Thursday, July 17, 2008

Eight steps

God's Process for Blessing

Life is a process. There are eight steps in the process of coming to Christ.

1. Desperation produces exploration. Most of us are content until we become desperate.

2. Exploration produces revelation. The light comes on. You start doing some things differently.

3. Revelation produces expectation. The curtains are pulled back.

4. Expectation produces preparation. What do I need from God and begin making preparations.

5. Preparation produces visitation.

6. Visitation produces manifestation. Mary said, "Be it unto me according to the Lord."

7. Manifestation produces transformation. Faith is evidence of things unseen.

8. Transformation produces continuation. Now that you know you know, you continue.

Once you see the light, you gotta walk in the light.

These are my notes from December 16, 2007. I keep referring to them so now they are here for me for always.

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