Sunday, July 27, 2008

Who can I strangle

Where am I? In Podunk? Oh. Yes, I am in Podunk.

They ran my slideshow this morning. They've got novices in the sound booth. I was deflated. They ran my little two minute clip which I worked on till 2:00am Thursday night and all Friday day to put together, and the audio was garbled. Do you know how many times I had to replay that song to get the 58 images and sound in sync? Every time I adjusted one photo all the photos after it had to be readjusted. After the sermon I went directly up to the sound booth and asked what happened to the soundtrack. Girl said she accidentally hit two buttons at the same time. I told her if that ever happens again, stop the video. Don't play it through. She said okay. She's such a sweetheart I did not see the point in belaboring it. She said she was sorry and looked so downtrodden. What could I do more than that. Welp, stuff happens, right? The whole sermon was the worst one I've listened to in four years. I sat through it trying not to think about that audio flub up. It sounded like it was skipping and playing over itself the whole way through. I could tell in the first 10 seconds something was wrong. People still laughed and seemed to enjoy it. They laughed at the boy who does the Superman pose and the baby's sweet face enjoying her snack. That was good.

If the enemy thinks that's going to discourage me he's got another thing coming.

I have to turn off my computer now. The remnants of Dolly are coming through. Lightning and thunder crashing outside very close!

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