Monday, July 14, 2008

Rio Grande

I live a stone's throw from the Rio Grande. It sounds like it should be a magnificent river and if you remember it's running through miles of desert country then I guess it is magnificent. In some places during parts of the year it's bone dry or a bare trickle.

Yesterday I drove by and saw a pretty line in it where a tributary called Cuchillo Negro empties into the Rio. Cuchillo Negro means black knife in Spanish. This photo reminds me of a soup I once ate at a friend's restaurant in downtown Redlands. It was such a delicious soup - two soups in one bowl and it had a line of demarcation just like this photo yesterday of the waters meeting from the silt laden Cuchillo Negro and the green Rio Grande.

I was asked to photograph a ladies church meeting last night and I agreed since I was going anyway. I didn't get anything I love, but I got a handful that weren't blurry. I got a few studious/thoughtful face poses that were candid and I got one each of a young girl, a young woman, and an older woman. My lenses are really more suited to outside light. I'm keeping a good attitude and plan to figure out how to make some kind of adjustments for the low light. What I want to do is throw myself on the floor and go into contortions and cry. Also, how to get good pictures when the background is not good. I am distressed because I always look for a good background but I have no choice for a good background in this meeting room. Also, how to take good pictures when the people are not beautiful. I'm not saying they should be beautiful, I'm not beautiful, but the woefully few people pics I have are of cute babies or a pretty girl.

There must be an angle to doing this. Maybe I should just shoot a lot and hope to get a lucky snap. That doesn't sound like a real good approach to me. Are my expectations wrong. Oh dear. Oh no. Oh, oh, oh. Woe is me. My neck, my head, I'm going into contortions now!

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