Saturday, March 31, 2007

A paddle boat ride

The lady told us to take a yellow one because it stays a little cooler than the dark colored ones, so we took the yellow one on the left. It was a fun ride after the skipper and his mate quit arquing about who's steering and who's paddling (that's my sixty-five year old husband and nine year old son). Heh.

Looks like a tropical island, eh? It's smack dab in the middle of a highly urbanized area. Within five minutes from here you'll find every store you'll ever need for your whole life.

Snowy Egret

He's a heron and herons are all wading birds - like storks, eh. I guess the herons are all bascially a family. He's not a Great White Egret which is a basically an all white feathered Great Blue Heron. He's smaller than a Great Egret (aka Great White Egret) and has yellow feet. Those yellow feet are how you tell he's a Snowy Egret, plus he's smaller than a Great Egret. Got it? Well I looked it up so we can know what we're looking at.

American Coot

They don't have webbed feet like ducks. They have lobes on the sides of each toe.

Great Blue Heron

On the edge of a dock very intent on what's in the water. He's looking for dinner as we're paddling by.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Picked up somewhere on the Web

Yesterday, I killed my son's the victory of his team. I complained about his dirty clothes, torn at the seam.

The day before I killed my daughter's pride in the dress she'd made. I pointed out its faults, then added faint praise.

One day, I killed a friendship ....turning affection to hate. I misunderstood, that's all.........but it was too late.

I killed my spouse's love...not with a mighty blow. It died, bit by bit, year by slow. Tonight I saw the light of love die slowly in her look, when she reached toward me with her hand, and I picked up ....a book.

~Author unknown at this time

Thursday, March 29, 2007

A bird

I don't know what kind but it has a beautiful yellow tummy, which is what caught my eye, and he must be in the flycatcher family because he was catching insects in flight. I took this through our kitchen window.

I drove by myself in San Diego today. Drove by some of my old digs too, but not on purpose. I was going to a bellydance class. Couldn't find it. Ninety minutes later, came back mad. The class location is only 12 miles away. Duh. Took a walk to try to feel better. Finally, I ate some dinner and chilled and I felt little better. I was perspiring, man. It's scary driving by yourself in the city when you're afraid you'll get lost. There are lots of freeways here. Anywho, I'll have my husband show me how to get there once and then I can do it by myself. He offered to take me when I got home but I was a wreck by then. And we had meatloaf for dinner and I ate it late and you can't dance with meatloaf sitting in your stomach.

Washed my hair and shaved my legs and everything and I ended up staying home.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Marrakesh Express 1969

This morning I awoke to "Marrakesh Express" by Crosby, Stills & Nash playing in my mind. Why did I think of that song? I didn't even know the name of the group until 1987. I remember it was 1987 because a girl a few years older than I in my ballet class blathered on and on about how great Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young were and I felt inadequate because I had no clue who she was talking about. Later I figured out a couple songs they had done, then I knew who they were. Another girl, this one about twelve years my junior, was crazy about Barry Manilow. Puh-leeese.

We had kielbasa, fried potatoes with onion, and steamed broccoli tonight. It's one of our favorite dinners. The first time I ate this meal was when my husband was in a car accident and a neighbor brought some plates of food to us. I looked at it and figured I'd never eat it because I didn't even know what it was. I'd never eaten kielbasa before. For two days I cleaned the house. Usually I only clean like that when my sister comes over and she came over twice in ten years. For some reason I was a cleaning tornado while my husband was in the hospital though. And I got so hungry on the second day that I ate a plate of that food she brought us and it was the most delicious meal I'd ever had. She had a husband and four kids and she thought to bring me three plates of food.

Speaking of housekeeping, yesterday I got the funniest email from an old high school acquaintance, Collette. She invited me over to her house and she wrote "I never clean house so come over anytime." Haha! I love it. She was a beauty queen in the '70s. She had blonde brown hair and an outgoing personality and a big brother who was very handsome. Once I got to go to the river with her and a group of friends and it was one of the best times I ever had. We floated down the river in inner tubes and got deep, dark tans. I remember combing my wet hair out while I sat on a picnic table in the hot, hot sun. I was thinking to myself how great I looked with my beginning of summer, deep, dark tan. About five of us girls slept overnight on a dock and we giggled and talked until we all drifted off to sleep. I wish I could relive that time. It was delicious. If you could save time in a bottle I would stuff those two days in there.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The wedding gift (is selected!)

