Thursday, July 14, 2011

I got another birthday present today and it was oil for my hair! I'm getting to know so many people. Ladies. And it's because of Zumba. Tonight there were 14 in class. It's amazing. It's so hot and humid and we sweat buckets yet they keep coming back. Praise the Lord.

Today I went to a haircutter's place. I should say stylist. Or I should say cosmetologist. She is so nice. And I realized how many people are hurting on the inside but to look at them you would never know it.

I've been feeling stressed with my blog. I love my blog. It's me times three. But it's crept into my mind, what if someone in this little town finds it. Why, it would spread like wildfire. Not that I'm conceited or like I have anything much interesting here. But it's such a teeny town. And it would be my luck that someone would sit down and read through the whole thing.

I think I must just forge ahead and not fret over something that may happen. Worst case scenario, I could privatize my blog. That's sound officious. Privatize. When we traveled I wrote all about traveling. Now we've settled in a place and my life is becoming more about people. Gee, who could ever see that coming?

Seriously need son to measure my hair. It's the 14th. Where has half of July gone?

I know a namby pamby person. No. Wait. I know a person with a namby pamby attitude toward God. They know, seemingly, one piece of Scripture. I mean, it's a great verse, fer sure. But man, there's a whole entire Bible to keep reading. They've deemed the OT not worthy of reading. Says God is a loving and forgiving God and that's his God. That's it. Game over. Isn't that like eating the icing off the cake and then wadding up your napkin and throwing it in the plate so the rest of the cake in inedible?

My church is considering starting interest groups. I guess it's akin to cell groups but based on interest. So say for instance, bikers. There would be a Bible study group for bikers. I like bikers. Can I go if I'm not a biker.

I tell ya. I wish there was a small group that's mixed. When I studied in a home group my favorite meeting was when some teens were with us. Normally it was like the middle age group. It was, ohhhhh, a little dull. Let me say this about that. There were a lot of polyester pants.

Zumbatomic launch is July 25th. I'm swinging between great enthusiasm and excitement and on the other side, fear and anxiety.

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