Thursday, March 22, 2007


Big rainstorm in the California desert today. Well, big for California. In California, 30% chance in the forecast normally means not bloody likely, but it rained today a lot. Desert rain!

I put out birdseed and there are mourning doves and sparrows. The sparrows are cute and not the usual ones I often see. These are White-crowned Sparrows. Quite cute methinks. At night we hear the songs of lots of coyotes. There's a fairly large pack out there sounds like.

The ocotillo are in full bloom but there are no other wildflowers as of yet unless you count the creosote. Creosote doesn't really count though. Ocotillo are one of my favorite plants. I have a snapshot of me from about 1988 in front of a blooming ocotillo. I'm going to have my husband take a picture of me in front of one here. Today we planned to do it but it turned cloudy then rained. Tomorrow is supposed be 80 degrees. I forgot to say that on Monday it was in the nineties and a helicopter, and ambulance and a firetruck were here to airlift a hiker. I don't know any facts, I make them up as I go along, but there's a trail right behind us and I'm sure a hiker got overheated or something. It's not hard to do up there with the sun beating on your head. We hiked it on Tuesday and we had perfect cloudy weather, not hot. We were so lucky! I'll write more about the hike next week.

My upper back is sore. My lower back is usually problematic, not upper. That's weird. But I think I must have been leaning in to my computer screen peering too hard last night which caused this. I made a siggie for a friend and I'm waiting to hear back if she picks one. I could happily spend all day at my computer. Oh wait, I do do that. lol! Not really, just kinda.

I'm writing about all minor things which happily distract me because I will see family in April and April is very close.

Oh, I screamed the other day. And much more loudly than the time I dropped my wash cloth on the floor at the campground showers. This time I almost dropped my wedding ring down the heating duct in the trailer. You'd think it could be retrieved but I have an earring down there that I've begged the men to get out for me. They tried but the ducting does something which makes it not easy to take apart and get to something. If I'm saying 'something' a lot it's because I have no clue how these mechanical parts are fitted together, but I saw them take it part ways apart and my earring was nowhere to be seen in the first three feet of ducting. It's a mystery.

I end with a song, popular at our house today. As a homeschool mother I want to ensure that my child is not robbed of any of the best experiences of the school experience so I taught him this ditty I learned in fourth grade.

There goes (fill in with name of beloved family or very good friend) floating down the Delaware
Chewing on his underwear
Can't afford another pair

Ten days later...
Eatin' by a polar bear
Ain't that a shame?

NO IT AIN'T! (To be yelled by all humans present, in unison, at the top of your lungs.)