Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sore throat

I missed our son's speech today so I could lie in bed and be sick. Drats. He did very well though and I'm proud of him. He got lots of pats on the back and 'well dones' afterwards. He was the only one with a prepared speech, so I took the opportunity to point out how research and preparation is the key to success. He even tried his hand at humor and got the laughs and chuckles hoped for. Now that takes finesse. I don't think I could do that.

I have a really sore throat and I might be getting the coughs. I oiled my braid since my hair may as well feel good even if I don't.

A bird

I'm told it's a cardinal, but I'm not sure I believe it. They told me that cardinals here are less red but they are still cardinals. This is either a female or a young bird. I took the photo through a glass window today.

They say they'll have a mic so that'll be good for our son's speech tomorrow because his little voice won't make it to the back of the building. They expect about 50 people and there's a potluck too. I have a sore throat tonight. I don't feel so hot.

Tonight we received shocking word that a friend in San Diego whom we've met through our travels has been diagnosed with leukemia. She's a young, vibrant, woman, a wife, and mother of two great little kids. She's gotten some chemo already and they told her her long, blonde hair will fall out in three weeks. She's been placed on a list for bone marrow transplant and she will qualify when she's goes into remission.

Only two months ago she was strong and healthy. Now she's getting all kinds of poked and tested and transfusions and pain medication. I wrote her and hope I gave her some hope and encouragement.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Thought I was gone, dint cha!

Yeah, well, I was in a process. The process of maturation which at times can be a little painful. It stretches you. I am now a little bit better than I was before, whether you can see it or not.

Thank you Jules, Fox, Keri, Avrilon, Kim. Thanks for propping me up!

Keri gave me a good idea. She said make a list of what you've gained and lost through this experience. Here's my list.

Learned how to use new software (Windows Movie Maker)
Experience with clipping videos
Experience with adding music to a clip
Great sense of accomplishment
Loved doing it
Loved doing it
Loved doing it
Found new courage to photograph children, people, and faces
Practiced obedience to the Lord
Gave something of myself to the Kingdom of Christ
Knowledge that if any souls were saved, I had a tiny part in it
Realized I can stick to something and see it through from conception to completion even when I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing.
Maturity as a Christian woman - to check my ego and pride at the door
Learned about myself that I can do this job

A moment to stoke my ego and shine in front of everyone at the church.

I want to write more but I have to go. Our son is giving a big speech tomorrow at the 20 year retirement party for the superintendent of parks for this region. I'm having him practice in the big room to ensure that his voice carries.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Who can I strangle

Where am I? In Podunk? Oh. Yes, I am in Podunk.

They ran my slideshow this morning. They've got novices in the sound booth. I was deflated. They ran my little two minute clip which I worked on till 2:00am Thursday night and all Friday day to put together, and the audio was garbled. Do you know how many times I had to replay that song to get the 58 images and sound in sync? Every time I adjusted one photo all the photos after it had to be readjusted. After the sermon I went directly up to the sound booth and asked what happened to the soundtrack. Girl said she accidentally hit two buttons at the same time. I told her if that ever happens again, stop the video. Don't play it through. She said okay. She's such a sweetheart I did not see the point in belaboring it. She said she was sorry and looked so downtrodden. What could I do more than that. Welp, stuff happens, right? The whole sermon was the worst one I've listened to in four years. I sat through it trying not to think about that audio flub up. It sounded like it was skipping and playing over itself the whole way through. I could tell in the first 10 seconds something was wrong. People still laughed and seemed to enjoy it. They laughed at the boy who does the Superman pose and the baby's sweet face enjoying her snack. That was good.

If the enemy thinks that's going to discourage me he's got another thing coming.

I have to turn off my computer now. The remnants of Dolly are coming through. Lightning and thunder crashing outside very close!


Youth. It's very hard being young, isn't it. Sometimes, yes. I found a beautiful mimed drama online. I'll put it here. It's so good. Very well done.

