Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The wedding gift (is selected!)

I finally did it. Well, I've finally almost done it. I chose a wedding gift for our son and his fiancé. I came up with the idea a few months ago and I was thrilled when my husband gave me the OK. Truthfully, it's not that original of an idea. It's the same gift my dad gave to us when my husband and I were married and I remember how I felt when we received ours. I hope to give the same feeling to our son and his fiancé.

I shopped online. I compared prices. I can get it shipped at no charge (yay, because it weighs 183 pounds) and if I order it outside California I pay no state taxes. That's a very good savings. I did go to the very tip top of my planned spending limit. Well, I went $73.00 over the top of my spending limit. It's well worth it though. The wedding date is April 21st. I still don't have a dress. In fact I dread getting a dress (it's growing worser in my mind). I'm such a cotton person. I simply cannot wear a mall dress. Is brocade cotton? Maybe I can find a quiet but classy brocade and sew a dress. Geez.

I chose for them a beautiful cherrywood finished Howard Miller grandfather clock! I chose this one because I like the mirror on the back panel. It reflects so much more light and highlights the pendulum. The case is also illuminated. It should make an awesome nightlight, huh?! I absolutely love the Westminster melody. It makes me miss our own clock a bit, but grandfather clocks and trailers don't go together. After they receive it they can order a small brass plate engraved with their names and a date. Really, it was hard to choose a clock because so many are so beautiful.

Howard Miller 610-904 Glenmour

My husband makes all beautiful things in my life possible. I love him so much, I squeeze my eyes shut and I imagine life without him and I cry!