I finally did it. Well, I've finally almost done it. I chose a wedding gift for our son and his fiancé. I came up with the idea a few months ago and I was thrilled when my husband gave me the OK. Truthfully, it's not that original of an idea. It's the same gift my dad gave to us when my husband and I were married and I remember how I felt when we received ours. I hope to give the same feeling to our son and his fiancé.

I shopped online. I compared prices. I can get it shipped at no charge (yay, because it weighs 183 pounds) and if I order it outside California I pay no state taxes. That's a very good savings. I did go to the very tip top of my planned spending limit. Well, I went $73.00 over the top of my spending limit. It's well worth it though. The wedding date is April 21st. I still don't have a dress. In fact I dread getting a dress (it's growing worser in my mind). I'm such a cotton person. I simply cannot wear a mall dress. Is brocade cotton? Maybe I can find a quiet but classy brocade and sew a dress. Geez.

I chose for them a beautiful cherrywood finished Howard Miller grandfather clock! I chose this one because I like the mirror on the back panel. It reflects so much more light and highlights the pendulum. The case is also illuminated. It should make an awesome nightlight, huh?! I absolutely love the Westminster melody. It makes me miss our own clock a bit, but grandfather clocks and trailers don't go together. After they receive it they can order a small brass plate engraved with their names and a date. Really, it was hard to choose a clock because so many are so beautiful.

Howard Miller 610-904 Glenmour

My husband makes all beautiful things in my life possible. I love him so much, I squeeze my eyes shut and I imagine life without him and I cry!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Tylenol for me

Ooosh, this headache has been dogging me all day. I just took a couple Tylenol PMs. They should fix me up.

We're in our new digs in Southern California. Shazaam. Have to go visiting tomorrow. Hope it goes nicely.

The weather is marvelous. I'm full of anticipation. Wore my hair in a braided oval bun today.

Our truck pulled the trailer up the BIG hill super well today. Last year it scared us because truckie was working so hard and we were chugging along at about 30mph. We had a Banks Exhaust System installed after that. This year, truckie ate up that ten mile incline. It's a blessing it is. I was worried about the weight and whether our Ford 250 could pull it well. She came through with flying colors. Husband also learned since last year that keeping the truck at 2800 rpms keeps her running uphill well. Go over 3000 rpms for an extended length of time and she'll overheat. You never want that!

Our washing machine is broken. Husband is going to get that fixed tomorrow hopefully. We have one of those Splendide washer-and-dryer-in-one machines. They're made in Italy. It takes a tiny load but if we have full hook-ups we can do a load or two a day and keep up.

My brain hurts. Oh yeah, we have zoomin' broadband DSL here. It comes with the site!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

She with grey hair

Today we went out in the desert to take pictures of me with the ocotillo. We didn't have to go far. I wanted a 2007 hair photo too, but alas, I wore a dark brown vest and my hair blended in with it so the hair didn't make much of a showing. It showed up fine in the bathroom mirror but it blended in from a distance outside. However, the cleavage showed up more than expected and those who visited earlier may notice I had second thoughts and took that photo down. Yes, I uploaded it then later when I looked at it I was struck by a case of indecision. Not that I'm against cleavage mind you. No, I'm very much a proponent of cleavage, but this was just a little too much for today. Finally I decided to go with the jewelry rule. If you feel like it might be a little too much jewelry, then take it off. If you feel the girls might be a little too exposed, then probably they are. My husband likes the cleavage though.

We went to a campfire talk tonight that was absolutely the worst we've ever seen. The ranger was a nice gal but she went through an exercise of having the audience guess the official state symbols such as the official state grass, official state dance, official state rock, official state mineral, official state marine mammal, official state marine fish, official state insect, official state prehistoric artifact (I kid you not). We've been to a lot of campfire talks and I'm being straight up, this one at Borrego Springs State Park was the worst. And we stayed for the whole thing. I didn't think it could get any worse so I stayed in my seat expecting improvement. After 40 minutes of 'name the state poet laureate' she did a slideshow. Need I say more.