A few days ago a young girl, 18 almost 19, phoned me. I don't like phone talking but I talked with her at length. I haven't seen her since and I don't know if what I said helped or not. She told me she was thinking of suicide. She asked me if I thought depression was a disorder. I didn't know if I should share that I was a jumper. If I tell one person, I'm sure it would spread. People can't help talking amongst themselves; a best friend tells a best friend tells, and on and on. As Ben Franklin said, three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead. Do I need to tell that I too, was in that place? Is it relevant? I have a young son and I don't want to shame my family, but even more I worry that if I say I did it and didn't die, maybe others would try it too. Suicide has an awful way of spreading among a group of young people when one person does it. I didn't tell her my personal experience. I only shared what I thought she needed to hear. She often comes up to me and hugs me. She will make conversation with me even when I fear I have that pained expression on my face and I do stutter. I don't quite understand why she talks to me. But when I see her I will hug her very big. I am ready to talk to her again. I don't know why this is happening but maybe God's telling me to be the woman I ought to be. That I need to be. I fight that a lot. I cocoon. Instead I need to see myself as a grown woman with something to give. I do have years. I do have experience. I am so diminutive though. Maybe I will pray for some boldness. Yeah. That's a good thought.

I really enjoyed Jules' post today.

Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm alive!

I survived. I know without a doubt, I could never work with children as a regular job.

On Monday I was freaking out. Tonight, I'm chilling. Just ate a whole package of graham crackers. You have to do that for yourself once in awhile, eh? And tomorrow? Tomorrow I shall dance. Just for myself!

Here is the sum total of my week. The product. The outcome. You are the first to see it. Tomorrow I will deliver it. I waver between confidence and knee-knocking, teeth-chattering. (I notice the sound is not even on YouTube but it's fine on CD and on my computer. I wonder if I should delete and re-upload it, but it took so long to upload.)

Downhill slide

My headache was all gone for VBS last night and I felt as good as I did at the start on Monday. I hope that I got the last of the photos and vid that I need. I made two giant posterboard collages and took them in and a guy helped me tack them on the walls in the entry at Kid's Church. I hope people like them. I printed the images off my computer just to get it done and to have something to show as soon as possible. There's no place in town where I can take a CD in for prints but in August there's going to be a brand new Wal-Mart in town so next year I can obtain regular prints.

Okay, so I never planned on making slideshows so I didn't buy that part of the package in Photoshop CS3. Rats. Everyone with Windows has Windows Movie Maker though so that's what I'm using. That's what I worked on till 2:00am last night and that's what I'll be doing, hopefully finishing, on this fine day.

I feel pretty good. I think I had a headache because I was anxious about the unknown. I get all tense all over and can't turn it off. I never got the headache part till the perimenopause came though.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Headache. Tummy ache. Culling three days of photos today, gonna post some on poster board and hang them on the wall for the kiddies to look at. May not go tonight or may go for very short time if head still hurts. I don't know how a headache can last so long. This is the first time Tylenol PM hasn't worked.

I just ate a scrambled egg and toast so I'm eating right. I'm doing the poster board project first then will collect and make a file for photos and video to make the slideshow.

As the week as worn on the children have warmed up to the camera, some asking for their photo to be taken, some waving when they see me taking a movie. It would be nice if I already have enough material to compile the bulk of a three minute slideshow.

On Monday and Tuesday the time from 6:00pm to 9:00pm flew by. Last night though, I went to download pics and glanced at the clock which said only 8:00pm. "An hour more to go!" I screamed. And I grabbed my head and passed right out and everyone gathered round me stared down as I lay stiff as a board on the carpeted floor in the office.

Fake-a-rooney. Heh. :)

But my head really does hurt.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I'm dog tired. I'm whupped. I slept all night and I'm still tired out! The kids are having a blast. And I? I admit to feeling very optimistic about things. Have to do dishes and go.

But, aaauuugghh, this whole deal feels like coloring outside of the lines. Can you do that? AAAAUUUggggghhhh! Because everything feels wayyyy, waaaay, outside of all the lines.

Monday, July 21, 2008


It's clear. I'm outside my comfort zone. I'm going to VBS tomorrow and also taking photos. Every time I download photos I absentmindedly pull a couple hairs out of the top of my head and then regretfully say "Oh dang," so it's official. Gotta sit on my hand while I peruse the photos. I'm such an idiot.

Today I took quite a few photos with flash. Flash certainly works better. Possibly, that is exactly what I'll do. Flash for everything. An external flash would be great but it's on the "I want" list, not the "I own" list. Must make due.

