUT of it. And yes, it stressed me out too because I felt as though I had to respond and read this and that and there was too much pressure! So I just stopped going and never went back. Even though "friends" have beckoned me to return. Nope... I ain't gunna.

Liliana said...

April, I'm so glad to hear someone feels exactly as I do about FB. I have to admit I sort of miss getting those emails that say someone commented somewhere, but I don't miss it enough to go back. I took my whole page down. Now I check in to see about Zumba routines or teaching tips, but that's all. I deactivate every time I leave. lol.

Kathryn, I've seen people who love that Farmville. It's the whole page. Farmville from top to bottom!