Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Geronimo's two year old

Today we went for a hike at Fort Bowie National Historic site in Arizona. It turned out to be farther than we thought; 65 miles instead of 35. The signage is not too great so we also took a wrong turn 20 miles round trip out of our way. I got up nice and early and we were on our way at 7:30 am so we avoided the heat of the day. It's a 3.5 mile hike round trip but we only made it one mile. Because the drive was so long we got real, real hungry and had to turn around. We had our heads set on breakfast and the restaurant we stopped at in Willcox (not much there by the way) wasn't serving breakfast. We got on the interstate and lucked out when we hit a Denny's on the way home. I had a Grand Slam and it was the best tasting I ever had. I was so tired and so hungry!

We didn't get to see the spring in the mountains (darn!) but we did see the Butterfield Overland Mail stop (what is left of it, you know) and the cemetery. In Truth or Consequences, New Mexico there's the kitchy Geronimo Museum. A must see if ever you go through there. It's funky but one of my favorites. So Geronimo was there and here too, 500 miles away.

This photo is of Geronimo's little boy's grave. He died at the fort after the whole family (except for one warrior son) were captured. The marker is not the original. The cemetery is quite well cared for. Some of the soldiers' bodies were moved a long time ago. Little Robe was not his real Apache name, but I think a name the soldiers used.

Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee tells about the demise of the Indians an the great warrior, Geronimo, is written about in it. It's a difficult, heartbreaking read. I've read it twice.