I can't believe that tomorrow I'm purposely going to a location that will be teeming with children ages 4-12. Who am I. Where am I. What am I doing?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Helping out

I wonder if they underestimated how much time it would take to decorate?

Anyhoo, son and I are going back at 2:30pm to help out again. The kid's pastor's wife (she's a doll) is pregnant with their sixth baby and I feel so badly for her. She's always on the go and tired a lot. Poor little thing. And she's tiny petite. I'm an Amazon woman next to her!

All my practice photos without flash in low light were still blurred yesterday. I'm not disturbed though. Does saying I'm not disturbed mean I'm disturbed? Heh! Today I'm going to pump up the ISO setting. I got one fair pic yesterday. Only good in small size due to motion blur. I'm learning how the DOF (depth of field) works on this lens. Man, the DOF is about the width of my pinky finger sometimes. It's beautiful when I get it right. Such bokeh.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I've been praying for three months; Lord give me the desire to have the desire. Because see, I lack desire to get involved.

Prayer works and here I am today home for lunch from church. I'm helping with decorating the family center for Vacation Bible School. Funniest thing is, I came home for lunch happy. I came home for lunch looking forward to going back and helping.

Now that's weird.

Friday, July 18, 2008

This is an orange

And I'm really happy about it!

Day trip

We're off to Cruces for supplies. I got four zits this month and one was really big but luckily it was behind my bangs. This morning, a herpes on my lip. I'm just bursting with, I don't know.

My new lens should be here today.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Eight steps

God's Process for Blessing

Life is a process. There are eight steps in the process of coming to Christ.

1. Desperation produces exploration. Most of us are content until we become desperate.

2. Exploration produces revelation. The light comes on. You start doing some things differently.

3. Revelation produces expectation. The curtains are pulled back.

4. Expectation produces preparation. What do I need from God and begin making preparations.

5. Preparation produces visitation.

6. Visitation produces manifestation. Mary said, "Be it unto me according to the Lord."

7. Manifestation produces transformation. Faith is evidence of things unseen.

8. Transformation produces continuation. Now that you know you know, you continue.

Once you see the light, you gotta walk in the light.

These are my notes from December 16, 2007. I keep referring to them so now they are here for me for always.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

50mm f 1.8 prime

I'm all a twitter.

I just placed an order at Amazon for a new lens. At under $100.00 it's the cheapest lens Canon has in its whole line-up. But it's good! It's nicknamed the 'Plastic Fantastic' and the 'Nifty Fifty.' I've read reviews and it's cheaply made (plastic, no metal, ask me if I care) but the glass is quality glass, tack sharp they say. It's my first prime lens which means there's no zoom. There's a trade-off between prime and zoom lenses. With zoom you don't have to move to get your shot. This is good for wildlife because usually where you stand when you first see the animal or bird, that's your shot like it or not. You don't get a chance to step closer so it's ideal to be able to twist that zoom ring from where you stand. My 100-400mm L lens (L is professional quality) set me back a pretty penny but I use it all the time.

Portraiture, that's a whole 'nother ball of wax. Definitely, this will cause me to move out of my comfort zone. Now why is it necessary for me to step outside my comfort zone? I have no answer to that question, but it seems to happen with regularity one way or another in my life. Anyway, I need a lens that's better for indoor photography. At the price, how can I go wrong. And it'll give me a place to grow, to improve. I will need to work on composition. It'll force me to move and to think about what elements I want in the frame.

My other option was an external flash but the one I want is several hundred dollars. Besides that, I don't want to be flashing in the kids' faces. I need to use the available light.

I'm up for it. Ready, set, go. Vvvvrrooom, vvvrrroooom! Thank you to Kim, Keri W., Collette, Fox for having faith in my photography potential when my own faith is lagging.

An old man

I found out an old man died. Why, I ask myself, am I afraid of people. Why, I ask myself, am I so cautious. I waved once. I could have talked with him sometime. He walked every single day. He had a walking stick and looked some days like he could barely move. But out there he was. Every day.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Rio Grande

I live a stone's throw from the Rio Grande. It sounds like it should be a magnificent river and if you remember it's running through miles of desert country then I guess it is magnificent. In some places during parts of the year it's bone dry or a bare trickle.

