Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Thought I was gone, dint cha!

Yeah, well, I was in a process. The process of maturation which at times can be a little painful. It stretches you. I am now a little bit better than I was before, whether you can see it or not.

Thank you Jules, Fox, Keri, Avrilon, Kim. Thanks for propping me up!

Keri gave me a good idea. She said make a list of what you've gained and lost through this experience. Here's my list.

Learned how to use new software (Windows Movie Maker)
Experience with clipping videos
Experience with adding music to a clip
Great sense of accomplishment
Loved doing it
Loved doing it
Loved doing it
Found new courage to photograph children, people, and faces
Practiced obedience to the Lord
Gave something of myself to the Kingdom of Christ
Knowledge that if any souls were saved, I had a tiny part in it
Realized I can stick to something and see it through from conception to completion even when I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing.
Maturity as a Christian woman - to check my ego and pride at the door
Learned about myself that I can do this job

A moment to stoke my ego and shine in front of everyone at the church.

I want to write more but I have to go. Our son is giving a big speech tomorrow at the 20 year retirement party for the superintendent of parks for this region. I'm having him practice in the big room to ensure that his voice carries.


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