Friday, March 09, 2007

The stars

Last night the stars were impressive. They almost popped my eyes out, so many, so bright. On Monday the weather suddenly turned beautiful and I don't know how the word got out so fast but the next day we had an almost full row of campers. Looks like full-timers are beginning to hit the road.

We planned to do some deep cleaning inside and out but we also planned on better weather in early March. The weather this year was so different from last. Last year, not a drop of rain. This year, a lot. Last year relatively few nights below freezing. This year, a lot. We are feeling nostalgic about leaving and we haven't even gone anywhere yet. Haha! I will miss the desert wildlife, the sky with its 360 degree sunsets, the moods of the lake which I now recognize, the enfolding quiet and solitude. I think our son is going to cry for a couple days after we leave. He has become good buddies with one the rangers and has a good relationship with all of them. We were joking around last night saying that without him, my husband and I would never talk to anyone, never have any company, and no one would have any idea who we are. As it is, people know us as the parents of the youngest New Mexico State Parks volunteer. I hear that management is trying to get him an official youth volunteer position opened up just for him.

Our Lent is not so spectacular. Well, on the up side we have $27.00 in the cussing box. Is that an up side? And our son gave up on his Lent idea of being good for Mamma during homeschooling. I hollered at him because he was lying on the stool rock backing and forth with his legs waving in the air and humming loudly whilst doing an assignment. Very irritating you know. He's on the emotional side and had a fit because now he didn't have a perfect record. Me, I hate my Lent idea of staying off the computer after 6:00pm. Hate. It. I may abandon it completely. Yeah, I think I will. I'm still off gossip even if it's portrayed as news on MSNBC and I feel good about sticking with that. I'll continue it even after Lenten season passes. Son is still off candy and Doritos so the Lent is still happening here. We've failed on some of our aspirations, but not all. Oh yeah, husband tries to claim that certain words of profanity are in the Bible so it's okay to say them. For example, d*amn and h*ll. I told him it's his Lent, I don't make the rules. Next day he tries to lay another one on me; sh(you know what follows). So with hands on my hips I say, "Okay, now you show me where that one's in the Bible!" He blinks at me and grins kind of sheepish like. I got him good, didn't I! Puh-leeeze. So he backed up and claims he didn't say the whole word so he doesn't have to pay.

Well, almost time for school. For literature he's starting the novel Robinson Crusoe!