Saturday, March 10, 2007

Two more sleeps

Monday we're leaving to southeastern Arizona. Our friends nearby left this morning to Colorado. I called her on the phone and they sounded so happy to be on the road. We can't wait for our turn! We plan to pull out on Monday at the crack of 7:30am.

We cleaned the inside of the truck real well this morning. I vacuumed, cleaned grime out of the side door pockets, and shined the windows. Husband greased the hitch and hoisted it up on the truck with the help of a friend. We washed the outside of the truck two days ago but it's dusty dirty again. Too bad, so sad.

We're back on the wagon for Lent. I wonder if someone talked with our son about it because he said he's not going to be a quitter and so he's doing his full Lent again. That's good. Only thing is, I have to be a good model (or follower?) and take up my full Lent again too.

For our family devotions I'm reading about the apostle, John. Dude is portrayed all feminine-like leaning on Jesus' shoulder gazing up at him but he had ambition and a temper.

And I want to learn more about conviction versus condemnation. The Holy Spirit can convict you of something in your heart. If you're born-again Satan likes to cause people to feel condemned forever for their sin. (Sin means to miss the mark. It's not something to freak out about.)

I have work to do. I washed my hair last night and it came out real purty. It's in an inside out bun with my found object plastic claw clip.