Yesterday I drove by and saw a pretty line in it where a tributary called Cuchillo Negro empties into the Rio. Cuchillo Negro means black knife in Spanish. This photo reminds me of a soup I once ate at a friend's restaurant in downtown Redlands. It was such a delicious soup - two soups in one bowl and it had a line of demarcation just like this photo yesterday of the waters meeting from the silt laden Cuchillo Negro and the green Rio Grande.

I was asked to photograph a ladies church meeting last night and I agreed since I was going anyway. I didn't get anything I love, but I got a handful that weren't blurry. I got a few studious/thoughtful face poses that were candid and I got one each of a young girl, a young woman, and an older woman. My lenses are really more suited to outside light. I'm keeping a good attitude and plan to figure out how to make some kind of adjustments for the low light. What I want to do is throw myself on the floor and go into contortions and cry. Also, how to get good pictures when the background is not good. I am distressed because I always look for a good background but I have no choice for a good background in this meeting room. Also, how to take good pictures when the people are not beautiful. I'm not saying they should be beautiful, I'm not beautiful, but the woefully few people pics I have are of cute babies or a pretty girl.

There must be an angle to doing this. Maybe I should just shoot a lot and hope to get a lucky snap. That doesn't sound like a real good approach to me. Are my expectations wrong. Oh dear. Oh no. Oh, oh, oh. Woe is me. My neck, my head, I'm going into contortions now!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Verrrry Large Array

This is the road to The Very Large Array, aka VLA, in New Mexico. Today was cloudy. We got some rain too.

They're big. The biggest you'll ever see. Big as a baseball diamond it said in the video. There are 27 in all and they move them, rearrange them, on rails.

They move in unison. All 27 move at the same time. It's neat! We thought they were moving when were approaching but weren't positive. They're on a wide open plain.

I was thrilled there was a walking trail and you can walk right up to one of them.

And on the way home a group of pronghorn antelope. I was happy. I also came close to a spectacular bird of prey but had the wrong lens on the camera and he flew away quickly. Then I realized I had my camera on standard format all day. I had forgotten to change all the settings from July 5th.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Principle of Double Reference

This was a term I heard used once and for the life of me I could not remember it - until last week.

I heard it defined as the underlying spiritual truth in a story. That is to say a bible story has an obvious story and if you think on it, you'll also find a second underlying story. A message if you will.

I tend to double check things and when I went looking for definitions I noticed that actually the first definition I was given didn't say the same thing as what I found online. Here is a more complete definition as I've copied it from

Law of Double Reference-- A passage may apply primarily to a person or event near at hand, but is used by the Holy Spirit at a later time as applying to the Person of Christ, or the affairs of His kingdom.

The first definition is still correct but the second definition is more correct, if I may make that distinction.

So now how about a story where I can see this applied. Actually I know I've noticed the Law of Double Reference at work in many a bible story but I didn't know there was an actual name for it. It's not necessary to know, but it's nice to know, kind of like psychology. There are things you find out about in psychology that you know already but you didn't know it had a name. Like when my mom used to rattle on and on about why does she have to get up and go to work every day? To get a paycheck? To have a roof over her head? To buy food to eat? To buy gas to go to the store to buy food to eat. So she could go to work again. To buy clothes to go to work, and walk to the bathroom and have to pull some pants all the way down and sit on the commode buy toilet paper to go to the bathroom to wipe her bum. The toilet paper was like the meaning of life. Her story was a lot longer and I'd be really depressed by the time she got to the bathroom part. It had a name: she was going existentialist on me. See, it's nice to have a name for things. That's a philosophical term not psychological, but I may has lost my point by now.

Book of 2Samuel, Chapter 8.
This one applies to Israel back then. But check it out. It applies to the USA now. How is that possible? How can the USA resemble Israel? The United States has worked steadily at getting God out of the public arena. So just as the Israelites wanted a king back then and were rejecting Jehovah, so our country is ceasing to honor God now. God is being pushed slowly out of all public arenas. We learn the Israelites are rejecting God because God has told Samuel as much. (See 2Samuel 8:7)

The next part, I kind of like this part, God says, alrighty then. Samuel, listen to the people but tell them, outline for them real clear, what they are asking for. (2Sam. 8:9) And he does.

