Thursday, July 03, 2008

Independence Day tomorrow

I gave our son the day off tomorrow. Everyone thinks I'm rough and tough because we're "doing school" during summer. Sheesh. We usually do stuff all year but not because it's schoolish. Just because, I don't know, we just do. I haven't told him but I am going to give him a month off this year. Tomorrow we're only doing theology and the rest of the day is his. Right now he's on the island with the rangers and volunteers (some who are from our church) getting the fireworks ready. He's loving it, I'm sure. The fireworks display will actually be on the 5th. I guess they decided to do it Saturday instead of Friday so more people can come. The campground is full. It filled on Monday! Several families came in Monday and got a site and set up then went home. They came back today. That's one way to ensure you get a site!

Interesting thing. The private school where we sent our son for science and art last year; his teacher there mentioned she may homeschool her three children this year. Quite interesting I thought. I almost always had trouble talking with her. She seemed so, I don't know, defensive. She's young (well, early 30s) and working toward her master's degree. Sometimes I wondered if she didn't like having our son in her class, but our son loved her to pieces so evidently she didn't express an attitude toward him, only me. It's possible that it's just her personality. Or maybe the days I spoke to her she was frazzled. It could be that?

I will add a saturnine picture of me from July 1, the day I measured my hair. It's a little one cause it wasn't very sharp. I usually have good posture but I'm slouching. Tsk, tsk. I was glum because my hair didn't grow. Haha! Not really! I'm waiting for roadrunners to visit.

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