Well I don't know where the week went. We're leaving tomorrow and I've enjoyed it here so much. Would have liked to see a bighorn sheep, but you have to be pretty lucky for one of those, huh.

About 36.5

Approximately two more inches and I'll reach the length that I was when I was about 30 years old. Then! I shall endeavor to experience length beyond. I think.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Big rainstorm in the California desert today. Well, big for California. In California, 30% chance in the forecast normally means not bloody likely, but it rained today a lot. Desert rain!

I put out birdseed and there are mourning doves and sparrows. The sparrows are cute and not the usual ones I often see. These are White-crowned Sparrows. Quite cute methinks. At night we hear the songs of lots of coyotes. There's a fairly large pack out there sounds like.

The ocotillo are in full bloom but there are no other wildflowers as of yet unless you count the creosote. Creosote doesn't really count though. Ocotillo are one of my favorite plants. I have a snapshot of me from about 1988 in front of a blooming ocotillo. I'm going to have my husband take a picture of me in front of one here. Today we planned to do it but it turned cloudy then rained. Tomorrow is supposed be 80 degrees. I forgot to say that on Monday it was in the nineties and a helicopter, and ambulance and a firetruck were here to airlift a hiker. I don't know any facts, I make them up as I go along, but there's a trail right behind us and I'm sure a hiker got overheated or something. It's not hard to do up there with the sun beating on your head. We hiked it on Tuesday and we had perfect cloudy weather, not hot. We were so lucky! I'll write more about the hike next week.

My upper back is sore. My lower back is usually problematic, not upper. That's weird. But I think I must have been leaning in to my computer screen peering too hard last night which caused this. I made a siggie for a friend and I'm waiting to hear back if she picks one. I could happily spend all day at my computer. Oh wait, I do do that. lol! Not really, just kinda.

I'm writing about all minor things which happily distract me because I will see family in April and April is very close.

Oh, I screamed the other day. And much more loudly than the time I dropped my wash cloth on the floor at the campground showers. This time I almost dropped my wedding ring down the heating duct in the trailer. You'd think it could be retrieved but I have an earring down there that I've begged the men to get out for me. They tried but the ducting does something which makes it not easy to take apart and get to something. If I'm saying 'something' a lot it's because I have no clue how these mechanical parts are fitted together, but I saw them take it part ways apart and my earring was nowhere to be seen in the first three feet of ducting. It's a mystery.

I end with a song, popular at our house today. As a homeschool mother I want to ensure that my child is not robbed of any of the best experiences of the school experience so I taught him this ditty I learned in fourth grade.

There goes (fill in with name of beloved family or very good friend) floating down the Delaware
Chewing on his underwear
Can't afford another pair

Ten days later...
Eatin' by a polar bear
Ain't that a shame?

NO IT AIN'T! (To be yelled by all humans present, in unison, at the top of your lungs.)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A drive to the ranch

New Mexico backroads.

The following photos are from March 6th when we went out for the day to see a friend's ranch.

We passed a tiny church

Then we take a dirt road


They had fun riding in the back of the truck.

Outside shed

The front of the shed was used as a backdrop for a model who posed for a glossy magazine. It was a gorgeous photo. The wood looked so rich in spite of it being so old!

Cows and horses

We got to go inside an adobe home

Antique stove

Who's turn for kitchen clean-up?

Haha! Actually, it's lots of stuff stored in the kitchen. Neat. Old. Stuff.

Salt cedar supports in ceiling

Underwood typewriter

My mom has one of these. I remember being nine years old and being fascinated by how fast she could type on it. Have you ever typed on one of these contraptions? It's no computer keyboard, that's for sure!

After I looked at these photos of the inside, I saw more objects I wished I had photographed. At the time, it was overwhelming just being inside.

On the way home...deer

There are four. Can you see them all?

We made it

We're hiking. Be back very soon!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

A Catholic church

Newly built, it is only six months old. Very beautiful. The Catholics are into the ritzy stuff and it does have its impact. It's a feast for the eyes.

I've got the scuttlebutt on the Holy Water and genuflection. This info comes thanks to my mom, a Catholic who took all the classes, and they were hard too. She's a proponent of abortion though. Don't ask me about that, I can't understand it!