An analogy could be a kid comes home from elementary school and informs his parents that he's been told that ifns he gets spanked by his parents, his parents can go to jail. Yay, no spankings now! It's true. But now the parent fills the child in on the rest of the truth. Yep, the folks can get in trouble with the law for disciplining their own children, but along with this the kids are going to be taken out of the home and placed in a foster home with strangers and other kids for an indefinite period of time.

And so Samuel explains everything to the Israelites. Sadly, even after a warning that it's not a good idea, they still want a king.

Well, now that I wrote this all down I can refer to myself whenever I want. That'll be good. I will remember the Law of Double Reference hopefully.

Today I thought we were going to see the Great Array, but we got there and I found out it's called The Very Large Array.

Writing what I want

As my relationship with Christ deepens it is like flying in a dream. Do you know that feeling? It's the best feeling. My heart verily swoons. It is much better than my opposite dream which is spinning down stage and falling off into the audience. I have worried that if I write what I'm thinking about I will have no interested readers left.

But I don't care if I have any readers. Yes I do. No I don't. Yes I do. No I don't. Yes I do.

So I've decided that if I have even only two readers that is okay because they will be the two best readers I could have.

Whoever they are.


I told myself when I started this blog that I'd let it veer into whatever direction my life went. See, that was an ongoing problem with all my past journals and web sites. As my interest waned, my single topic site would die a slow, inevitable death, sitting out in cyberspace unloved or until I took the time to go out and delete it one day. Some of those it's a good thing they're deleted and you'll never know what they were about. Popularity does not equate to quality. But this is not a single topic blog. I am multi-faceted! (I like to imagine I am anyways.)

I have gone through a chapter of my life consumed by the exciting decision to grow my hair! Then on to Middle Eastern dance and my thoughts, experiences, and tribulations therein. (Long hair was good for belly dancing!) Then the prospect of traveling and the experience of selling our three bedroom suburban life (I wore my hair in a bun a lot) and liquidating the material gains highly sought after and lovingly acquired over the course of 20 years. Pop! All gone. Well, some is still in storage. Following that exhausting endeavor I journaled mostly about our travels: Year 1 to Alaska; Year 2 across Canada and north to the boreal forest; Year 3 to Nova Scotia. I wrote about family life, and during those years developed an avid interest in photography. (Long hair travels well and is fun to photograph.) Now our traveling has slowed. I still don't want to buy a house. I don't think we can live in a house anymore. Can we? I don't know. Never say never, huh? I love waking up in a state park every morning! In my latest chapter I have grown spiritually and increased my faith tenfold, twentyfold, a hundredfold and that is what I think about most these days.

What I think today is that Jehovah (in the Bible that would be spelled LORD in all capitals because Lord with a capital 'L' and lowercase /ord/ refers to His Son, Jesus) was pretty rough on Moses for smoting the rock twice.

I'm reading through the Bible from beginning to end. I'm on the slow student track but ya know, as a homeschooler I can go whatever speed suits me because I don't need knowledge that's 3000 miles wide and three inches deep. I want breadth, and I want depth too. That's a-gonna take a long time attain. Ergo, slow track, and that's okay.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Braid trouble

If I come out of the bathroom and my braid is stuck in the top back of my pants will anyone tell me?

Apparently not!

AYSO nightmares

I dreamed last night that I forgot to buy the drinks for the boys soccer game. Back in the day, twenty years ago, I was an AYSO soccer Team Mom. Ugh. I can't count how many times the parents just didn't bother to buy drinks for the boys on game day. Even when I phoned and reminded them the night before a game some parents would still fail to bring drinks so I'd have to miss the game to run out before half time for a pack of juice. It used to infuriate me. I was 28 and I was in college and decided I wanted to be a good person and get involved. Then a little group of about three moms got together and bad-mouthed me every week. They were a mean little group and I knew what they were doing and it hurt my feelings a lot. I was the only one who volunteered to be Team Mom too. They sat around and talked.

