Saturday, November 21, 2015

I got an A on my presupposition paper.  I got a B on my midterm.  And I have so much reading to do to write a book report and then prepare for the final.  I have absolutely no time to blog let alone change my background image. I just spent two hours on looking at backgrounds.  I don't wanna study right now though.  Waaaah!

My new, cool background is salt.  Blogspot doesn't have a category for Christians, faith, religion, or even fundamentalists, fanatics, or Jesus freaks, so I found it in the food category.

I remember when I started going to a church I was at the pastor's house and they had purple grapes on a grapevine wallpaper covering the wall in the dining area with a scripture which made absolutely no sense to me.  I asked what it meant and the wife said, "You don't know?" and I told it must be from the Bible and she said yes.  She never did tell me what it meant.  I expect it was a passage from Galatians about the fruit of the spirit.  She missed a good moment to witness though.

For my Biblical Hermeneutics course, the final consists of not a usual exam, but three practicum papers.  A practicum is when you actually put your skills to work.  We are to list 30 hermeneutical questions each for Isaiah 65:24, and then Matthew16:13–20, and then Romans 12:1-2.  We don't have to write the answers.  We don't even need to know the answers!  But we better have very good questions.  I have received from Amazon a commentary for each book.  Our professor says we should not buy a complete set of commentaries all written by one author because the best commentaries depend on the book.  One author does not necessarily write the best commentary on every single book.  And we are to do as much study on a passage strictly on our own and go to a commentary last.  That was quite a lesson for me as I have always gone to a commentary first!

I am not sure if I'll take another class in January or wait till fall and take one class a year.  This week I'm going to put $1000 toward the principle on our mortgage so I may have to wait and earn some more Zumba money.

We have a cat who fetches.  If you throw her mouse she'll run after it like a herd of wild horses and bring it back and drop it on the floor.  She is so cute!  She's a Bombay cat.  Sounds very fancy, doesn't it.  She's just a black cat.  But her fur is very soft.  That's a common characteristic of Bombay kitty cats.