I asked her who can, or who should genuflect in the Catholic church?

Genuflecting - it is right for everyone. It is respect and puts you in the right frame of mind. Usually, when you choose the pew you want to sit in, you make the sign of the cross (not absolutely necessary at the time but nice) then put your near hand on the back of the pew and quickly go down on one knee - you don't have to go all the way down just sort of bow or dip - you do that while looking in the direction of the altar.

Who can light a candle in memory of a loved one who has passed on?

Anyone can and you don't have to be Catholic! The idea is that the prayer continues as long as the candle burns. You don't have to talk to a priest - anyone can light a candle. You can light one and pray for what you need. You can light one and pray for someone else. You can leave 50¢ or $1.00 for the church if you want to, but you don't have to. There is usually a box with a slot kind of in the middle to put your money in. It helps them buy more candles. (I didn't know about leaving money but next time I will.)

What about this Holy Water?

Here's what you do...dip a finger or two in the water, and make the sign of the cross as you move on (everyone is usually in a hurry to get in so you do it on the move).

Again - it is perfectly correct for you to do as a Catholic and also as a respectful person. Re" Sign of the Cross." Entering a pew or with Holy Water you can do a "fast" sign. Fingers quickly toward the forehead and down to the sternum. Then quickly in the direction of the left breast to the right. Just sort of drawing it in the air in front of you.

And that is what I learned today. I took our son through the church and talked at length about Catholicism, God, religion, and etiquette.

Tomorrow is a driving day. Tonight I'm tired from visiting. It was one of the best visits ever though. My uncle has prostate cancer and he's gone through treatment and we all now are hoping that it will go away. Go away, go away, go away cancer. My uncle does not claim you, you are not wanted. Scat! My uncle is 80 and in super physical condition as far as we can see. He's a mover and a shaker and has always had a great sense of humor. He still drives to Nebraska every single year. Yeah man, by himself! He's been driving back since he moved away and joined the Army in the 1940s and never stopped. My dad does it too. I stopped going back since Grama (their mom) died. I've never seen my dad get so sick and he did after Grama died. It was the loss that made him so sick and he's a guy who never got a cold for 20 years. Said it was due to the orange juice he drank every morning but I say he was just really lucky. Haha! Nah, it's all in the mind I believe. I have two aunts there (in Nebraska) and some cousins. The brothers and sisters remain close. It's an incredible sight and experience to see them come together if one suffers a loss. It's like the immediate closure of a circle. I witnessed it and was a fringe part of it when my uncle's wife died.

It was she that I lit a candle for today.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Stations of the Cross

It's a Catholic thing. My uncle is Catholic and I asked him if I could go with him tonight. It was awesome! Also called the Way of the Cross, it allows you time to stop and think about what Jesus experienced as he went through Jerusalem on his way to Calvary. It's a devotion! Catholics do it on Fridays during Lent.

Much of what the priest explained beforehand I couldn't understand due to his Spanish accent and me being a first timer, but what he did was this...

There were pictures on the wall, each one depicting a place, an incident that occurred during Jesus' walk through the city such as falling (three times he fell), seeing his mom, Simon being ordered to help carry the cross, being nailed to the cross, etc. As the priest (that's 'priest', not 'pastor') stood before each picture I could see him say a prayer to himself then he read aloud from the booklets we all had (you pick one up at the entrance and return it afterwards). After he read his part, we read our part. We being the congregation and we read it in unison. In between his reading and ours, we kneeled and said something (a couple sentences which I never did get). I liked it all very much. I didn't genuflect though and I wondered if I ought to, yet I don't know exactly what it means and I prefer to know all the details before doing something. I wouldn't want to insult a Catholic by genuflecting and not know why I'm doing it either, since I'm Protestant. I noticed everyone dabbed their fingers in some water (Holy Water I presume?) at the entrance then dabbed their forehead with their fingers. I didn't do that either. I'm less sure about what that's about than I am about genuflecting.