When we got back in town here one of the moms said I could sign our son up for baseball. I told her, nah, we're just not interested. She was quiet but I could hear her thoughts. I think her intentions are very good and she sees a hole in our son's education due to the lack of team sports involvement. If you have a highly competitive child then sports are great, but contrary to popular belief I do not see it as the be-all-end-all to forming a well rounded human being.

Last week I heard about the parents in town on opposing teams got out in the middle of the playing field and were arguing. The game was T-ball. The players were five year olds.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

We had July 4th on the 5th

Didn't know you could do that, huh? Me neither!

I tagged myself

I enjoyed reading Jules' so much. People's individuality is so interesting.

1. Do you remember how you developed a love for reading?
I do have a story. When I was in second grade I was very quiet. Duh. But anywho, I guess I decided I did not want to read. Finally, my teacher tried to psych me out and said, "Okay, Liliana, you do not have to read with the class." But by golly, I psyched her out because I sat quietly at my desk with my reading book closed and refused to read. Finally, one day she took me outside and talked to me. I've been reading ever since.

I don't remember any of this. My mom tells the story to people and that's how I know it happened. My mom said she never did know what that teacher said to me, but she is forever indebted to her for it.

2. What are some books you read as a child?

I remember those Little Golden Books too, and loved them. I remember the cover of The Pokey Puppy. When I was nine I discovered fairy tales. I read every fairy tale book I could get my hands on. I still remember being in the fairy tale aisle and putting my head sideways to peruse the titles. Some of the stories scared me but they also had a moral in them. I think they taught me to be a person who didn't steal or be mean and cruel to others. I sat in a big, red, vinyl rocker when I read them. The back was greasy from people's hair. When we moved it took a big chunk out of the wall where it kept hitting the wall. I'm sure the landlord appreciated that.

3. What is your favorite genre?

Currently, history.

4. Do you have a favorite novel?

I think Old Yeller.

5. Where do you usually read?
Gee, I read a lot on the computer so that's sitting up. But I'll sit or lie on the sofa or in bed to read too. I can't stay in one position too long like when I was younger.

6. When do you usually read?

All day if I have a good book and my husband comments on that. I read my bible in the morning. Other stuff, piecemeal during the day.

7. Do you usually have more than one book you are reading at a time?

Heavens no.

8. Do you read nonfiction in a different way or place than you read fiction?

Not anymore, but as a college student I studied on the sofa, hunched over, huddled at the end of the sofa. I had to stop the pendulum on the grandfather clock because it drove me crazy. Husband thought I was whacked that the ticking of the clock could bother me so much.

9. Do you buy most of the books you read, or borrow them, or check them out of the library?

Buy or library. Sometimes when we travel I pick one up here or there. Travelers leave books around because they're too heavy to carry.

10. Do you keep most of the books you buy? If not, what do you do with them?

I used to keep them all. I LOVED THEM ALL BECAUSE THEY WERE MINE. I used to like that wallpaper that has books all over it until finally I had my own, real library that looked just like the wall paper. We leave our finished books at laundromats now. I still miss my book called The Well-Trained Mind by Susan Bauer. It's so big and heavy.

11. If you have children, what are some of the favorite books you have shared with them? Were they some of the same ones you read as a child?

None are what I read as a child. I read Go Dog Go and Goodnight Moon to our son a billion times.

12. What are you reading now?

The biography of Martin Luther.

13. Do you keep a TBR (to be read) list?

14. What’s next?
The Book of Deuteronomy.

15. What books would you like to reread?
One my mom has in a Chinese cedar chest. It's old and has fantastical pictures of fairies and angels. As a youngster I was captivated by the pictures.

16. Who are your favorite authors?
John Krakauer, Jan Karon, but actually books impressed me more than the authors. I remember stories like Of Human Bondage, Shakespeare's Othello which my husband read with me line by line for a college class, Moby Dick (hated that one), Sylvia Plath's stuff, depressing, Listen to the Warm (a book of poetry by Rod McKuen...I read one out loud for ninth grade language arts class and I still remember by heart, "Miniskirts and pop art ties, are more than modern man can bear), The Jungle by Upton Sinclair affected me in college. Read it for political science.

President Reagan's mother told him that as long as he could read a book, he would never be alone. I remember that. When Ronnie's Alzheimer's set in he would sit at his desk and look at pictures of horses after he could no longer read. He was a rider and loved horses all his life. I think I may have seen a photo of him doing this and it made me so sad.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Jefferson Bible (article)

He was a deist.

