Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A bird

I'm told it's a cardinal, but I'm not sure I believe it. They told me that cardinals here are less red but they are still cardinals. This is either a female or a young bird. I took the photo through a glass window today.

They say they'll have a mic so that'll be good for our son's speech tomorrow because his little voice won't make it to the back of the building. They expect about 50 people and there's a potluck too. I have a sore throat tonight. I don't feel so hot.

Tonight we received shocking word that a friend in San Diego whom we've met through our travels has been diagnosed with leukemia. She's a young, vibrant, woman, a wife, and mother of two great little kids. She's gotten some chemo already and they told her her long, blonde hair will fall out in three weeks. She's been placed on a list for bone marrow transplant and she will qualify when she's goes into remission.

Only two months ago she was strong and healthy. Now she's getting all kinds of poked and tested and transfusions and pain medication. I wrote her and hope I gave her some hope and encouragement.

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