I wanted to light a candle in memory of my aunt but I didn't know where to do it. I found some lit candles and talked with a nice young woman who explained that the one she just lit was in front of a lady who helps to fix problems. She was the "unknotting" saint as in she unknots problems. It was a lovely painting of a lady with a long ribbon full of knots all of which she was in the process of unknotting. Good idear for a saint, I thought. (Whoops, I just found out it is Mary. Here's a page about the painting here.) I never did find out where I could light one for my aunt. I must go back before we leave town to do it for her. She was Catholic.

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed it and would do it again. I cried like a baby on the way home. I will take my son with me after I study it a bit more myself and teach him about it. The sunset was spectacular and I couldn't get over how good it felt to see it and to be able to enjoy it. Got to the park gate and my card didn't work to open the gate. Radioed home and my nine year old came to save the day. I was holding the card backwards against the card reader so it couldn't read anything. I am such a ditz. I'm like having a senior moment and I'm only 47. Come to think of it, I've been having senior moments since I was about 30.

The tree is one of my favorite trees. It's by our old campsite in New Mexico. It didn't have buds yet when we left. Spring is the 21st! Saint Paddy's is tomorrow. I love St. Patrick's day dinner. Yum! This tree is very plain but as you can see it becomes a remarkable tree when you set it on its side. Such a simple thing. Maybe I will walk on one leg and tip over to the side and I will look prettier too.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Geronimo's two year old

Today we went for a hike at Fort Bowie National Historic site in Arizona. It turned out to be farther than we thought; 65 miles instead of 35. The signage is not too great so we also took a wrong turn 20 miles round trip out of our way. I got up nice and early and we were on our way at 7:30 am so we avoided the heat of the day. It's a 3.5 mile hike round trip but we only made it one mile. Because the drive was so long we got real, real hungry and had to turn around. We had our heads set on breakfast and the restaurant we stopped at in Willcox (not much there by the way) wasn't serving breakfast. We got on the interstate and lucked out when we hit a Denny's on the way home. I had a Grand Slam and it was the best tasting I ever had. I was so tired and so hungry!

We didn't get to see the spring in the mountains (darn!) but we did see the Butterfield Overland Mail stop (what is left of it, you know) and the cemetery. In Truth or Consequences, New Mexico there's the kitchy Geronimo Museum. A must see if ever you go through there. It's funky but one of my favorites. So Geronimo was there and here too, 500 miles away.

This photo is of Geronimo's little boy's grave. He died at the fort after the whole family (except for one warrior son) were captured. The marker is not the original. The cemetery is quite well cared for. Some of the soldiers' bodies were moved a long time ago. Little Robe was not his real Apache name, but I think a name the soldiers used.

Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee tells about the demise of the Indians an the great warrior, Geronimo, is written about in it. It's a difficult, heartbreaking read. I've read it twice.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Yesterday. It looks the same today. :)

Arizona rest area

Our lunch stop. Ain't it nice? Haha! Actually, it was a wonderful lunch stop.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Till later

We'll be on the road tomorrow morn and I'll check in as soon as we're online again.

We're going to a friend's for dinner then I'm sure I'll crash for the night.

Normally our front yard looks like Ma and Pa Kettle's house but now it's neat as a pin. Looks like no one lives here!

The covey of quail, Mr. and Mrs. Roadrunner, the cottontail, the jacks, the thrashers, the two doves, the blackbirds, the sparrows and the kangaroo mice are going to be hungry tomorrow. What will they do without me. Boo hoo! (They will miss me for a day.)


If you woke up this morning breathing, CONGRATULATIONS!

You have another day to





Saturday, March 10, 2007

Two more sleeps

Monday we're leaving to southeastern Arizona. Our friends nearby left this morning to Colorado. I called her on the phone and they sounded so happy to be on the road. We can't wait for our turn! We plan to pull out on Monday at the crack of 7:30am.

We cleaned the inside of the truck real well this morning. I vacuumed, cleaned grime out of the side door pockets, and shined the windows. Husband greased the hitch and hoisted it up on the truck with the help of a friend. We washed the outside of the truck two days ago but it's dusty dirty again. Too bad, so sad.

We're back on the wagon for Lent. I wonder if someone talked with our son about it because he said he's not going to be a quitter and so he's doing his full Lent again. That's good. Only thing is, I have to be a good model (or follower?) and take up my full Lent again too.