L.A. Times article about Jefferson and his faith

From Merriam-Webster:
: a movement or system of thought advocating natural religion, emphasizing morality, and in the 18th century denying the interference of the Creator with the laws of the universe

And an excerpt from the article:
Deists differed from traditional Christians by rejecting miraculous occurrences and prophecies and embracing the notion of a well-ordered universe created by a God who withdrew into detached transcendence.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Independence Day tomorrow

I gave our son the day off tomorrow. Everyone thinks I'm rough and tough because we're "doing school" during summer. Sheesh. We usually do stuff all year but not because it's schoolish. Just because, I don't know, we just do. I haven't told him but I am going to give him a month off this year. Tomorrow we're only doing theology and the rest of the day is his. Right now he's on the island with the rangers and volunteers (some who are from our church) getting the fireworks ready. He's loving it, I'm sure. The fireworks display will actually be on the 5th. I guess they decided to do it Saturday instead of Friday so more people can come. The campground is full. It filled on Monday! Several families came in Monday and got a site and set up then went home. They came back today. That's one way to ensure you get a site!

Interesting thing. The private school where we sent our son for science and art last year; his teacher there mentioned she may homeschool her three children this year. Quite interesting I thought. I almost always had trouble talking with her. She seemed so, I don't know, defensive. She's young (well, early 30s) and working toward her master's degree. Sometimes I wondered if she didn't like having our son in her class, but our son loved her to pieces so evidently she didn't express an attitude toward him, only me. It's possible that it's just her personality. Or maybe the days I spoke to her she was frazzled. It could be that?

I will add a saturnine picture of me from July 1, the day I measured my hair. It's a little one cause it wasn't very sharp. I usually have good posture but I'm slouching. Tsk, tsk. I was glum because my hair didn't grow. Haha! Not really! I'm waiting for roadrunners to visit.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

July hair 42"

What a month. My hair didn't grow. Washed it, dried it, got it measured, found out I'm the very same length as last month. This is for the birds!

This is my hair drying today. I dry it outside. I don't comb till it's dry.

I went to the VBS meeting today. Gosh, the kid's pastor gave me the longest, most interesting introduction and nicest acknowledgment I've ever had in my life. He talked about our homeschooling, our traveling, our work at the park. And he called me "So-and-So's mom." This is because everyone knows me primarily as our son's mom. And I am proud of that! One of the volunteers leaned over to me and said, "Other kids aren't like your kid." Well, I think it was a compliment. Hehe! I took it as one. And then the pastor said, "Now what is your name? I need to write down your name."

Did I say what my job is? I'll be the photographer. I will help with decorating too. I'm hoping I can take some videos with my little camera, and splice them together and make one of those interesting videos. My camera takes a not too bad video. That's my plan. Think I can do it? I will practice with something I have.

Pastor asked if there were questions. I said, yes. "Will you tell them that evolution is a lie from the pit of hell?" He said, he just might. I explained that that's what I tell our son and it makes an impression and it is well remembered. I think for the older kids it would be good to make that point. With the littles, it depends. For mine, it works, but many who come are unchurched - I wouldn't want to instill fear - and I have no experience with teaching children in groups.

I did real well at the meeting too. Only got widget once and it passed and it didn't show. They served a dinner but I didn't eat because for one I have trouble eating when it's not at home and two, I didn't know they were serving dinner. I have to watch my intake too because it doesn't take much to overfill a leotard. Then after the meeting they served cheesecake. I was offered a piece and I took it and said thank-you then thought what will I do? I didn't feel like eating because my brain was buzzing uncomfortably. Well, I covered it with a napkin and brought it home and ate it outside peacefully with the bunnies and the birds. And I felt happy, not in a jumping up and down way but in a good way.

Kathryn once said she knew many adults at her church who could volunteer, but did not. I knew I was one of them. But the Lord was helping me get cleaned up before I volunteered, so that took some time. I'm in pretty good shape now for the shape I'm in. I'm as ready as I'll be I suppose.

A vid

What's your cardboard testimony? I got this from sweet Devina.