Friday, July 25, 2008

Downhill slide

My headache was all gone for VBS last night and I felt as good as I did at the start on Monday. I hope that I got the last of the photos and vid that I need. I made two giant posterboard collages and took them in and a guy helped me tack them on the walls in the entry at Kid's Church. I hope people like them. I printed the images off my computer just to get it done and to have something to show as soon as possible. There's no place in town where I can take a CD in for prints but in August there's going to be a brand new Wal-Mart in town so next year I can obtain regular prints.

Okay, so I never planned on making slideshows so I didn't buy that part of the package in Photoshop CS3. Rats. Everyone with Windows has Windows Movie Maker though so that's what I'm using. That's what I worked on till 2:00am last night and that's what I'll be doing, hopefully finishing, on this fine day.

I feel pretty good. I think I had a headache because I was anxious about the unknown. I get all tense all over and can't turn it off. I never got the headache part till the perimenopause came though.

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