For our family devotions I'm reading about the apostle, John. Dude is portrayed all feminine-like leaning on Jesus' shoulder gazing up at him but he had ambition and a temper.

And I want to learn more about conviction versus condemnation. The Holy Spirit can convict you of something in your heart. If you're born-again Satan likes to cause people to feel condemned forever for their sin. (Sin means to miss the mark. It's not something to freak out about.)

I have work to do. I washed my hair last night and it came out real purty. It's in an inside out bun with my found object plastic claw clip.

Friday, March 09, 2007

The stars

Last night the stars were impressive. They almost popped my eyes out, so many, so bright. On Monday the weather suddenly turned beautiful and I don't know how the word got out so fast but the next day we had an almost full row of campers. Looks like full-timers are beginning to hit the road.

We planned to do some deep cleaning inside and out but we also planned on better weather in early March. The weather this year was so different from last. Last year, not a drop of rain. This year, a lot. Last year relatively few nights below freezing. This year, a lot. We are feeling nostalgic about leaving and we haven't even gone anywhere yet. Haha! I will miss the desert wildlife, the sky with its 360 degree sunsets, the moods of the lake which I now recognize, the enfolding quiet and solitude. I think our son is going to cry for a couple days after we leave. He has become good buddies with one the rangers and has a good relationship with all of them. We were joking around last night saying that without him, my husband and I would never talk to anyone, never have any company, and no one would have any idea who we are. As it is, people know us as the parents of the youngest New Mexico State Parks volunteer. I hear that management is trying to get him an official youth volunteer position opened up just for him.

Our Lent is not so spectacular. Well, on the up side we have $27.00 in the cussing box. Is that an up side? And our son gave up on his Lent idea of being good for Mamma during homeschooling. I hollered at him because he was lying on the stool rock backing and forth with his legs waving in the air and humming loudly whilst doing an assignment. Very irritating you know. He's on the emotional side and had a fit because now he didn't have a perfect record. Me, I hate my Lent idea of staying off the computer after 6:00pm. Hate. It. I may abandon it completely. Yeah, I think I will. I'm still off gossip even if it's portrayed as news on MSNBC and I feel good about sticking with that. I'll continue it even after Lenten season passes. Son is still off candy and Doritos so the Lent is still happening here. We've failed on some of our aspirations, but not all. Oh yeah, husband tries to claim that certain words of profanity are in the Bible so it's okay to say them. For example, d*amn and h*ll. I told him it's his Lent, I don't make the rules. Next day he tries to lay another one on me; sh(you know what follows). So with hands on my hips I say, "Okay, now you show me where that one's in the Bible!" He blinks at me and grins kind of sheepish like. I got him good, didn't I! Puh-leeeze. So he backed up and claims he didn't say the whole word so he doesn't have to pay.

Well, almost time for school. For literature he's starting the novel Robinson Crusoe!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Disagreement ensues

There was much loud squawking too.

Good wings

I've taken innumerable gull photos in the past, but this new camera freezes motion so much better. I could almost never freeze motion with my S2IS. That's the only thing it was missing - an automatic sports setting.

You know, it's most desirable to catch a bird with its wings in upwards flapping motion, not downwards. I read that and after I did I realized it makes perfect sense. A lot of what seems obvious is not obvious until you read it, then you look at examples of birds in flight and see it's true. Right there half your bird pics go in the trash. I think I can use this guy for something someday though. Hmmm, can he pass for a dove? Nope. Well, anywho.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A beautiful day at the ranch

One of our favorite rangers owns a ranch and he and his wife took us out there today. I didn't expect much on account of it being New Mexico and it's all pretty barren out here but it was spectacular. We saw an old ranch house that was built long ago out of adobe and has salt cedar branches for a roof. Inside the house was a veritable gold mine of old stuff. There were cows and horses outside. We saw deer in the hills twice. They were beautiful deer with big black noses and cute ears. It has been determined that I definitely must buy a longer lens! I needed to be closer to the deer. I haven't downloaded my pics yet and I can't wait to see what I got. There's only have half an hour till the dreaded 6:00pm comes. I picked the worst thing for Lent this year. I get my best computer work done after 6:00pm I've realized. This daytime blogging just ain't gettin' it.

