Tuesday, July 01, 2008

July hair 42"

What a month. My hair didn't grow. Washed it, dried it, got it measured, found out I'm the very same length as last month. This is for the birds!

This is my hair drying today. I dry it outside. I don't comb till it's dry.

I went to the VBS meeting today. Gosh, the kid's pastor gave me the longest, most interesting introduction and nicest acknowledgment I've ever had in my life. He talked about our homeschooling, our traveling, our work at the park. And he called me "So-and-So's mom." This is because everyone knows me primarily as our son's mom. And I am proud of that! One of the volunteers leaned over to me and said, "Other kids aren't like your kid." Well, I think it was a compliment. Hehe! I took it as one. And then the pastor said, "Now what is your name? I need to write down your name."

Did I say what my job is? I'll be the photographer. I will help with decorating too. I'm hoping I can take some videos with my little camera, and splice them together and make one of those interesting videos. My camera takes a not too bad video. That's my plan. Think I can do it? I will practice with something I have.

Pastor asked if there were questions. I said, yes. "Will you tell them that evolution is a lie from the pit of hell?" He said, he just might. I explained that that's what I tell our son and it makes an impression and it is well remembered. I think for the older kids it would be good to make that point. With the littles, it depends. For mine, it works, but many who come are unchurched - I wouldn't want to instill fear - and I have no experience with teaching children in groups.

I did real well at the meeting too. Only got widget once and it passed and it didn't show. They served a dinner but I didn't eat because for one I have trouble eating when it's not at home and two, I didn't know they were serving dinner. I have to watch my intake too because it doesn't take much to overfill a leotard. Then after the meeting they served cheesecake. I was offered a piece and I took it and said thank-you then thought what will I do? I didn't feel like eating because my brain was buzzing uncomfortably. Well, I covered it with a napkin and brought it home and ate it outside peacefully with the bunnies and the birds. And I felt happy, not in a jumping up and down way but in a good way.

Kathryn once said she knew many adults at her church who could volunteer, but did not. I knew I was one of them. But the Lord was helping me get cleaned up before I volunteered, so that took some time. I'm in pretty good shape now for the shape I'm in. I'm as ready as I'll be I suppose.

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