Sunday, December 29, 2013

2006 Repost

Today is the last Sunday of the year!  I'm off to church in about 25 minutes.

I happened across a post from 2006 that still cracks me up in 2013.  It's from a woman who clearly has some issues.

I'm on a reading binge.  I'm reading "Pilgrim's Progress" and it's very good.  A friend of mine said she didn't care for it at all but I definitely like it.  It's a Christian classic.  My pastor mentioned it and so I decided to check it out. The Slough of Despond!  Look for the steps!  They're there but while were in the slough we fail to see them.

And "The Daniel Diet" which I'm 1/3 way through.  [Oops, I meant "The Daniel Plan."]  I like it too although I'm no fan of Rick Warren.  I want to buy a vegetarian cookbook now, but went to and was overwhelmed with choices.  So I still haven't picked one.

"Addiction & Grace" by Gerald G. May, M.D. - Only on page 22 and about 75% reads like pablum to me with a few grains of absolute truth.  For example, because of our addictions we simply cannot, on our own, keep the great commandments.  We try.  We want to keep them.  It's our deepest desire.  But we fail.  Has about 100 reviews on Amazon.

"Forgotten God" - Haven't started it yet but it has 485 reviews.  The title alone appeals to me more than "Addiction & Grace."

And I found a fabulous set of sermons on the Book of Nehemiah.  They're downloadable at Nehemiah: Rebuilding the Walls.  I've listened to two others by Ray C. Stedman, but this Nehemiah one is the best.  Such a nice sense of humor he has.  "Now let's turn to the Book of Nehemiah.  I'll give you about five minutes to get there."  Haha!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Couple hair pics from today before churchity-church.  I got new boots.

Well, my husband had a little heart attack in October.  He's doing really well now and hates all the pills he has to take now.  I was super scared for a couple days.  I became a Southern Baptist and am gonna get baptized soon.  Zumba is going really well.  Best winter ever.  I've had 10 to 20 students lately.  Last year at this time I had four to eight.  It's such a blessing.  Let's see there was one other thing...forgot it now I guess.

Blogging.  Well, I don't enjoy as much.  I loved when blogging first began and everything was so anonymous.  Nothing is really anonymous anymore.  Easy to get IP addresses and physical locations now.  The newspapers can cherry pick your statements and print anything out of context they want and make you sound like a horrid, horrid creature.  Kind of takes the wildness and the joy out of it.

I miss the old days.

But I love music and dancing and God and my husband.  I love studying the Bible and talking about it with people.  Who could ever take a crucifixion and turn it into something good?  Who?  God.  God could do that and He did.  He took a crucifixion and turned it into resurrection.  I love those mountains in front of us every morning.  I love our son but it doesn't feel like he loves me.  I love our other son.  Glad he's 35 and not 16.  Haha!

How beautiful are the feet that carry the Gospel.  My friends went to Juarez today and I'm so proud of them.  They took food and Christmas presents, Bibles and Good News.  I can't wait to see the pictures.  I sent a winter jacket for my girl; an 11-year-old named Anjelica.