Thursday, March 29, 2007

A bird

I don't know what kind but it has a beautiful yellow tummy, which is what caught my eye, and he must be in the flycatcher family because he was catching insects in flight. I took this through our kitchen window.

I drove by myself in San Diego today. Drove by some of my old digs too, but not on purpose. I was going to a bellydance class. Couldn't find it. Ninety minutes later, came back mad. The class location is only 12 miles away. Duh. Took a walk to try to feel better. Finally, I ate some dinner and chilled and I felt little better. I was perspiring, man. It's scary driving by yourself in the city when you're afraid you'll get lost. There are lots of freeways here. Anywho, I'll have my husband show me how to get there once and then I can do it by myself. He offered to take me when I got home but I was a wreck by then. And we had meatloaf for dinner and I ate it late and you can't dance with meatloaf sitting in your stomach.

Washed my hair and shaved my legs and everything and I ended up staying home.