Friday, July 11, 2008

AYSO nightmares

I dreamed last night that I forgot to buy the drinks for the boys soccer game. Back in the day, twenty years ago, I was an AYSO soccer Team Mom. Ugh. I can't count how many times the parents just didn't bother to buy drinks for the boys on game day. Even when I phoned and reminded them the night before a game some parents would still fail to bring drinks so I'd have to miss the game to run out before half time for a pack of juice. It used to infuriate me. I was 28 and I was in college and decided I wanted to be a good person and get involved. Then a little group of about three moms got together and bad-mouthed me every week. They were a mean little group and I knew what they were doing and it hurt my feelings a lot. I was the only one who volunteered to be Team Mom too. They sat around and talked.

When we got back in town here one of the moms said I could sign our son up for baseball. I told her, nah, we're just not interested. She was quiet but I could hear her thoughts. I think her intentions are very good and she sees a hole in our son's education due to the lack of team sports involvement. If you have a highly competitive child then sports are great, but contrary to popular belief I do not see it as the be-all-end-all to forming a well rounded human being.

Last week I heard about the parents in town on opposing teams got out in the middle of the playing field and were arguing. The game was T-ball. The players were five year olds.

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