I'm having a case of the uglies. I bought some hair spray thinking I'd try some out for practice before the wedding. Tresemme smells too strong. Yesterday I bought some of the Pantene Ice hair spray and I agree with the advertising that it gives great shine but it depends on what kind of shine. It's a lacquer-like shine. I threw it away. And I disliked how it made my hair feel.

We're having a good dinner tonight - fajitas, fideo, and refried beans. It's one of my favorites. It smells so good! My husband is cooking it right now. He knows I absolutely must get a blog update done. Priorities, you know.

Well, that's it. I have to go feed the bunnies so we'll have a bunny show during dinner. Our kitchen table is in front of the window and we have a good view watching the cottontails and the jackrabbits eat their dinner while we eat ours. One night we had four jacks and eight cottontails!

We leave to Arizona on Monday!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Lenten season cussing fund established

As of today there are ten dollars therein. Each incident costs five bucks. Monies shall go to the animal shelter! If you have to make a donation, send it in!

It's too cold outside today. It's 49 degrees and supposed to be colder tomorrow. It doesn't help that it's a cold wind blowing.

I like my hair today. Although my hair's been oily for some reason and I have a big zit too. I had to wear foundation today to cover it up. I missed out on bidding for a vintage beaded hairnet yesterday. In the 80s I had a real nice one that I picked up at a beauty supply store. I wore it to see the Bolshoi Ballet at the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion. A ballarina slipped and almost fell from a spot of sweat on stage. I felt terrible for her because here is one of probably the finest dancers in the world and the performance will be remembered as the one she slipped in. During intermission as I was walking downstairs with my husband a girl behind me said, "Ooooh, look. Her hair. I like that." She was talking about my little hairnet! It had multicolored seed beads on it and I know it was shining just right in the light. When our son was about 18 months old his little fingers got hold of it. I tried and tried but I could not untangle it. Ever since, I've looked for another one. I had the eBay page open but then dinnertime and 6:00pm came and my 'puter went into hibernate and I forgot all about it. Bidding was over by morning. Drats.

36 and 3/8

I am encouraged. Son measured me and my hair grew a bit since mid-February! Not only that, he's getting better at measuring in 1/8th increments. I mean, he's getting more comfortable and confident with it.

We have a 10:00am meeting. I have 15 minutes to get ready.

Plus there is a certain roadrunner cuckooing outside my door! I just fed her half an hour ago. What's she doing back here? I think she's got a clutch of eggs somewhere. Her husband was here three times yesterday, but she, not once. Bet she was sittin' on that nest!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Melanie Safka

Looking for the lyrics and the YouTube video for "Brand New Key" I learned several old favorites of mine were performed by the same artist, Melanie Safka. She was known simply as Melanie. I think I sense a vague, wishy washy recollection of her name in the recesses of my mind, but her songs are definitely branded in my brain.

"Look What They Done to my Song, Ma"
"Good-bye Ruby Tuesday"
"Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)"
"Brand New Key"

She quit a big record label because they wanted her to put out albums on a timed schedule. She wouldn't do it. Those were the days. Here is one of my favorite quotes from her:

"'Brand New Key' I wrote in about fifteen minutes one night. I thought it was cute; a kind of old thirties tune. I guess a key and a lock have always been Freudian symbols, and pretty obvious ones at that. There was no deep serious expression behind the song, but people read things into it. They made up incredible stories as to what the lyrics said and what the song meant. In some places, it was even banned from the radio."

"My idea about songs is that once you write them, you have very little say in their life afterward. It's a lot like having a baby. You conceive a song, deliver it, and then give it as good a start as you can. After that, it's on its own. People will take it any way they want to take it."

As a teenager, I thought 'Brand New Key' was kind of stupid. I didn't care for it. Even now, it's cute but I can take it or leave it. I always did like 'Ruby Tuesday' and of course everyone loved 'Look What They Done to my Song'. Even my husband remembers that one. 'Lay Down' is one of her best. She's magic with lyrics and tunes and presence.

In addition to all the music trivia sites she has a considerable web presence. She has an official site, a MySpace site, and a page a Wikipedia. She has three children and her youngest son is...a stone, cold fox.